Meeting Dame Margot.

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Margot sits in the corner that is tucked into an alcove of the busy kitchen. It has two seats and is clearly meant for talking to one person. While walking she is constantly answering questions and giving orders so when people converse with her it is understood thatshe is multitasking with the conversation and running things.
She seems to oversee the kitchen mostly but maids, butlers, groundskeepers and staff of all kinds are frequently showing up for a quick word.
A thin short man in a Fez, with a drum on his hip is also constantly around, usually within 10' of her. People ask him things almost as often.
But when she sits at her alcove no one bothers her. They go to the man in the fez till Margot stands again. She focuses entirely on the other person sitting with her. At those times she does not consider any of her other businesses. Alvah will not that occasionally the Fez Man taps his tiny drum. When he does, Margot pauses the conversation, looks at the fez man who makes quick hand signs, that she returns.
As she sits she says, “I must first ask you four questions. I know Random will ask if you plan top destroy Amber and Benedict will ask if you intend to lead armies against Amber and Bleys will ask if you intend assasinate Random but I need to ask the important things. I need this information more then anything else..First, Tea, Coffee, Chocla, clean or spiked? Second, Do you wish your quarters sealed when you are away or may the staff enter for cleaning. Will you want a working kitchen in your quarters or will you depend on staff for Will there be a pet in your quarters and the staff will need to know what it is, if it must stay in your quarters or if it may have the run of the castle. I need to see any pets you intend to bring into the castle. Third, Wine, beer, juice, spirits, water, qualas, what is your chosen drink? Finally, is there a food you will not eat? “
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks still with amazement at the busyness around.
When sitting down she tries to keep her focus on Dame Margot.
Alvah looks still with amazement at the busyness around.
When sitting down she tries to keep her focus on Dame Margot.
"Ah well i already answered king Random. Benedict pehaps i will meet, just like with Bleys." Alvah smiles warmly
"Coffee most of the times. I barely sleep and run sometimes purely on caffeine. As black and strong that a spoon with stick right up in the mug."
Alvah conciders that might not be healthy but she just learned she is immortal so caution is out the door.
"Yes please i would like them sealed. Not that i have lots of things or something to hide. But at my home in shadow even my dad can't just enter my room without my permission. If need be i can pick up a broom and cloth myself."
Alvah then laughs " oh no cooking and such is not in my skillset so for the safety of the odour and well being of neighbours i need no kitchen."
She then holds her hand slightly out and lets Cicero slither over her arm to her hand rubbing under his jaw. "This is Cicero, but small chance i leave him alone here. If he does he will feed himself with mice and a lost egg or something. But again he will be mostly with me. "
Alvah then thinks.
"I drink coffee or wine. Sometimes when there is something to celebrate i can try to get drunk on something stronger." Alvah then shakes her head.
"Oh no i eat most everything. Not that difficult with food."
Alvah smiles towards Dame Margot and keeps her hands on her lap so Cicero can slither and smell.
Michael James Watson
Margot extends a hand, "May I see him please?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods and ushers Cicero towards Dame Margot. Hoping he will cooperate enough.
"He is quite fiendly but can be somewhat shy and cautious."
Michael James Watson
"Not with me." Cicero cautiously slides onto Margot's arm. It slithers up, coiling around her arm to rise up and let Margot touch nose to nose.
"What a sweetheart you are.. Such a mighty dragon.. We will be good friends.. Now where is.. Oh ! Mouser! "
A cat pops down from the rafters, small, quick, black as night. It hops to Margot's lap and looks up at Cicero. They regard each other for a moment then it leaps down to the ground.
"Let the others know."
The cat runs off to the bread ovens where a cook takes a fresh roll and hands it to Mouser. He runs off, bun in mouth.
"Thats Mouser. He thinks he rules the kitchen. Not that there has been a mouse in my kitchen for a century unless i was cooking it in something. Now that he met your friend here none of the castle cats or dogs will bother him. I am the protector of all the pets in the castle. Some people have birds or cats or such that live in the castle. We will make sure Cicero has a way in and out of your quarters when locked. Jullian brought a pangolin here when he was a boy. Its around here someplace eating ants and termites for me. You know, animals are effected by the Aging in Amber effect too. Yet there are several places where elderly cats seem to frequent. And Cicero tells me he met Cat already. You know about Cat then? Did Arlo tell you?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles as Cicero goes over to Dame Margot. Impressed she lloks at the black cat even giving it a polite nod.
"That makes things alot easier for all. If all the pets accept and know of eachother. "
Alvah smiles at Cicero and holds her hand out again. " Cat. We have met a cat with Arlo. Was that Cat?" She then shakes her head. "Arlo did not tell me anything about Cat just that if they allowed me to pet them it was alright."
Michael James Watson
Margolt nods, pours coffee and nibbles at a plate of tiny honey buns a cook brings.
"Cat is Arloxedra's companion.. and... its Cat. Like the Unicorn of Amber, the Serpent of Chaos, the Bear of Avalon. Like Morgenstern. Like the butterfly that so annoys Doria. Like the Pangolin with Jurt. The Sparrow with Vance. The Otter with Carissa. Like Ygg in Mandalay. Like the Tiger with Borlak. Like the squirrel currently running around shadow with the Red Sword of Bursain. Its a primal creature. It the pinnacle of its race throughout the multiverse. Creatures of great m ight and authority. Some hide, some are not so shy. All are intelligent and particular. They tend to spend time in places like Amber because they feel the powers. If they die, a new pinnacle assumes the mantle. Though each now Primal Beast is of less power then his predecessor. So some Primal beasts are not power shakers. The unicorn, the serpent, the Bear, the Pheonix, all have never died so they have nearly incomparable powers going back to the time of unchallanged Chaos. Some have died a few time so they have considerable power, like Cat. Some have had many predecessors, like Morgenstern. They are still powerful, just not as much as they might have. Just so you know."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens intently.
She then looks at Cicero
"you are just awesome as you are. "
She turns her attention to Dame Margot again. "That is very interesting actually. Did not know animals had such importance and power here. But thinking about it. It is not weird."
Alvah then slaps her forehead
"Oh i forgot Arloxedra wanted a plate of cookies. "
Alvah shrugs
"So much info and so much to remember."
Alvah looks to the busy kitchen again.
"So you manage daily to keep this all up and running and organized. That is an impressive feat."
Michael James Watson
"If one does something foolish long enough you get good at it. I have held nearly every office in the staff.. I'm officially the Mistress of Special Ceremonies and the Chataline of the Castle. It keeps me young, literally. I am the last survivor of a once modest noble house. I traded all the family holdings save a small hamlet for 3 apartments in the staff wing. I've lived there for thousands of years. Feel free to drop by. My door is so open i removed it.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs.
"Alright thank you so much. It is actually nice to have a decent calm conversation where i do nit have the feeling to be tested. "
Alvah then smiles
"I have some other things, or well people to speak to. What would you advice me to do first? As you have such experience and knowledge. King Random told me to visit Brand in the dungeons, to walk the pattern and go to my brother. But i would love to look around the city as well. " Alvah thinks for a moment "
would that be appropriate for me to do? Before doing the rest of the to do list?"
Michael James Watson
"Certainly.. I hear Darcy in the hall. Take him with you. Or if you like i can get another elite. Karieeena is available. On Dungeon duty since her release from Lord Macsen. If you go to see Brand, i have a basket for him. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stands and nods.
"Well if i can help out, i can take the basket with me for Brand. "
Alvah smiles
"Then it is decided i will see Brand. Better to get things done that the King had told me to."
Alvah then waits for the basket and hopefully Darcy can show her the way to the dungeons.
Michael James Watson
Margot gets the basket and hands it to her, touching hands. Alvah feels a great wall of psychic power like a soft pillow surrounding the woman.
"Now, after Brand come back here.. I have one more ritual.. You decide: cook an omelet perfectly. Bake sourdough bread. Cook a fine spaghetti sauce. Think it over and be ready when you return."
Darcy looks in the door and nods, turning the head down to the great spirailling stairs downward.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks wide eyed at Dame Margot for a moment as she feels the power. It is strange to have so many people other then your father be near with great power.
She then reposes herself and nods
"Yes ma'am, afterwards i will return, with a decision as well. But i warn you, i am horrible in the kitchen reason i never cook. "
She then follows Darcy to the spiraling staircase, she grins at Darcy
"i am almost of mind to humm a tune while i bring a basket down.. " she then shakes her head
"Yup i am weird." eventho she just said that she can't help but humm
Michael James Watson
As the stair winds down Alvah is as aware of the darkness as the candlelight. Dark as a dungeon was made for this place.
The they reach a place with a clean administrative area. Guards. Offices. The smell of food. Darcy nods to a few people but goes to the stairs down.
"There has always been a Dungeon here but under Oberon there was a lot of lock them and leave them. When Doria arrived one of her projects was cleaning the place out. Moved everyone. Cleaned,scoured, painted. Added magical lights. Made recreational areas for lesser criminals. Amber has prisons and repeat offenders but it turns out that a prisoner here rarely returns if released. Bleys says its the pattern meddling with them. Brand though, is in the deepest place. You'll see.
After a but he stops. 4 serious guards stand before a door. "That's the Pattern Chamber. We go down in the dark. I'll have a cantrip light till we reach the bottom.