March 15, 1929 - Letter To Carl Ellis

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Sent from Mexico to Whispers Estate, Chalon-sur-Saone, France

March 15, 1929


Sorry indeed, I sm to hear about the loss of one of your Soldiers*. We have all suffered from casualties of the War**, and while I did not now this man personally, I understand well the hardship it places on those left behind. Especially those who were his friends.

The information you have provided me on our "students, is fare more helpful than you can guess. Since I will not have you under my "tender care" for a while yet, I must hold some things close to the chest. I trust that you will provide as much or more information on yourself when the time comes. Or perhaps have one of the earlier students write your biography for me. It would certainly be interesting to see what they have to say about you. I might even show it to you - after "Class".

I have a few questions about them now, though I may have more later, after studying your letter for a bit longer. If so, and there is no time to write beforehand, I will arrange to speak to you privately when you arrive with the first "students".

Your Grimaldi is far too young to have been allowed to take the Vow , but there is little that can be done about that now. You should guard your information better. There is a certain amount of maturity and experience that comes with years, that should be accrued before taking this irreversible step. He sounds like he would far better be a sorcerer than Trained if he has no stomach for being a [[Terms_Used_Within_The_Campaign#Soldier|Soldier] . If he had waited, or better yet not been given the information, his Common Sense would have shown him which Path would be better for him. Now he has little Choice in what he does, or in what he will be Allowed to do.

You Ask for a great deal of information when you ask about the One called Yog-Sothoth. I will give you here some things that I know, without having to resort to my books, and delay this letter anymore.

First you must Recognize that the names that are used for these Things are only those sounds that can be made by human throats. It is likely that what they are Truly known as, is as beyond our comprehension as is many of their Aspects.

At the same time, sounds, words, rhythms and ritual are important in ways that we also do not entirely understand. These rituals seem to be more Binding and they must Abide by them - it seems - unlike we do.

This Yog-Sothoth, is a thing of Many Aspects - much like the Christian Trinity is comprised of God, Son, and Holy Ghost. It is known too, as The Gate, The Key, and as The Keeper of The Gate. What exactly all of these Aspects entail are uncertain - though it is not Unlikely that they all partake of the Aspects of Time, Motion, and Existence. Have you seen the work of certain Mathematicians? There is a man named Plathor that is working with abstract numbers that Seem somehow to represent some of the Essence of what the Outside things are. His work deals with numbers that represent things that are not Real. As you may guess, there are few who understand or even Countenance his work. Those that do Understand, do not talk of it to strangers much.

Yog-Sothoth was Known and worshiped - as much of these things are - by Others who kept history before man. Sometimes their writings and their Arts are found left behind. If any of your Soldiers come across these Things, they must be careful. They must not Especially touch or handle them until an examination is made in a controlled room. This warning goes for Touching*** too. Many of the Things left behind can till be used, even if they are made of Unfamiliar materials. Most frequently they will be Objects of Means to allow Touch between the seeker and the one Outside. As you may understand, most forms of Communication of this kind are rarely healthy for the seeker.

This Outsider is also said to be Continuous with all things, all time and all places. Most of the Outside ones are barred in some way from direct Touch here. I do not think that this is the case with this One. It may be that is shares some Property with us or this place that allows access.

Those are all of my Speculations for the moment. Perhaps this will give you enough to pull together other thoughts into a Whole. I will check my small Library here. Sadly as you have seen, it is a bit egocentric - having mostly My own writings.


Jon Riswold

*Carl Emerson who had been killed in Feb. 1929
** A reference to the on-going struggle against the Outside, Elder Gods
*** A reference to examining something using magical senses