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Manga Imprint

A page for Shawn Hagen's DCA/MM3ed RPG


After the opening events of the DCUO MMOLRPG (as detailed here( Brainiac was apparently defeated and life returned to normal, however many believe that Brainiac has not truly been beaten yet, and there is still he danger of all these new super villains.

The Characters are students (or staff) at a Japanese educational Institute, hidden within is a point of power that Cirice and her allies seek for reasons unknown. The mentors of the characters have sent them there to watch over the school, and to use it as a base of operations in protecting their corner of Japan.


Fujiwara School: An educational institution about an hour south of Tokyo, encompassing students from Kindergarten right up to a three year Junior College.

Player Characters[edit]

Non Player Characters[edit]

Principal Ami Wajari-St. Just - While somewhat young for the principal of the academy, she handles the directors, the teachers and the PTA with a deft hand. She is a strong believer in punishments for poorly behaved students, and as such has given the student disciplinary committee a great deal of power.

Sonozaki Shizuka-sensei - The high school nurse. In her mid 20s, blond, with a whimsical personality.

Kimiko Akaiwa - The home room teacher of The Senior High School Class 2-C (assumed to be the character’s class if they are high school students) she is also one of the school nurses. An easy going kind of teacher, with an interest in sexual education that can leave students a little off settled as she hands out condoms.

Shinta Hashimo - The teacher of the first year Elementary School Class, 1-A. Considered by most of the school one of the coolest teachers. Ex track star and her rides a motorcycle.

Chikai Seito - This six year old girl is one of the youngest people in Japan to have been affected by the Exobytes. She is supper strong and tough, and destroyed one of Brainiac’s invasion ships in her escape. Something of a celebrity. Only listens Hashimoto Sensei, her home room teacher.

Ibuki Yamaki - She is in her last year of Junior High. She is bright and kind and most people like her. Not very good at sports.

Ryo Saito - He is the student council president, a third year in the senior high, one of the school three princes. Smart and a good athlete, he led the school baseball team to the nationals the previous year.

Officer Ken Chiba - A police officer effected by the exobytes. He is a speedster who can become intangible and his patrol includes the area the school is in.

Yin Yang Sword - No one knows who she is, but it is believed is another exobyte super. She is currently taking over the Yakuza gangs in the area around the academy.

Tomo Mackenzie - Max's mother. Understandably shellshocked after losing her husband in the Brainiac attack. Currently overprotective of Max and being bullied by the traditionalist family she ran away from originally.

Hidemi Hirohata - A wealthy and popular senior student. Head girl of the in-crowd, and a merciless bitch to those outside it. Possibly connected to Eclipso.

Hitomi - Yumi's little sister

Ume - One of Yumi's ghosts

Kotone-related NPCs

  • Yoshida Ume - Kotone's mother. A thin, careworn woman that looks older than her age.
  • School
    • Nakajima Aoi-sensei - One of Kotone's teachers (1st year Classical Japanese). Young woman with long red hair.
    • Kamiya Kotaro-sensei - One of Kotone's teachers (1st year math). Middle aged, balding man.
    • Saitou Hajime - One of Kotone's teachers (1st year chemistry). Mid-20s, mop of black hair, male, easily flustered.
    • Doi Suzume - One of Kotone's classmates. Kotone has a crush on her. She also has a crush on Kotone, but neither is aware of the other's feelings. Youngest child, by 10 years, of the Doi family, owners of the Doi Heavy Industries conglomerate. She's pretty rich, and has a chauffeur drive her to school each day. She shares her lunch with Kotone. They've been in the same classes since 1st year of middle school.
    • Mori Mina - A girl who hangs around with Suzume. Short black hair, very ordinary looking, from an ordinary family. A 1st year student.
    • Rakujochigusa Madoka - A girl who hangs around with Suzume. A bit of a tom-boy, with tussled blue hair. From a wealthy political family. A 1st year student.
    • Takaga Yushio - A girl, tall, elegant, a custom tailored uniform. Long pink hair. Rival of Suzume and heir to the Takaga Technology Corporation. A 2nd year student. Arrogant, with a penchant for cruel pranks.
    • Mishima Haruka - A girl, short, bespectacled, pigtails, brown hair, freckles. A 2nd year student and Yushio's servant.
    • Tanaka Motoko - A 1st year female student, from class 1-G. Fooled into helping Yushio play a prank on Kotone.
  • Work
    • Manager-sama - An attractive woman in a skirt-suit. Manager of the Nyan-Nyan Cutey Cat Maid Café in Akihabara. Kotone's boss. Her actual name is Outa Kuroko.
    • Hoshino Keiko - A another maid-cat girl-waitress at the Nyan-Nyan Cutey Cat Maid Café, Kotone's coworker.
    • Ohtori Amane - A customer at the Cat Maid Café. A young man in his 1st year at university. A rather pretty man. Short black hair, swept over one eye. Slender build, same height as Kotone.

jenny286uk - A friend of Masako, back in England

The Yanki Boys - A criminal Super gang that was working for Najamika tech

  • Yellow - Katana, Weapon Master
  • Blue - Heat Vision, Energy Controller
  • Red - Wooden Sword, Plant (Energy) Controller
  • White - Fists, Powerhouse
  • Green - Pistols, Weapon Master

Hazanoshi Chikai - A third year student who speaks English and has struck up an acquaintance with Max

Hikari Ogashi - Girl who has sent Manabu a love letter

Kumoori Sensei - a new teacher in the school, surprisingly popular.

Tiro Owama - President of the Supernatural Club

Ibara Sensei - math teacher.

The Obashi Brothers

Makoto Ice

Takoto Healing

Rakato Time Control

Minister Shen Ga - A representative from the Demon King.