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Maria "Mercy" Quintillano[edit]

Mutant Human Psyscape 'Third Eye' Psi-Ghost L1 (XP: 0/2050)

Alignment: Unprincipled (Selfish)

5'9", 140 lbs, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, tanned tattooed skin
Mercy is the kind of trouble most people lack the willpower to avoid.

She never attempts to disguise the fact that she is a predator walking amongst her prey; it's the very allure that draws people into her net. The unobservant read it as a sexual thing and trip over themselves to stay within her aura. Those more sensitive are aware that the game extends further than that, but it still takes an act of will to not be drawn in.

It's more then her magnetism or her haughty self-confidence. It's the intoxication of the candle to the moth, the big win on the horizon to the bottomed-out gambler, the middle of the bottle to the alcoholic. It's the certain, inevitable doom that waits on the other side of Door Number Two.

Mercy is clearly not good for people's health. And they love that about her.


Intelligence Quotient: 9
Mental Endurance: 7
Mental Affinity: 13
Physical Strength: 15
Physical Prowess: 20
Physical Endurance: 10
Physical Beauty: 8
Speed: 13

S.D.C.: 32
Hit Points: 15
Potential Psychic Energy: 14
Inner Strength Points: 60


T-42 Commando Scout armor: 70 M.D.C. | Torso 59/70

throwing knife: 1d6 M.D.
dual Vibro-Knives: 1d6 M.D., 1d6 M.D.
Wilk's 227 Pulse Pistol: 2d6 M.D./single blast, 4d6 M.D./double blast; each blast = 1 attack; 900' range; 12 double-pulse shots per E-clip; +2 bonus to strike on Aimed Shot

3 attacks/round

  • +2 initiative
    • +5 to strike
    • +5 to parry
    • +4 to dodge
    • +1 to strike when throwing knife
    • +7 to roll with impact or fall
    • +2 to disarm
    • +3 to pull punch
  • Save vs Psionic Attacks on 10+
    • +2 to save vs mind control
    • +6 to save vs possession
    • +2 to save vs despair based attacks
    • +2 to save vs Horror Factor
    • no fear of heights


  • Communication: Literacy: American 50%, Speak American 88%, Speak Spanish 70%, Speak Language Dragonese/Elven 70%, Radio: Basic 65%, Surveillance 45%
  • Electrical: Basic Electronics 40%
  • Espionage: Detect Concealment [Related] 35%, Escape Artist 40%, Pick Locks 45%
  • Mechanical: Basic Mechanics 35%
  • Physical: Acrobatics [Related], Athletics (General) [Secondary], Climbing 70% / 60% (climb rope/rappel) (add 10% with Intuitive Combat)
  • Pilot: Hovercycles 70% [Secondary]
  • Rogue: Computer Hacking 30%, Prowl 40% (60% when Intangible), Seduction [Related] 26%, Streetwise 32%
  • Science: Mathematics (Basic) 55%
  • Technical: Computer Operations 55%, Computer Programming [free prereq] 35%, Lore: Psychics & Psionics [Secondary] 25%
  • W.P.: Energy Pistol, Knife, Paired Weapons
  • Hand to Hand: Assassin

Special Abilities[edit]

Third Eye Psyscape resident[edit]

Sense Supernatural Evil and Magic Energy

  • Constant, automatic sense disrupted by close proximity to ley lines.
  • 100' range normally, 1000' range with active spell usage
  • 74% to identify type/race of paranormal creature or identify possession
  • 55% chance to track by sense; 73% chance if target using magic

Extended Psionics Power
All Sensitive Powers are double range and duration.

Radiate Nature
All psychics within 100' and all non-psychics within 12' sense Mercy's feelings and intentions as if receiving a weak empathic transmission.

Can converse with kindred spirits in dream medium.

Transform into energy being
Can place self into stasis within a ley line for up to 100 years at the cost of 270 I.S.P.


Heightened Presence Sense

  • automatically aware of all intelligent presences within 25 feet
  • automatically aware when under observation by surveillance systems manned by a sentient being
  • 'focused attention' (1d4 melee rounds to focus) allows Mercy to determine the exact number of intelligent presences within range and a 60% chance to pinpoint their precise location

Intangibility (Mutant power)

  • Mercy and up to 20 lbs of material become intangible at will (up to four shifts / melee).
  • Electricity attacks inflict 1/2 damage/effect
  • Psionic and gas attacks inflict full damage/effect
  • Immune to all other attacks
  • +20% to Prowl skill when intangible
  • confers Horror Factor 14 if seen, due to specter-like appearance


