Mantis Operandi

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(Note: This is where I expand on the Mantis´ operations in ways that I either didn´t have room for in the Background section, or which simply evolved after that phase.)

Wilhelm is the son of an industrialist - a rather famous one at that - and the inheritor of the Wilhelmsson Industries. However, after his around-the-world travels, where he trained under the tutelage of dozens of masters, he developed a fresh perspective; too much resources would tie him down to one place, and the money could do considerably more good were it to be put to a contructive cause than if he was going to use it for his crusade. A base would tie him down, and money would make him a dependent.

Consequently, he went back into the board room with a revolutionary agenda - and not one all too popular with the directors! Pumping the companies´ resources into philantropic projects - schools, homes for wayward children and other projects firmly grounded with an eye for the future and a heart for the unfortunate - he locked up his considerable fortune, staying on paper as the de facto president of the company while he was free to act like he wanted.

  • More to come*