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Masterplan was a free D&D (4th edition) campaign planner / adventure design tool for Windows, which was discontinued at some point between July 2016 and July 2017, when the project's homepage expired.

Development was discontinued in February 2014, when the last version was released, v.11.111.

Masterplan can still be downloaded from the 2016 version saved on the Web Archives.


Plot Flowchart[edit]

Masterplan allows you to organise your adventure using a simple drag-and-drop flowchart view, which indicates when the party is likely to level up.

Combat Encounters[edit]

Masterplan lets you build combat encounters, displaying the creature statblocks and the encounter XP value; XP targets are shown and inappropriate challenges are highlighted, and creatures can be levelled up and down as desired. Masterplan can generate encounters randomly or semi-randomly using the DMG encounter templates or an encounter deck. Masterplan can even run the combat encounter, keeping track of hit points, conditions and ongoing damage.

Treasure Parcels[edit]

Masterplan contains a treasure parcel generator which automatically pulls in magic items of the appropriate levels.

Traps / Hazards[edit]

Masterplan includes a simple editor for creating traps and hazards. Traps can be added to encounters.

Skill Challenges[edit]

Masterplan includes a skill challenge editor which automatically calculates the XP value of a skill challenge and provides appropriate DC values. Skill challenges can be added to encounters.

Tactical Maps[edit]

Masterplan allows you to build and edit maps using dungeon tiles or other images; these maps can then be used in encounters. Maps can be automatically generated, and delve-style adventures can be randomly generated from any map with one click. During combat you can even draw directly on the map.


Masterplan contains an integrated project encyclopedia.

Player Options[edit]

You can define races, paragon paths, epic destinies, feats etc for player use.

Player View[edit]

During a session, Masterplan makes it easy for you to share information with your players using a separate display.


You can extend Masterplan by writing add-ins for it.

Compendium Integration[edit]

You can download creatures, traps / hazards and magic items into Masterplan directly from the Wizards of the Coast Compendium. This feature has been disabled due to a C&D letter from Wizards of the Coast. However, creatures can still be exported from the Adventure Tools and imported into Masterplan.


Masterplan had a Facebook page, and users of it also communicated on the old Wizards D&D forums, both which are defunct.

In 2020 a script to export MasterPlan stats to Roll20 was created by draconas1