  • Deaden Senses: 160' requires LOS, 2d6 minutes, 4 ISP, -1 to save; befuddle victim (+10% prowl, seduction, others; -1 initiative, -5% skill performance, -10% speed)
  • Nightvision: visual range 600', 10 minutes, 4 ISP; must have some source of light. Sudden light exposure will blind for 3d4 melee rounds unless additional Nightvision polarization effect utilized.
  • Intuitive Combat: self, 4 melee rounds, 10 ISP; concentrate for 1 melee round to receive +3 initiative, +1 strike/parry, +4 dodge/pull punch, +2 roll/disarm; +10% to acrobatics abilities, climb, and swim; cannot be surprised even by attacks from behind or long range and so can parry/dodge versus all attacks leveled against her. May not use any other psionic powers while in use.
  • Machine Ghost: computer by touch, 6 minutes, 12 ISP; trance-like state allows entry to an A.I. object or object reading electronically stored data. Reads such data at 10x speed. Psychically within device, with the same pitfalls as Astral Projection. May have to fight security guardians, loses sense of physical body and time passed, leaving virtual space is complicated.
  • Mask I.S.P. & Psionics: self, 20 minutes, 7 ISP; completely mask all psionic energy, altering aura. Blocks user's psionic senses.
  • Meditation: recover 6 ISP / hour of meditation
  • Mind Block: self, 20 minutes, 4 ISP; blocks all psychic/mental emanations, +1 save vs psychic/mental attacks
  • Object Read: touch, twice 2d6 minutes or variable, ISP 6; test against both 56% chance to receive impressions and 48% chance to receive images. If successful on one of these, may also test against 38% chance to receive information about the present for an additional 4 ISP.
  • See the Invisible: 240' or 480' on a ley line, 2 minutes, 4 ISP
  • Sixth Sense: 180', until danger passes, 2 ISP; receives precognitive flash of imminent danger to self or someone within 180'. During first melee recieve +6 initiative, +2 parry, +3 dodge, no chance of sneak attack from behind.
  • Psionic Invisibility: 100' radius/LOS, 1 minute, 10 ISP, -2 to save against. Must be 'passing through' or hiding, with no intent of hurting those present. Machines are not fooled, though those watching through machines will be if within range of power. Once seen, the same viewer is immune to this use of power.
  • Telemechanics: touch or 5', 12 minutes, 10 ISP. Know everything about a non-A.I. machine, 80% ability. Knows everything and may communicate with A.I. machines, at 88% ability.


Standard Psi-Ghost Gear[edit]

  • Triax T-42 Commando Scout armor, 12 lbs
    • Normal Optics and Split View Screen/Projection: A video projection simulates normal color vision. Video images are displayed on the HOD same as "cyclops" helmet.
    • Standard Optical Enhancements: Passive night vision (2000 foot, 610 m range), telescopic (5 x magnification, 6000 foot, 1830 m range), and light filters.
    • A miniature multi-purpose computer shows system errors within the armor, damage levels, and oxygen supply, and also functions as a calculator and clock indicating time (can be used a stopwatch and alarm clock too), date, direction (compass).
    • Laser distancer indicating distance of a target or item. Maximum effective range: 1000 feet (305 m).
    • Laser Targeting: Adds a +1 strike bonus. Maximum effective range: 1000 feet (305 m).
  • black fatigues
  • small suitcase wardrobe of 3d4 local color outfits (gang colors, disguises, police/military uniforms)
  • Wilk's 227 Pulse Pistol with 4 extra e-clips, 2.5 lbs
  • Vibro-Knife (2), 1 lb
  • throwing knives (3)
  • knapsack and backpack and carrying case
    • Portable Digital Disk (PDD) player & recorder with headphones
    • portable language translator
    • hand-held computer with micro-computer
    • 35mm camera (still photos) and 12 discs of film
    • disc camera (moving pictures) and 12 discs of film
    • microfilm camera (fits in palm of hand)
    • pen flashlight and large flashlight
    • 100' super-strong/super-lightweight cord
    • grappling hook
    • 1d4+1 spikes
    • roll of wire
    • standard tool kit
    • lock picking tools
    • pry bar
    • glass cutter
    • laser scalpel (up to 1d6 S.D., 6# range)
    • gas mask
    • tinted goggles
    • walkie-talkie radio
    • personal items
    • 1d4+1 different ID cards (all with aliases)
    • fake birth certificate
    • fake citizen ID to one Coalition State or a major Kingdom
  • 3K credits + black market items worth 6K credits
    • (spent 7K on second Vibro-Knife)