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Alias or Code Name: Princess Mizuki Kaguya

Any other details: Age 18, 5’4”, 49kg/108lbs, moon-pale skin, night-black hair, amethyst eyes

ATTRIBUTES [pp][edit]

Strength (STR) 0/10
Stamina (STA) 2
Agility (AGL) 6/14
Dexterity (DEX) 2
Fighting (FGT) 6/10
Intelligence (INT) 2
Awareness (AWE) 4
Presence (PRE) 4

POWERS [61pp][edit]

Magical Powers & Wisdom granted by the infused Kaguya Crystal: All Removable (-15 points total)

Enhanced Strength: +10 to STR (20pp)
Combat Expertise: +4 to FGT (8pp)
Enhanced Agility: +8 to AGI (16pp)
Enhanced Speed: Speed 8 (1 mile/500 mph) (8pp)
Force-Field: Fortitude save +10, Protection +4m Immunity 10 -Life Support, Subtle (24pp)

ADVANTAGES [11pp][edit]

Attractive 2
Extraordinary Effort
Instant Up
Move-by Action
Skill Mastery: Acrobatics
Luck 2
Ultimate Effort (Toughness saves)

SKILLS [18pp][edit]

Acrobatics* (AGI) 10 (+16)
Athletics (STR) 10 (+10/20)
Close Combat (FTG) (+10)
Deception (PRE) (+4)
Expertise (INT)
Insight (AWE) (+4)
Intimidation (PRE) (+4)
Investigation* (INT)
Perception (AWE) 6 (+10)
Persuasion (PRE) 6 (+10)
Ranged Combat (DEX)
Sleight of Hand* (DEX)
Stealth (AGI) 4 (+10/18)
Technology* (INT)
Treatment* (INT)
Vehicles* (DEX)
* These skills require at least 1 rank to use them.

DEFENSIVE [4pp][edit]

Dodge 14/24 (+4/14)
Parry 20/24
Fortitude +2/12 (force-field)
Toughness +2/6 (force-field)
Will +4


Initiative +6/16
Unarmed +6/10 (Close, Damage +0/10)




'Attributes 56 + Powers 61 + Advantages 11 + Skills 18+ Defense 4 = 150 points


Mizuki is from the planet Shiga – part of the upstart Alliance that defies the rule of the Star Khan. The world is subjugated and occupied by the Khan’s Imperium forces, and Mizuki has been imprisoned. In an ancient time, the Shiganese were gifted by the star gods with the Kaguya Moon Crystal, a magical artefact that grants the chosen bearer superhuman powers. This has been passed down generation by generation and the wielder becomes magically combined with and inseparable from the crystal; they are given the title Princess Kaguya, and their mission is to protect the planet and its people.

The Khan rightfully feared that Princess Mizuki Kaguya would inspire and lead her people into rebellion with these powers, and moved swiftly to take her prisoner and hold her hostage to break their resolve...


Mizuki is earnest and solemn in her role as defender of her planet - and this duty now extends to all the galaxy enslaved by the Khan - but she is also still a teenager and prone to showing angst, joy and other emotions. She has been extensively trained for her role (only those skilled in the close combat arts may be chosen), and instructed in the threats her people have faced in the past, but remains somewhat naïve to the wider galaxy. Somehow, this innocence added to her strong sense of morality makes her all the more persuasive.

In battle, Mizuki is a pure close combat fighter that does not rely on weapons. The Kaguya Crystal is timeless and not affected by the changing technology of the ages.