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A human ethnic group originally from a small island off the coast.


Magii-gak were originally all small, red-haired and green-eyed. Interbreeding has made red hair only usual rather than universal amoung them and only about 1/10th have green eyes.


Magic talent and learning is common amoung them, although they are nowhere near as dedicated to it as in the past. Many of them are capable of minor inherent magic, that doesn't require study to perform.


They believe that they were given the secrets of magic for a divine reason, but which god gave it to them and why is the subject of intense debate. Many believe that it was to lift the Ramam Subjugation and end the slavery of humans there. This has been accomplished in large part due to Magii-gak help in violent revolts around AF 1400.

Other than these beliefs they tend to follow the same religions as other humans in the same area.