Magellan Sabo

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(Chalkline) Magellan Sabo

Human/M UPP 6C8B94 Age 45? Homeworld Solod

Electronics-3, Engineering-3, Gravitics-3, Mechanical-3, Lasers-3, Brawling-2, Computer-2, Grav Vehicle-2, Bribery-1, Carousing-1, Handgun-1, Gunnery-1, Recon-1, Rifleman-1, Stealth-1, Streetwise-1, Survival-1, Vacc Suit-1

Connections: Merc unit, belt mine, minor colony, prison guard

Tailored vacc suit and accessories Laser pistol, autosnub pistol (10mm), bullpup shotgun, bullpup autorifle (7mm); ammunition a-plenty

Flexible armor, combat environment cham suit

Forgery kit, lockpicking kit, backpack, PRIS binoculars, bugs and detector wand, radiation counter, data readout/HUD, pro-goggles, vision goggles, map box, comlink, handcomp, chronograph

Prison uniforms (4 sets), civilian clothing (4 sets)


Recently: Enjoyed the party from off-camera.

About to be: Confined to quarters for a few days, unless he sneaks out or something.


Magellan loves shortcuts.

It's not that he's essentially dishonest, its that he hates taking the long way to getting anything. He's always wanted money but he was never prepared to slave at a job to get it. He is lazy, not bad. That’s the way he sees it anyway, various law enforcement agencies have taken different views. At age 19 he walked into the cockpit of a free trader and hijacked the ship. He and his friends never even bothered to make sure that the crew got off that little moon they left them on. Once he realised how easy it was to get money by taking it from others he was hooked, easy money is his motto. Most people go to jail because they talked about what they did and Magellan was no exception, shooting his mouth off to a girl got him four years in prison. When he got out he was more professional, more careful. It never occurred to him that he worked harder on his scams than a normal office guy worked for his crust, by then he was a habitual criminal.

He drifted around causing mayhem until one day he got an offer he couldn't refuse. An easy kill, a lot of easy money. Magellan had never actually killed anyone before and by now he was hardened enough to try, he spent months tracking his target and practicing the killing technique but when it came down to it he just wasn't a killer. So he stole the commission money and took off into space again.

Since then Magellan has scrupulously avoided violent pursuits, he's getting older and he was never very physical anyway. He is starting to miss the things that settled people take for granted, family, home and friends. He looked up the crew of the free trader, just to settle his conscience and when he found out that they were all right it left him on a high for months. Magellan has a new lease on life, and it's made him somewhat obnoxiously cheerful. Eight aquaintances (they were called 'accomplices' in court) and himself ran a privateer during the the war and they managed quite a few good catches before running afoul of two Sword Worlder corvettes. Privateers are only armed enough to overawe merchantmen and they surrendered immediately. Their new-found scruples and some of their prisoner's positive statements saved them from frontier justice, Magellan was imprisoned as an EPW. He has ended up on the Dunk and Egg with less than six hundred creds to his name, the privateer having been siezed, confiscated, recrewed and lost during the war.


Magellan is tall and thin with a high hairline, long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. He has cheerful blue eyes with a few crows-feet in the corners, a long jawed face with a large, mobile mouth and a long straight nose. He generally prefers to wear ship-clothes and large motorcycle style boots and also tends to wear gloves when he can, but is not compulsive about it. Magellan doesn't like arguments and will generally avoid conflict, but is no coward. However, he will not tolerate cruelty to children or pets, a personality quirk that has got him in trouble in the past.