Measure Twice, Cut Once: TURING

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Fibonacci Null - TURING[edit]

[[File:|right]] A character in Measure Twice, Cut Once

Comp/Con code: d4cee378124136187f98b9f80eca67b4


Lanky build, casual dress.


Fibbonacci_Null could be called many things: an omninet enthusiast and specialist, a freelance hacker, a man intrigued by the mysteries of paracasuality, a HORUS associate, and an Ungrateful sympathizer. After all, you need people to be free to grab the open wonders of the omninet and fabrication technology, right? The last was probably why he had to flee the Baronies. Freaking outdated aristos. Thanks to the Ungratefuls, he'd learned a thing or two about piloting mechs, so he could fall back on that if trouble came knocking.

It was after a brief period of traveling employment that HORUS sent him a message. Help out in the Outer Rim, and a higher role in HORUS (and some truly awesome mech licenses) would await him. When the mutiny in Queen Alias' crew damaged the station he was on, he made a quick escape and wound up with her.



A sleek, compact, concealable weapon which fires accelerated slugs from a 12-round magazine.