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Jeremy, the Vampire[edit]

Jeremy Quinn.jpg


Look - Smouldering

Eyes - Hungry


Newly Reborn


Hot 2

Cold 1

Volatile -1

Dark 0 (3 if using Marked For The Hunt)


The Feeding – You feed on hot blood, direct from the source. If this is the first time they’ve ever been fed upon, you both mark experience. When you feed, choose two: • You heal 1 Harm • You take 1 Forward • They definitely don’t die

Marked for the Hunt – Feeding on someone establishes a preternatural bond. From that point forward, whenever you Gaze Into The Abyss concerning their whereabouts or well-being, roll as if you had Dark 3.

Marked people - Lapis, Ianthe, Aurora

Sex Move: When you deny someone sexually, gain a String on them. When you have sex with someone, lose all Strings on them.

Carry Forward[edit]

1 (feeding on Birdman98)


Bad Company - Known to associate with Lazarus Drake.


Jeremy Claudius Quinn is the only scion of one of Silence’s oldest and wealthiest families, though the family bloodline is distinctly dwindling. Lawrence and Elizabeth Quinn are both busy lawyers, living in luxurious misery. Jeremy’s parents take little to do with him, and are permissive in general, with very little contact with any extended family, save for a grandmother who is equal parts Lucille Bluth and Olenna Tyrell, so he’s always been a tearaway, doing exactly as he pleases. However, becoming a vampire by accident has changed his life from one of mindless indulgence into one of having to always be in control.

Jeremy is now pretty sure, after much contemplation, that he was turned by a charismatic older man he met at a LGBT+ club a few weeks into the new semester, who took him home and then threw him out rather abruptly in the morning. Jeremy woke up with a weird hunger churning inside him. The morning light felt irritating as he walked home, still distracted by his gnawing stomach and his annoyance at being kicked out of bed so early.

Since then, no normal food has satiated him, and he’s felt less comfortable with sunlight than he before. He used to live for hot summer days in the park with friends, but now he wears shades a lot and avoids being outside for long periods.

When he fed on a couple of fellow Sweet Water students out of desperate impulse and got kicked out of school for ‘attacking’ them, he realised what he was, and has since had to learn fast how to be more careful about getting blood, trying to keep it covert and quick. His parents' hush money to the school kept his 'anti-social behaviour' out of public knowledge, but he knows he likely won't be lucky enough to get off so lightly if it happens again. He tries to hold out as long as he can, but going from a life of partying and hedonism to restraining himself for survival is proving difficult.


NPCs Of Interest:

Riley - Vulnerable outcast. Friends with Aurora? 'Study partner'.

Mina - Seems to be Riley's friend, though not enough to check on her when she's upset.

Artemis - Knows my secret. Has (had?) a crush on me. Was transformed by Karlena & Chloe. Owes the Scion In Chains a play.

Lazarus - Childhood friend. Difficult at times. Has some unspecified plan to become powerful.

Luna - Aurora's sister. Lazarus' girlfriend, for now.

Antonio Cavallo - Mechanic. Has a grandmother who knows about magic.

Nicholas Liddel - Silence's mayor. Possibly crooked. Drives a '69 Maserati Ghibli Spyder.

Birdman98 - Online hookup. Vampire fetishist.

GalRenfield - Online contact. Vampire fetishist. Possible future prey.


1. You’re beautiful. Gain a String on everyone.

2. Someone once saved your unlife. They gain 2 Strings on you. Bryce - had one of her girls provide blood for Jeremy recently, after he was hit by a car (fleeing the 'incident' that got him expelled from Sweet Water).

Strings Jeremy has on others:

Bryce - 1

Wendy - 1

Karlena - 1

Chloe - 1

Lapis (a.k.a. Bunny. One of Bryce's girls) - 1

Hunter - 1

Lazarus - 1

Strings others have on Jeremy:

Bryce - 2

Darkest Self[edit]

Everyone is your pawn, your plaything. You hurt them and make them vulnerable, for sport – like a cat does with a mouse. Maybe you’ll even drain them dry, though you’ll certainly take your time first. You escape your Darkest Self when you’re put in your rightful place, by someone more powerful than you.


● ● ● ● ○

For pasting: ● ○


2 from asking the Drake Elders 2 questions.


● Add 1 to any of your stats

Ο Take another Vampire Move

Ο Take another Vampire Move

Ο Take a Move from any Skin

Ο Take a Move from any Skin

Ο You’re in a Vampiric Coterie.