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John Richards[edit]

Alias or Code Name: To Be Determined

John Chrichton.png

ATTRIBUTES [36][edit]

Strength (STR) 0
Stamina (STA) 2
Agility (AGL) 2
Dexterity (DEX) 0
Fighting (FGT) 1
Intelligence (INT) 7
Awareness (AWE) 5
Presence (PRE) 1

POWERS [68][edit]

Reflexive Spatial Manipulation Defenses

Enhanced Dodge 8, Permanent (+0) [8]:
Enhanced Parry 8, Permanent (+0), Quirk 1: Any attack evaded due to these additional ranks (as oppose to the base 6) is done so by noticeable dimensional "flickering" (Flat 1) [7]

Dimensional Manipulation (32 point Array + 6 Alternate Effects)

Focused Spatial Manipulation Defense: Immunity to Ranged Attacks 30, Subtle 2 (Flat 2) [32]:
Short Range Displacement: Teleport 9, Accurate (+1), Change Direction (Flat 1), Change Velocity (Flat 1) Increased Mass (400 lbs; Flat 3) [1]
Displace Subject: Teleport 6, Accurate (+1), Attack (+0), Change Direction (Flat 1), Change Velocity (Flat 1), Increased Range (Perception; +2) [1]
Defensive Portal: Deflect 7, Indirect 4 (Flat 4), Increased Range (Perception; +1), Reflect (+1), Redirect (+1) [1]
Window Portal: Elongation 28, Affects Others (+1); Indirect (Flat 4), Increased Range (Perception; +2) Limited (Limbs or Head Only - No Grab Bonus -1) , Side Effect (If There's a Foe Close Enough to the Other Side of the Portal They Could Potentially Reach Through From Their End While It's Open -2) [1]
Short Range Portal: Teleport 6, Accurate (+1), Portal (+2) [1]
Recursive Trap Door Portal: Affliction 9 (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Acrobatics or Agility; Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Immobile), Affects Insubstantial (Full Effect; Flat 2), Alternate Resistance (Dodge, Acrobatics or Agility; +0), Extra Condition (+1), Increased Range (Perception; +2), Limited (Not flyers, teleporters or others who can automatically stop falling in midair; -1), Limited (Third Parties Can Free Victims By Successfully Catching Them And Lifting Them To Solid Ground or Other Plausible Methods of Stopping Falls; -1), Limited Degree (-1), Progressive (+2) Reversible (Flat 1), Split (Flat 1) [1]

Modified Blaster Pistol “Sue”: 21-point Array, Easily Removable (-10 points) [25]

Damage 7, Increased Range (Ranged +1), Multiattack (+1) (21)
Heavy Setting: Damage 10, Increased Range (Ranged +1), Precise Flat 1) (1)
Continuous Beam Setting: Damage 7, Increased Duration (Continuous +2), Increased Range (Ranged +1), Limited (Interrupted By Cover -1) (1)
Stun Setting: Affliction 7 (Resisted and Overcome by Fortitude; Dazed & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Disabled, Paralyzed), Extra Condition (+1), Increased Range (Ranged +1) (1)
Bliss Inducing Setting: Affliction 5 (Resisted and Overcome by Will; Entranced & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Stunned, Incapacitated), Cumulative (+1), Extra Condition (+1), Increased Range (Ranged +1) Subtle (Flat 1) (1)

ADVANTAGES [6][edit]

Eidetic Memory:
Equipment 1:
Vacuum Suit (2)
Vacuum Suit Jet Pack
Magnetic Boots
Improvised Tools:
Skill Mastery (Technology):
Skill Mastery (Vehicles):

SKILLS [18][edit]

Acrobatics* (AGI) 2
Athletics (STR) 0
Close Combat (FTG) 1
Deception (PRE) 1
Expertise (Science) (INT) 13
Insight (AWE) 5
Intimidation* (PRE) 1
Investigation (INT) 7
Perception (AWE) 7
Persuasion (PRE) 5
Ranged Combat (Blaster) (DEX) 10
Sleight of Hand* (DEX) 0
Stealth (AGI) 2
Technology* (INT) 15
Treatment* (INT) 7
Vehicles* (DEX) 6
* These skills require at least 1 rank to use them.

DEFENSIVE [22][edit]

Dodge 10 +14
Parry 10 +14
Fortitude +6
Toughness +6
Will +10


Initiative +2
Displace Subject Perception Teleport 6 vs Dodge
Defensive Portal Deflect-Redirection Perception, Damage or Save of Original Attack
Recursive Trap Door Portal Perception Affliction 9 vs Dodge, Overcome by Acrobatics or Agility (Progressive)
Modified Blaster Pistol +10 to hit, Ranged Damage 7 (Multiattack)
Heavy Setting +10 to hit, Ranged Damage 10
Continuous Beam Setting +10 to hit, Ranged Damage 7 (Continuous)
Stun Setting +10 to hit, Ranged Affliction 7 vs Fortitude
Bliss Inducing Setting +10 to hit, Ranged Affliction 5 vs Will (Cumulative)


Motivation (Responsibility)
Mistaken Identity ("A male Earthling in this part of the galaxy? And he happens to be a scientist and inventor? Obviously he must be Daedalus!")
Obsession (Scientific Discovery)


36 Attributes +67 Powers +6 Advantages +19 Skills +22 Defenses =150 points


"My name is John Richards. An astronaut. A radiation wave hit and I got shot through a wormhole. Lost in some distant part of the universe. On a ship, a highly advanced ship, full of strange alien life forms. Listen please. Is there anyone out there who can hear me? Being held by a group of high tech Neanderthals. I'm definitely far from home."