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Airi Sasamoto is a character in Maid: The Hired Help(less), played by eyos.


Special Qualities[edit]

  • Overactive Imagination (Though I look like one of Master's maids, I'm also Pretty Magical Ai-chan, warrior of love and justice!)
  • Accessory (Large Ribbon) (Every magical girl needs pretty hair accessories. Don't they look cute?)


  • Athletics: 2 (Fighting evil is an okay workout, and keeps me looking young and cute.)
  • Affection: 3 (If you're going to protect everyone's hearts, you need a good heart too.)
  • Skill: 2 (I guess I'm an okay maid, but I'm a much better warrior of love.)
  • Cunning: 0 (A true magical girl doesn't need to be sneaky and underhanded!)
  • Luck: 0 (The forces of darkness obviously have it out for me!)
  • Will: 4 (I can never give up in the fight against evil!)


  • Uniform: Navy
  • Hair: Pink
  • Eyes: Sky Blue

  • Roots: Returning a Favor (Master saved me when the forces of darkness had almost defeated me for good. I must repay him for his kindness!)
  • Stress Explosion: Shopping (It's still okay for magical girls to spend money on themselves now and then, right? Right?)

  • Weapon: Mop/Broom (Don't be fooled by how ordinary my broom looks. It's really my magical staff!)
  • Maid Power: Tenacity (You can always get back on your feet if you just remember the people that need you.)