Macchiato Monsters: The Stygian Library: Ermias Afwerki

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Ermias Afewerki Attributes Abilities Equipment
  • Pronouns: he/him
  • Languages: Tigrinya, English, Classical Arabic
  • Traits:
    • Refugee
    • Holistic Mathematician
  • Level 3
  • Experiences 0/3
STR 13
DEX 12
CON 08
INT 11
WIS 17
CHA 07
  • HD 3d6
  • HP 14
  • Attacks/round 1
  • Read Faces (2/day)
  • The Larger Geometry (1/day)
  • Faith: The Everquesting Brothers make a vow to always uncover the truth (Δ8) (free slot for Faith)
  • Research notebook Δ6
  • 50' of strengthened spider silk, elastic and hardy, and a tiny bell.
  • Candles Δ6
  • Tattered backpack Δ4
    • A bag of miscellaneous coins worth copper Δ10 (free slot, in backpack)
    • Ham sandwich Δ4 (free slot, in backpack)
    • His accepted "Cum Laude" dissertation on n-folded spaces from twenty years ago (free slot, in backpack)
    • Elderly plastic slide rule (free slot, in backpack)
  • Whip that wags d4+1
  • (empty) (CON 7/8)
  • (empty) (CON 8/8)



+1HD -> Hitpoints reroll Reroll hitpoints 3d6 = 14


Ermias Afwerki, Eritrean refugee and mathematics lecturer found himself in the Stygian Library while cleaning in a university library and perhaps a little too caught up in mathematical thought. He was working as a janitor to allow his daughter Nile to get free tuition as the university. She is a brilliant, probably world-class mathematician and currently, at 12 years old, in the freshman class.

He is tougher than he looks - he had a hard time getting himself and his daughter out of Eritrea.

Refugee: give advantage on things like assessing mundane danger, finding food and shelter, and getting the hell out of there.

Holistic Mathematician: give advantage on math-related rolls and discerning deeper patterns and relationships in a system.

Read Faces: spend to know for sure if someone with a face is lying, is about to harm you, or has ill intentions.

The Larger Geometry: spend to perceive around a corner, from a different angle, or from an impossible perspective.

Research Notebook: a notebook of half-completed research, scribbled down while drunk with fatigue during his travels. It is blurred and stained and some pages have holes that make them meld with the pages below to make a new meaning. Some entries have been changed by another's hand at various points in his travels, he does not know how that happened. (Roll Δ to study the notebook for hidden patterns and effectively have an oracular vision.)

Candles: burn for 6 turns (1 hour.) Roll the Δ when you light a new candle.

Whip that wags: counts as a magic weapon when relevant for monster defenses.

You can use Faith for these things:

  • Roll Faith Δ to get advantage on a roll for an action in line with the religion
  • Spend an hour in prayer (or ritual) and heal a number of hit points equal to the result of the Faith Δ roll
  • If you are unarmored, you can use the Faith Δ to absorb damage

You can recover expended Faith by spending downtime in ritual/prayer/service, meaningfully affirming it (uncovering a very significant truth maybe,) or spending some coin on tithes or donations (catering for the next Everquesting Brothers meeting at the union hall is on Ermias)