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Aurora Miller, the Fae[edit]

At the edges of this world, just beyond the veil, there are colours that few mortals even dream of. Beauty enough to shatter any heart. The Fae live and breathe at the edges of this world. They keep a dusting of that magic tucked behind their ears, just in case.

And the Fae are willing to share. They’re nothing if not generous, asking for only one thing in return. A promise. Keep it, and the true beauty of the world will be revealed. Break it, and feel the wrath of faery vengeance.

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Gaunt look, piercing eyes


Swapped at birth


Hot +1

Cold -1

Volatile +2

Dark -1


Faery Contract: If someone breaks a promise or contract made to you, take a String on them. When spending a String to even out the score and get justice on a broken promise, add these options to Pulling Strings: either they fuck up something simple at a crucial moment, suffering 1 Harm if appropriate; or add 2 to your roll on an act of vengeance.

Lure: Whenever someone makes a promise to you, they mark experience. Whenever someone breaks a promise to you, you mark experience.

Guide: If you spend a String on someone willing, you can bring them across the veil, into Faerie. The spell lasts for a scene or two, before you’re both returned to the mundane world.

Ill Met By Moonlight: When basked in moonlight, you may act as if you had Dark 3.

Beyond The Veil: To seek audience with the Faery King, Gaze Into the Abyss. On a 10 up, in addition to other results, the Faery King reveals to you a hidden String on someone. Gain it. On a 7 to 9, in addition to other results, the Faery King demands a favour of you.

Lesser Beasts: While you’re near them, animals can converse in human speech. Each has an animal’s world view, so their thoughts and advice may be strange or disturbing, with unexpected misunderstandings.

Make Someone Feel Beautiful: When you make others feel beautiful, roll with Hot. On a 10 up, choose two: they take 1 Forward, they remove a Condition, they mark experience, or you take 1 Forward. On a 7-9, you can tempt them to do what you want, as if you’d just spent a String.

Intervene Against An Act Of Violence: When you intervene in an act of violence against someone else, roll with Volatile. On a 10 up, you get in the way and they need to deal with you first; whoever you’re protecting gets to react, and takes 1 Forward to whatever they decide to do. On a 7-9, you’re in the middle of it, and the assailant chooses one: I back off, I take whatever harm you want to give me as I push past, or I redirect the violence to you.

Sex Move: When you lie naked with another, you can ask them for a promise. If they refuse, take 2 Strings on them.

Carry Forward[edit]

+1 Forward




Against Them



Just Trash


One Harm


Aurora has captured the fancy of Hester

Wendy is in love with Aurora


Aurora has one string on Chloe

Aurora has three strings on Wendy

Aurora has three strings on Hester

Aurora has one string on Detective O'Toole

Aurora has two strings on Riley

Aurora has one string on Lapis

Aurora has one string on Jade

Darkest Self[edit]

Everything you say seems a promise. Everything you hear seems a promise. If a promise is broken, justice must be wrought in trickery or blood. You aren’t subject to the human rules of mercy. To escape your Darkest Self, you must in some way re-balance the scales of justice.




Season Two Advances:

Ο Add 1 to any of your stats

Φ Take another Fae Move

Ο Take another Fae Move

Φ Take a Move from any Skin

Φ Take a Move from any Skin

Ο You belong to a Jury of Fae

Season One Advances:

Φ Take another Fae Move

Φ Take two Growing Up Moves

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