Marina Kseniya Sebastien

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Marina Kseniya Sebastien
First Episode Pilot Episode
Concept Itinerant Engineer
Theme Song "In Amber Clad" by Martin ODonnell/Michael Salvatori
Played By Anne Parillaud
Full Name Irina Feodorovna Tigranova
Legal Status Sketchy, Complicated
Known Aliases Marina Kseniya Sebastien
Age 33
Birthplace Sihnon/Novaya Rodina
Favored Weapon 9mm pistol


Marina doesn't talk much about her past and the details are sketchy. She hails from the Rim, from the Russian-settled world of Novaya Rodina and though she has family there she'll readily admit it's been over a decade since she's seen them. She left home at the age of seventeen, desperate to escape the stifling culture of her childhood, and never looked back. In the years since, she's held any number of jobs as vehicular mechanic, comm tech and ship's engineer. She was senior engineer on a bulk freighter but abruptly quit in 2517 to pursue intinerant jobs, working to pay for her passage from one port of call to the next.

She's cagey as to details about her hiring on with the crew. She's usually too busy cataloguing and fixing everything wrong on the ship to indulge in social chitchat and heart-to-hearts.

Over the years, however, the details have slowly surfaced:

Rina started out an extremely talented young woman on the fast track for promotion in the enlisted ranks as an Alliance Naval engineer. The war intervened in her initial tour of duty, however, leaving her betrayed by her own side in a nasty bit of political scapegoating. The blow to her idealism and trust was staggering and she defected to the other side to survive. She accepted a deep cover operation against her native government and learned the covert skills necessary to carry the mission under an assumed identity while under Alliance scrutiny. The long-term commitment left a permanent mark on her psyche, leaving her paranoid and twitchy.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Rina is short and sturdy with the muscularity of someone used to hard work. More often than not she's clad in a mechanic's coveralls, T-shirt and workboots. Off-duty, she tends toward the hard-wearing and serviceable: cargo pants and tees and boots.

She has several small nicks and scars on her hands and forearms, all incurred on the job, and she has a few other scars elsewhere that she refuses to talk about when asked.

Psychological Profile[edit]

Rina has a restless and mechanically inquisitive mind and it manifests as fidgeting and general twitchiness when she's forced to be idle. Rina loathes inactivity and will keep herself busy finicking with small projects and gadgets as much as possible. To stave off stir craziness, Rina will keep a clipboard or notebook and pen at hand, the better to jot down ideas and sketch designs as they occur to her. Her pockets on-duty and off will have any number of tools, and they will spend more time out of her pockets than in.

When dealing with machines and ships systems, she's incredibly patient and thorough. When dealing with people, however, she's pretty much the opposite. She's blunt and abrasive, careless of their feelings, and brutally honest. Rina's not unaware of her shortcomings and though she'd rather wait and become familiar with others before throwing herself into conversations and debates, her curiosity and temperament rarely afford her that luxury. Rina spends a fair amount of time in her social interactions supressing her natural inclinations and her success is usually mixed, with more favorable outcomes occurring with those she knows best.

Due to her hard-knocks experience, she has trained herself to constantly size up her environment for ambush chokepoints, locating means of entrance and escape, and checking for weapons either actual or improvised. She has trained herself to focus on the job at hand to the exclusion of everything else, driving herself to her limits. She does not accept the no-win scenario. She does not take captivity or forced inactivity well: both states drive her to desperation, putting her firmly in a fight-or-flight, prisoner-escape mental mode. Thanks to her innate talents and her indomitable will, she has been able to persevere through situations that would have defeated others, further convincing her that no matter what, she will win in the end, that her paranoia is justified. Even so, Rina understands hers is not a healthy mindset and is taking steps to remedy it.

Season Profiles

21 Things Rina Knows
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Advancement Points[edit]

Advancement Points Earned/Spent Page Now made a bit irrelevant with the revamp. Oh well.


Stun/Wounds (22/22)
Stun => _#_ _#_ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ _#_ _#_ <= Wound

Half Life Points in Wound = -2 Step penalty in Attributes.

Character Sheet[edit]


  • Agility d8
  • Strength d6
  • Vitality d12
  • Alertness d10
  • Intelligence d10
  • Willpower d10

Traits (formerly Assets and Complications)
Big Damn Trait: Broken Genius d8

On the genius side of the equation, Rina is intensely creative mechanically and technically, inventive and imaginative. And when she's not working with her hands she's occupying her head with reading everything. If it's mechanical or technical, chances are good she can make it, break it, and put it back together again--sometimes even better than before. She's always looking at things with the eye to understanding how they work, how they can be made to work better or differently. It's a constant mental activity that keeps her brain and her hands occupied and her mind off trouble. On the broken side of the equation, her wartime experience has left her extremely paranoid and twitchy, amplifying her innate drive to take apart and tinker with things to the point that everything she sees can be a potential offensive or defensive weapon; everywhere she goes is a potential ambush site. Despite this or perhaps because of it, Rina drives herself with a concentration and dedication to the task that is sometimes frightening, refusing surrender or defeat, supremely confident in her ability to win through.


  • Athletics d8
  • Covert d8
  • Craft d6
  • Discipline d8
  • Guns d6 (would like to bring this up to a d8 to reflect pistol at a d8)
  • Heavy Weapons d4
  • Influence d4
  • Knowledge d6
  • Mechanical Engineering d12
  • Medical Expertise d2
  • Melee Combat d8
  • Perception d8
  • Pilot d4
  • Planetary Vehicle d4
  • Ranged Combat d6
  • Survival d6
  • Technical Engineering d10
  • Unarmed Combat d6 (would like to bring this up to a d8 to reflect brawling at a d8)

Personal Log[edit]

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Nuts and Bolts[edit]

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