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Character Sheet


Marie DeVane is captain and pilot of the Mei Mei. She has pilot skills and appears a competent hand to hand fighter.


Marie DeVane, a.k.a. Mary Beard, was raised in space the daughter of the Captain of a small medicine carrier The Buttercup. Her life took a drastic turn when the crew of the Buttercup succumbed to temptation and attempted an illegal salvage of a wealthy transport in BlueSun. When Unified Reclamation showed up, the crew attempted to disguise their illegal activities, but one of the UR crew was killed. This escalated the situation and Marie's father was mortally wounded as well as some of the UR crew. The crew of the Buttercup then tried to cover up the incident leaving no witnesses. Over a dozen men were killed and the crew took the UR ship, redubbed the Lenore as their own. The Buttercup was set adrift, and the Swan (the salvage) was hidden in the Uroborus Asteroid belt, its wealth of cash hidden safely in the maze of meteors. The Lenore was well suited to a life of crime, and the crew, under the leadership of Calico Jack (they all took on pirate names) continued illegal salvages as well as petty piracy (mostly robbing passenger ships). They did so without much violence using their guise as a UR vessel as cover.
The Lenore was eventually disabled by the IAV Alabama,possibly as part of a plot by Calico Jack to claim the Swan's fortune for himself. The crew took brief possession of Summer's Gift and eventually parted ways in possession of the Mei Mei.

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