Mac's Bar

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Mac's Bar is a squiggle created with the York Shadow-realms Jewel of Judgment, a shadow of the Amber Jewel of Judgment.

The bar is 5000 miles long and broken into one mile segments. Along one wall is the great Bar. On the other are doorways to various shadow realms.

Each mile of bar featured all the drinks in the world connected to the doors in that mile.

Each mile had decore common to the worlds in its mile..

  • Mac hates Xenomorphs. Any that pass through the bar are instantly put behind the bar to become bar backs and servers, after purification and bonding to Mac. If their owners don't like it they can take it up with Mac.

Side Stores[edit]

These stores exist in each mile of the Bar

Mac's Ye Old Magic Shoppe[edit]

Magic from thousands of worlds are brought here and bought and sold. the shoppe usually worked on a barter basis rather then a cash basis. Not all worlds used currency after all. So the proprietors would compare the powers of magic offered in trade.

Mac's Ye Old Weapon Shoppe[edit]

Similar to the Magic Shoppe the Weapon's Shoppe took in magic and non magic weapons in exchange for others.

Mac's Ye Old Money Changer[edit]

The Money Changer was so a person could bring in coinage from one world, and have it exchanged to money for the world a person was intending to enter.

Mac's Bar was once a Game Master' realm. When he stopped gaming and life moved him away to other endeavors, the bar lived on. When gaming in a game store, where PCs jumped from game to game, the Bar or the Neutral Place, was extremely convenient.