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Pronouns: any
Languages: dog, English, Parametric

Trait: I'm a big, strong, lovable dog who wants to make people feel good about themselves[edit]

Level 3 | Experiences 0/3
STR 16 DEX 10 CON 10 INT 10 WIS 16 CHA 12
HD 3d8
HP 13
Attacks/round: 2


*Bark (2/day) - Out of combat, spend ability to freak out, intimidate, or unsettle someone without a roll.
*Good Boy! (1/day) Spend ability to lift up somebody who likes dogs and is feeling down, demoralized, or frightened.


(slots equal to CON, or up to STR+CON if encumbered. equipped armor is a free slot.)

  • Rd8 natural armor (free)
  • Faith: "Who's a Good Boy! Is it you? Δ6"
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  • You could recover "Who's a Good Boy? Is it you?" by a step when someone new tells Dog that he is a Good Boy without being pestered for it. You can receive it through your actions, but not request it explicitly. This is the mystery of grace.
  • "I'll say that Dog counts as not wearing armor if he takes 'Who's a Good Boy? Is it you?'"
  • How does Dog regain natural armor? Does it come back with rest, does he have to buy/find it, or is there some other mechanism?
    • As written, you have to spend money in town (silver pieces in value) on repairing your armor. My feeling is that Dog needs a nice bath of equivalent value to a night at a motel to recover his natural armor's lustrous sheen. Spending one rest cycle (day or night) in the tea-room or another safe place to rest and eat and drink would let you recover it by one step.


  • L1 (Martial Training, Specialist Training)
  • L2 (+HD, +1 attack)
  • L3 (+HD, Specialist Training)