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A character in The Polysemous Foundation.



  • Description and Background:

From a relatively affluent family, Max had a privileged childhood and grew up resenting it. There was so much suffering in the world, and everyone she knew seemed not to care. She decided to do something about it.

If it had been protests alone, her family would have supported her - but she figured she needed to do more. The world doesn't listen to slogans and demonstrations, it needs action. And it turns out that she was good at action - she'd been studying martial arts for years, anyway, and she had a knack from breaking and entering. She spent a while with a group, tracking down corporate misdeeds and messing with them, either by leaking stories to the press or by just wrecking their shit. The trouble came when the group she was with didn't share her skills, or her dedication - one got caught, and quickly all of them were being rounded up. Words like 'terrorism' were thrown around, and things looked pretty bad for Max until the Polysemous Foundation turned up to have a quiet word.

Now she has another chance to use the skills she's picked up, though she's really not sure if she's using them for good or if she's selling out.

  • Aspects:
    • A God-Damned Ninja.
    • The world is broken - let's fix it!
    • Everything's got a weakpoint.
    • Safety Margins are for Other People.
    • Aspect


  • Rank 5: Athletics
  • Rank 4: Melee, Stealth, H. Eng.
  • Rank 3: S Eng, Resolve, Demolitions, Endurance
  • Rank 2: Cohesion, Intimidation, Insight, Strategy, Perception
  • Rank 1: Pilot, Networking (Underworld), Education, Research, Diplomacy, Assets


  • Stunt 1:
  • Stunt 2:
  • Stunt 3:


  • Agent: Your agent gives you +1 to Demolitions tests.
  • 1 Poison Gland. You have poison glands, underneath your fingernails. This poison can be applied through your claws. Alternately, by sucking on your finger for a moment, you can deliver it via kiss or bite. You produce two doses of Potency 4 poison each day.
  • 2 Retractable Claws. Your hands have been outfitted with a set of razor-sharp catlike claws that emerge from beneath your fingernails. These claws have a Weapon Rating of 2, and are a favorite among assassins and spies.
  • 3 Skinweave Armor. Your skin (or bio-skin sheath) has been woven with a mesh of genetically bolstered spider silk and graphene. This does not affect the outward appearance of your skin, but makes it incredibly strong and resistant to damage. You gain an Armor Rating of +1, which stacks with armor gained from any other source.

Stress Tracks & Consequences[edit]

  • Stress:
    • Physical: 0/X
    • Mental: 0/X
    • System: 0/X

  • Consequences:
    • Physical:
    • Mental:
    • System:


  • This won't actually be a major component of the game, don't bother filling stuff in here right now.
  • I'm basically going to assume you have the shit you absolutely would have to have for your concept
  • And then we'll check Assets if you need anything else.


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  • Name
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