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Pronouns: he/his/him, it/its/it, any
Languages: Ad Copy, Parametric, (+2 more TBD)

Trait: The Idea of the Powers of the Mind (Level 2)[edit]

You could roll with advantage when advancing your ideal to thinking minds, speaking and acting intellectually-religiously, treating the mind itself (and its powers!) with ritual and veneration. You might roll with disadvantage to, say, assert your physical existence or avoid being eaten by an ideovore.

Experiences 0/2
STR 09 DEX 13 CON 06 INT 10 WIS 15 CHA 14
HD 1d6
HP 10
Attacks/round: 1


*Forget Form: I pass through solid barriers when no-one's looking, 2/day, DEX roll. Uses 1/2.
*Proselytize: I convert subjects to 'the Powers of the Mind,' 1/day, CHA roll. Uses 0/1.

Psychomancy Spell Specialization[edit]

*Dominate: By standing completely still with eyes closed in concentration, the sorcerer may psychically enter the body of another nearby, gaining access to any of their senses, and dictate the subject's physical actions. Subjects of this spell may resist any given dictated action by taking a die of damage (1d6). Such manipulation is awkward (a minor penalty applies), and lends a marionette-like quality to the movements and demeanor of the subject so controlled. When Dominate is initially cast, it works on the chosen subject if the roll passed. If you want to try it on a new subject while the spell is still active (for turns equal to your level), you make a fresh WIS roll as if to cast, but don't pay the cost again or risk spell failure. It works on one person at a time.
*Dust of the Sandman: Sparkling dust conjured from the land of dreams blankets a small melee, and all within fall asleep.
*Maleficence: The sorcerer does 2d6 damage spread among enemies in a small melee area, or all to one target they can see. When both damage dice come up 6, roll another d6, continuing as 6s continue. [Each sorcerer's Maleficence is unique: at character creation, choose a descriptor (fire, cold, acid, shadow, etc) which can cause secondary effects such as igniting paper or freezing water.]


  • Business suit and overcoat, with umbrella (as shield) (free slot for worn armor)
  • Faith - the Powers of the Mind Δ4 (free slot for Faith)
  • Faith - the Invisible Bridge teaches us that wealth is the true sainthood Δ6
  • backpack Δ6
    • pouches of mind-enhancing herbs (as bedroll)
    • stack of magazines rich with nutritrious thinkpieces Δ6
    • 2 idea traps
    • a ring and a wooden board bearing the 32 psychograms; great for having a chat with overly timid spirits
    • A book-sized box wrapped in silver foil, reading in a hundred-year-old Ad Copy font TROUT'S FAMOUS AND ORIGINAL COCA-COCOA ASSORTMENT (box of addictive chocolates Δ8)
    • A formerly ideovorous book


*Dog Δ6 (Trait: Big Brave Dog)
  • HP 5, bite d4, Δ6 armor (repair with treats, baths, etc)
  • Equipment: (none, can carry up to 5 items if given a pack)


  • I suggest that you reflavor The Dealer of Fate as your faith in the powers of the mind as you currently understand them, and you can step up that die by investing in prosleytizing others (it is hard to spell) during downtime. Maybe once you successfully mind-whammy 5 people, it becomes d6 by default, then 10 more for d8, 20 for d10...this may mean spending a few days out of the dungeon since Proselytize is currently 1/day. If it becomes A Whole Thing, I'll bust out my copy of Progenitor for the deeper effects of spreading an idea into a population. I think they'll have to rely on persuasion to spread the word, if it takes - unless you converted someone with their own psychic powers or something. That's for stepping up the die: you can recover it to its default state by tithing, IE, spending some money. Buying yourself a nice black coffee for a leisurely think in the cafe would do it at first.
    • If your second Faith die is an outside doctrine that you're contemplating, you're just drawing on a different source for the magic, which may color it. I like that it starts higher than your native one. You could step up the prosperity gospel Faith die by spending time with other practitioners of the idea (again, perhaps the Invisible Bridge in Heartland Hills that Dee's folks are in with) during downtime and doing things that they ask you to do, and recover it to the default by, I'm sure, literally forking over your money in a less symbolic way.
    • On a mechanical level: when you cast a spell for the first time in a situation, pick which Faith die you want to charge up from and roll that one. It applies for the rest of the situation; you've gotta re-attune yourself before you can channel a different cosmic principle.