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The Magic Officer deeply understand the connection between technology and magic, and provides both mystical knowledge and resources that can push the Starship's interaction with the inherent magic around it to new heights.


As a Magic Officer, you can take any of the following actions, depending on your ranks in the Mysticism skill. These actions can be taken only during the engineering phase. If your Starship has an Arcane Laboratory, you gain +2 bonus to Mysticism checks to perform any of these actions. Unless otherwise noted, each action can be performed only once per round, no matter how many Magic Officers are on a Starship.

Eldritch Shot (Engineering Phase, Push) You augment a Starship weapon with a burst of your personal magic in much the same way that weapon fusions augment personal scale weapons. Such an effort is considerable and the magic lasts for only a single attack before it fizzles and a Starship weapon returns to its normal functionality. Choose one weapon on a Starship to augment and attempt a Mysticism check (DC = 10 + 1 and 1/2 x your Starships tier). If you succeed, the Gunner treats the range of that weapon as 5 hexes longer than normal. This does not work for weapons with the point special property.

Precognition (Engineering Phase) You use your supernatural senses and a spark of divination magic to see opponent's motion before it happens, giving you just a split-second to shout a warning to your ship's pilot. Attempt a Mysticism check (DC = 10 + 1 and 1/2 x your Starship's tier). On a success, you grant the pilot a +2 circumstance bonus to their piloting check at the beginning of the helm phase to determine piloting order.

Scrying (Engineering Phase) You employ a substantial form of divination, such as dealing from a digital harrow deck, reading the future by interpreting the splatter cover leaking coolant on your ship, or visually scanning the readouts of your Starship's myriad screens to pull deeper and predictive meaning from the lights and sounds around you. This functions as the scan science officer action, but you attempt a Mysticism check instead of a computers check.