Measure Twice, Cut Once: THE TALENT

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Odyssius Jones -THE TALENT[edit]

[[File:|right]] A character in Measure Twice, Cut Once

Comp/Con code: 26d643925820290134312c0635611273


Built like a bishounen, but western features. Glowing pastel hair and neon tattoos. Lots of aesthetically pleasing cybernetics. Dresses in simple, stylish clothes.


Was an actual semi-famous musician who traveled and played shows on a variety of worlds.

Was kidnapped by Queen Alias while still a non-combatant. Was held for ransom, and eventually ransomed. He was treated pretty okay for a prisoner, and never took it particularly personally.

Later sympathized with the Ungratefuls, turned to playing pro-revolutionary music, and met Fibonacci Null.

He fought off an attack by the nobility using Subaltern roadies. This is the point at which he was no longer classified as a non-combatant. He also did more than just organize, and at this point he Did a Terrorism. EO can tell me if Null would have been involved with that.

Ended up learning to pilot a mech. He's mostly carried by natural talent here, he's still never had real training, just a lot of implants and a knack for controlling multiple things at once. I don't have a lot of clear ideas about how this happened, might be an opportunity to have hitched along with a combat unit involving another PC.

Is currently on the run from the whole terrorism thing.