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Young Kingdoms

Young Kingdoms Adventures is intended as a set of story seeds for Chaosium's Elric! or Stormbringer Fifth Edition. It includes information on notable people, places, items, and creatures in the kingdoms (and in some cases cities) of the world of Elric! The articles each follow a standard format, and are listed below in a geographic index.

I published the first of these in The Chaosium Digest in the late 1990s. I've also reformatted some shorter articles from that e-zine. More recently I've started running a new Stormbringer game for my local group, and I'll be added some of the locales and other background material from that campaign here, as I go along. Material from other folks is of course welcome, though I might edit it.

I'd like to think that the material I'm including here is high enough quality for publication. (I've excerpted some of my other Chaosium Digest material as the basis of a couple of Chaosium books.) However, Chaosium hasn't produced anything for their Stormbringer games in years, so instead I offer this material freely here.

To supplement these articles, I've also put together a listing of printed Stormbringer adventures: