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A character in the Project Narnia PBP TMNT game.

Animal: Cobra
Profession: Infiltrator

Mental Affinity/Personality: 8
Mental Endurance/Willpower:15
Physical Endurance/Constitution:17
Physical Prowess/Agility:18
Physical strength/strength:17
Physical Beauty/looks:18

Matrix: Evolving

Bio Energy: 65

Hands: Full (10 pts)
Biped: None
Speech: Partial (5pts)
Looks: Partial (10 pts)

Size: 7
Paralytic poison venom and 1D6 fangs: 20
Advanced tongue touch 10 (Combines advanced taste and smell)

SDC: 34 HP: 22

You were taught how to be stealthy and silent, with an added focus on mobility. You were also taught how to kill quietly, a skill you’ve yet to actually use in the field.
-Acrobatics (65 +5L%)
-Climbing (55 +8L%)
-Disguise (45 +5L%)
-Hand-to-Hand: Assassin
-Prowl (51 +8L%)
-Swimming (55 +8L%)

You have a talent for being sneaky and ruthless, a fact that your trainers recognized and encouraged. Though you never got to practice your skills on actual humans, the methods should be sound. -Detect Ambushes (45 +5L%)
-Disguise (45 +5L%)-Forgery (35 +5L%)
-Impersonation (45 + 4L%)
-Interrogation (45 +5L%)
-Picking Locks (40 +5L%)

You know many methods of treating injuries, and restoring health to the sick. You’ve also been tutored in the basics of diseases, and treating toxins.
-First Aid (55 +5L%)
-Forensics (40 +5L%)
-Pathology (50 +5L%)
-Paramedic (55 +6L%)
-Surgeon (65 +3L%)

Alertness (40 +5L%)
Wilderness Survival (40 +5L%)
Land Navigation (40 +4L%)
Photography (50 +5L%)
Sing (40 +5L%)
Weapon Proficiency: Knife
Weapon Proficiency: Revolvers and Pistols
Writing (34 +4L%)
Computer Operation (60 +5L%)

Actions per Round: 2
Dodge: +6
Parry: +2
Roll with Punch/Fall: +0
Base Strike: +4
Melee Damage: +2

Specialize Weapons and Attacks
Knife: +5 to Strike/Parry
Revolver: +5 to Strike, +1 to Damage

Bite: +4 to Strike, 1d6 damage plus poison
+1 to Save vs Coma/Death/Toxin

Melody was trained by KGB agent Alexi Vladislov who defected to the US and was scooped up by the CIA for Project Narnia. He taught her everything he knew, including his philosophy "Without beauty in life, there is nothing worth living for." He named her "Melody" as a pun because both a melody and she had scales. She is soft blues and greens, looking like a traditional naga, but with a flared hood instead of hair and retractable fangs. Her slitted eyes are amber.

Because her teacher was Russian, she will slip into a Russian accent occasionally. Alexi would take her for walks around the island, armed only with their cameras and take pictures of gorgeous landscapes and sunsets.

Melody was trained specifically to infiltrate enemy strong holds and capture prisoners to interrogate or patch up her own team. She is constantly evolving, having started her life with two thick fingers and opposable thumbs before the fingers split into four, perfectly workable human hands. Perhaps she will develope psychic powers one of these days......

Melody was raised in a secret section near Alexandria, Virginia. Due to being a serpent, she had a natural incination to infiltration and assassination and was completely absorbed in her training.

Fangs was another cobra infiltration expert in delta, but he managed to develope legs to her tail. He was moved there to be kept close to her with the possibility of the two of them working as a team when needed. Perhaps even something more beyond just teamwork. He confuses her because he's polite and a gentleman, but there's something she doesn't like about him.

One of the things in her locker is a picture she took a few days before the siren sounde. It is of Alexi, sitting on a fallen tree in the forest with a single beam of sunlight illuminating him.