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A character in MH Silence MA

Bryce, the Queen[edit]

(formerly the Hollow)

You're one of the special ones. A sovereign beauty. You deserve more than the rest of this wretched world does. You deserve the will and worship of those around you.

And it's not only because you’re better than them. It's because you make them better. Stronger, more beautiful, complete. They'd be nothing without you.


neurotic, calculating eyes


first born of the hive mind


Hot −1

Cold 2

Volatile −1

Dark 1


Queen Moves[edit]

The Clique: You're at the head of the toughest, coolest, most powerful clique around. They count as a gang. They're cultists (with dark oaths and willingness to die).

Many Bodies: When you promise one of your gang members to someone, add 2 to your roll to Turn Them On. When one of your gang members has sex with someone, it triggers your Sex Move.

Streaming: You have a telepathic connection with your gang members. You can always hear their emotions and fears. If you try to hear specific thoughts, Gaze Into the Abyss about it and add 1 to your roll.

Other Moves[edit]

Cold as Ice: When you Shut Someone Down and roll a 7 or higher, you may choose an extra option from the list.

Try Harder Next Time: When you screw up, give yourself an appropriate Condition and take +1 Forward.

Sex Move[edit]

When you have sex with someone, they gain the Condition one of them. While the Condition remains, they count as part of your gang.

Carry Forward[edit]


  • her or us
  • Hester's puppet
  • little miss useful
  • mother hen
  • Queen Bitch
  • shifty

The Girls[edit]

Lapis is discordant


Harm: 1

Bryce's Girls[edit]

  • Modena, red hair, warden soul; studies martial arts and leadership
  • Fiamma, orange hair, reflective soul; knows who's important, who's useful, and who's nobody
  • Jade, green hair, messenger soul; hears the voice of the invisible world most clearly
  • Lapis ("Bunny"), indigo hair, indulgent soul; likes to cuddle, first to offer herself
  • Ianthe, purple hair, wisdom soul; smartest one, a little shy
  • Lucia, white hair, expressive soul; singing voice makes angels weep
  • Tenebra, black hair, defining soul; understands what it means to be alone, and what it means to make a family for oneself

In Memoriam[edit]

Chryseis died at Michael's hands, then was brought forth as a corpse by the Scion in Chains.



  • 2 on Chloe (Bryce pitied her publicly, then cut her dead)
  • 1 on Jeremy (Bryce saved his unlife)
  • 2 on Wendy (Bryce has been taking notes on her, and made her jealous)
  • 1 on Lapis (she broke consensus)
  • 2 on Glory (Bryce negged her at lunch and turned her on in Chem)
  • 1 on Hunter (Bryce knows she's trans)
  • 1 on Iggy (Bryce turned her on in jail)
  • 1 on Mr. Ahearn (Bryce offered him Lapis)
  • 1 on Riley (Bryce offered her Fiamma)
  • 1 on the Scion in Chains (Bryce abjured him)
  • 1 on Tanith (would Hester even care if Bryce smacked her?)

Held By[edit]

  • 1 by Aurora (criticized Bryce for being paranoid)
  • 1 by Jeremy (he's beautiful)
  • 1 by Astrid (keeping quiet about Bryce's spontaneous orgasm)
  • 1 by Dr. Zhang (slip-up in Chinese class)
  • 1 by Hester (Bryce couldn't interest her in Jeremy)
  • 1 by Hunter (won't date Bryce because of Katrina)
  • 2 by Iggy (Bryce saw her die and did nothing)
  • 1 by Phineas (can manipulate unreal people)

The Girls[edit]

not currently holding any strings

Darkest Self[edit]

They've failed you. Again. This whole mess is their fault, and why should you have to suffer the consequences of their idiocy? You need to make an example out of each of them—a cruel and unwavering example. You escape your Darkest Self when you relinquish part of your power to someone more deserving, or when you destroy an innocent person in order to prove your might.


● ● ○ ○ ○


○ Add 1 to one of your stats

○ Take another Queen move

○ Take another Queen move

● Take a move from any Skin

○ Take a move from any Skin

○ Take The Clique again and detail another gang