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Keep at Goblinfell Pass

Men at arms stationed at Goblinfell Keep

     4 Watches of:
     12 heavy foot, 36gp/month, 72/month active. 
     12 longbowmen, 120gp/month,240/month active.
     1st level fighter (Leader)100gp/month (always active)

     4 Cavalry Patrols of:
     12 horse archers, 180gp/month, 360/month active.
     12 medium horse, 90gp/month, 180/month active.
     6 Heavy horse, 60gp/month, 120/active.
     1st level fighter (leader) 100gp/month.(always active)

     Infantry 256gp/month each (Garrison). (1024gp total)/1648 active).
     Cavalry 330gp/month each (Garrison). (1320gp total/3040 active).
     Total wages: 2344gp month.

Original post from rstites: I figure it'll take about three days to hire and outfit your new mercenaries. How about 12 heavy foot and 12 archers with a 1st level fighter as a leader for a total of 125 gp/month for garrison (250 gp/month for campaign)? Who's paying?