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Voted the Worst Place to Live in America

Melvin "Ol' Mel^2" Melville[edit]

  • Fixer* - Operator: 5


  • Cultural Background: North American (Wherever the jobs were)
  • Personality: Stable and Serious
  • Clothing style: Businesswear
  • Hair: Short and Curly
  • Affectation: Mirrorshades
  • Values: Money
  • People: Everyone is a valuable individual
  • Most valued person: He's got a much cooler sister, Marianne, that he looks up to and is always trying to impress.
  • Most valued possession: A rare bootleg recording of his favorite band Space Monkey Mafia.
  • Your Original Family Background: Parents were Edgerunners
  • Childhood Environment: In a Nomad pack moving from place to place. Mel's parent's were working for a Nomad family
  • Background: Family lost everything due to bad management. That's why Mel became a fixer, it's not enough to be good as whatever it is you do, you have to know how to leverage contacts and resources.
  • Friend: Someone I know from the Street. Mel's buddy from the street is some kind of street performer. Mel gives money when he has it, and they talk about music.
  • Sweet Revenge
    • Ex-Friend: You just don't like each other, Themselves and a few [1d6/2] friends. A retired teacher. They used to drink at the same bar, and at first the conversations were fun. But over time, they got sick of each other's name dropping and the conversations turned into arguments. They still run in some of the same circles.
      • 2: Avoid the Scum: They've taken the healthy approach and try to stay out of each other's way.
    • Ex-lover 1: Deserted or betrayed the other, Just themselves and a close friend. Mel's ex-lady got caught up in a con and ended up owing the wrong sort of people a lot of money. She asked Mel for help, and he ghosted her. Not his problem, he wasn't that into her.
      • Verbally Attack Them: The Ex and her cuz, are ready to read Mel the riot act and let everyone know what kind of man he is.
    • Ex-lover 2: Caused the other to lose face or status, The local cops or other Lawmen. Mel ended up in a serious relationship with a detective/investigator when he was working as an informant. When one of her investigations was looking like it would interfere with the work of another client of his, Mel refused to give his boo information she needed. He ended up losing the client and the lover. This one hurt.
      • Backstab them indirectly: Mel screwed her over, she's just waiting for a chance to pull the rug out from under him when he least expects it.
  • Life Goals: Get off The Street, no matter what it takes. Mel was made for something better. He just needs the right score, the right friends, the right plan and he'll be living on Easy Street.
  • What Kind of Fixer Are You: Broker deals between rival gangs.
  • Got a Partner: Disgraced Corp lady, she was doing well but ended up losing it. She's trying to avoid hitting rock bottom, Mel thinks she's a stepping stone for moving up. They work surprisingly well together.
  • Who: Possible romantic partner as well.
  • Office: An otherwise abandoned building.
  • Side clients: Local Rockerboys or Medias who use you to get them gigs or contacts.
  • Who's gunning for you: Old client that think you screwed them over. I'm going to tie in the client from Ex-Lover 2, basically they both think I screwed them.


  • Int. 8
  • Ref. 5
  • Dex. 7
  • Tech. 4
  • Cool. 6
  • Will. 5
  • Luck. 8 (7)
  • Move. 5
  • Body. 5
  • Emp. 8 (-2 Humanity loss)


  • Athletics 2
  • Brawling 2
  • Concentration 2
  • Conversation 6
  • Education 2
  • Evasion 6
  • First Aid 2
  • Human Perception 6
  • Language (English) 4
  • Language (Streetslang) 4
  • Local Expert (Home) 6
  • Perception 2
  • Persuasion 4
  • Stealth 2
  • Bribery 6
  • Business 6
  • Forgery 6
  • Handgun 6
  • Pick Lock 4
  • Streetwise 6
  • Trading 6

Basic Gear[edit]

  • Heavy Pistol, Damage: 3d6, ROF: 2, Concealable
  • Very Heavy Pistol, Damage: 4d6, ROF: 1
  • Light Melee Weapon (Combat Knife) Damage: 1d6, ROF: 2, Concealable
  • Basic Heavy Pistol Ammunition x100
  • Basic VH Pistol Ammunition x 100
  • Light Armorjack Body (SP 11)
  • Light Armorjack Head (SP 11)


  • Agent
  • Bug Detector
  • Computer
  • Disposable Phone x2
  • Generic Chic: Contacts, Jewelry
  • Leisurewear: Mirrorshades
  • Urbanflash: Footwear, Jacket, Bottoms, Top


  • Cyberaudio Suite
  • Internal Agent
  • Subdermal Pocket
  • Voice Stress Analyzer
  • 16 Humanity Loss


  • 400