Mara Soto

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Mara the Ghoul[edit]


Calculating eyes


Hot -1 Cold +2 Volatile +1 Dark -1


The Hunger[edit]

You have a Hunger for: power.
When you heedlessly pursue a Hunger, add 1 to rolls. When you ignore a feeding opportunity, roll to hold steady.

Watchful Golem[edit]

When you defend someone without them ever knowing about it, mark experience.


You remember how you died. When you tell someone about it, give them the Condition morbid, and roll to turn them on.

Sex Move[edit]

When you have sex with someone, add “having sex with [this person]” as an additional Hunger. If you already have this Hunger, mark experience.


Amanda - 0

Brittany - 0

Vanessa - 2

Baron - 0


Mara used not to fit in any clique, or not for very long; she was discretely ignored whenever she had outlived her usefulness or fleeting coolness. She didn't fit very well at home, either. Younger siblings with more talent or problems than she did, parents busy with their other kids or their career. She didn't know what to do with her life later. No one really bothered to ask her if she did.
The second oldest, Marshall, died recently, his own demons having caught up with him. He caught even more attention posthumously. Of course, the oldest sister was grieving, too, on top of her usual worries to deal with, but no one really noticed her.

She started drinking, to try and fit with the popular kids, to forget about sadness and disgust and worries, to throw a signal in any direction with her brutal hangovers. (The latter didn't work.)

Eventually, she went to a party she was invited sort of by mistake. She left by foot, alone, stumbling very obviously. She leaned over the railing of a bridge to throw up, fell over, almost drowned but managed to swim out with difficulty, heading back home, before finally allowing a cold night, reinforced by the alcohol's deceptive feeling of warmth, to kill her by hypothermia.
In the morning, somebody poked her. Not sure who. It was enough for her body to wake up and go through the motions, unfreezing on her way to school, regaining consciousness progressively.

Later, Mara found out that her parents hadn't even noticed her absence, but this time, she didn't care.

Darkest Self[edit]

You will maim, kill and destroy anything in between you and the nearest object of your hunger. You will feed relentlessly. You escape your Darkest Self when someone restrains you or fends you off for long enough for you to regain your composure – at least thirty or forty minutes.

Character in Dark Times At Aspen Hill