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Last updated: July-28-2007

While Meta Forces is registered as a Hero SG in Paragon City, it is not. Meta Forces is actually a Division of the U.S. Army, Brigadier General Jack Washington (U.S. Army, ComMetFor) commanding officer. Despite being U.S. Army, applicants are accepted from all U.S. military services, and all allied military forces.

The Meta Forces (Operation Virtue) group is primarily comprised of Special-Ops soldiers from around the globe. They are not Super-Humans, they are simply the best that the world's militaries can muster to fight at the side of heroes of Paragon City as they battle evil wherever it can be found.

Meta Forces night is every Monday night from 8:00pm Pacific Standard Time to around 10:00pm PST. We often schedule special missions, accolade runs, and occasionally task forces. In short, Meta Forces night is almost always a memorable one.

We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.


Founded in August of 2004, the Meta Forces project was started out of a need to keep a governmental hand in Super-Human, or Meta-Human, activities inside the country. Several of the forces that are hard at work inside Paragon city are external threats. Council forces and Rikti are two very clear hostile forces from outside of the government.

Soldiers from any friendly nation or any special forces group from any branch of the armed services can apply for transfer to Meta Forces. The training is rigorous and powerful at the new Fort Atlas, just outside of Paragon City on Route 5. There the Special Tactics, Equipment, Armor and Meta training facility trains soldiers in a unique brand of urban warfare.

Simulators and confiscated higher tech equipment give soldiers a chance to face some realistic battlefield conditions before entering the Outbreak training.


This is a concept Supergroup. We're not concerned with the nerfs of Issue 6 or beyond, we're not concerned about diversity, we're just going to play the darn game. The concept is to build a Supergroup that plays together on Monday nights and over the weekends, gets together whenever they want to, all try to stay in relatively the same range, and slowly enjoy the content of the game. We're looking to improve our base, kidnap Statesman's cat and ransom it for better helmets, P.O.V.'s (player operated vehicles), and A.L.I.C.E. packs.

No, not just anyone can join, yes we have a dress code and character templates. We make characters for the challenge of trying to be a human in a superheroes world, with super hero-like droids backing us up and moving us from place to place. It's fun, you should try it. It's certainly challenging.

Recently, Brigadier Washington authorized the C.O. of Operation Virtue, Master Sergeant Riley, to begin recruiting Super-Humans into Meta Forces. These volunteer members must follow the same Code of Conduct as all Meta Forces personnel, excepting only that they are allowed to wear their original costumes. As civilians, volunteer personnel are not allowed to hold rank within Meta Forces, and they are required to attend (and pass) a Standard Tactical and Procedural class at Fort Atlas prior to being allowed to patrol Paragon City as a Meta Forces representative.


You have four character choices if you wish to join the Meta Forces Supergroup.

1) Soldier members

The most challenging and rewarding character to play in Meta Forces. Also the only characters that can advance in rank and thus be authorized to lead a Meta Forces patrol.

AT: Ar/Dev blasters are the preferred. Though MA/Reflex scrappers are also allowed.

Prohibited powers: Travel power, any secondary power that would make them superhuman, like shooting laser beams out of their eyes.

Encouraged powers: Fitness, Leadership, and healing powers that use the tech box.

Special equipment: Characters of 20+ levels can take a special power that glows or some such, like hasten and describe it as a high tech toy. Nothing prohibited.

Costume: Helmet is optional but encouraged. We use the soldiers helmet, not the tech helmet. Body armor of some sort is also encouraged. Camo green is our army uniform color, though DCUs are also allowed. Arctic gear, jungle camo, or mountain, or urban camo is also fine. We wear combat boots and usually a tactical belt. Gloves are optional, but really no soldier goes without them for long.

Only soldier members can lead teams, unless otherwise instructed by a higher ranking member of Meta Forces, such as a squad leader or the CIC.

2) Droids

Droids are another type of Meta Forces unit from the motorpool. The U.S. Army has been trying to perfect artificial intelligence since the Rikti invasion, and have now been offered by Hyperdine and Cyberdine, several models of combat droids.

AT: Any that doesn’t use prohibited powers. All Droids are Tech.

Prohibited powers: Bow, Dark or Mental powers. Everything else goes, though having an AR/Dev droid seems redundant.

Required powers: A travel power and recall friend are required powers. All others are not.

Costume: You have to look like a droid, not a human. Full face covering. Try to stay away from the medieval helmets, they look dumb on a robot. We already have one like this and he looks like he was assembled in Mexico from spare parts. We call him the conquistadroid when he’s not looking.

Meta Forces droids are required to act like droids. You can have personality, as long as its droidish. Yes I just made that up, but remember droids are created to serve by the U.S. Army. If they didn’t serve a purpose, they wouldn’t be used. So no obnoxious or disobedient droids. Droids may interrogate individuals to determine if "full control" is authorized by their credentials. Any member of Meta Forces should have "full control" status, allowing him to order the droid into a potentially deadly situation. Abuses of this control should be reported to Combat-Medic, the Motor Pool Department Head.

Other metas should be assisted. Meaning, if told to run in with your empathy/rad droid and draw fire, for a Meta Forces player, you say "Yes [rank/name]", but for another Super, you say "I’m sorry but that conflicts with my self preservation protocol", or some such. If at any time you need or want to leave a non-Meta Forces group, you can be recalled to base for any number of reasons.

3) Volunteer members

Anyone who has proven themselves to a Meta Forces officer may be allowed to join as a volunteer member. These are simply standard Super-Humans who wish to join Meta Forces, and are willing to follow the rules of Meta Forces and obey the orders of Meta Forces officers.

These positions are primarily reserved for the alts of soldier members. Any Super may apply however, and if they prove themselves worthy, both on and off the battlefield, this condition can be waived by any Meta Forces officer.

Due to the popular nature of this position, Meta Forces is not currently accepting applications for volunteer membership. Stay in touch with your local recruiter as this may change.

4) Kheldian members

Once a solider member reaches security clearance level 50 they will be authorized to recruit a Kheldian alt into Operation Virtue.

As with volunteer members, Kheldian members must follow the same rules as all members of Meta Forces with the exception of uniform regulations.


All Meta Forces personnel, whether a U.S. or allied soldier, a droid, or a civilian volunteer member are at all times subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Before you are allowed to join Meta Forces you will be briefed on the U.C.M.J., and sign a statement agreeing to adhere to and be subject to the U.C.M.J. as interpreted by the Judge Advocate General's Office, and the commanding officer of Meta Forces.

While in Paragon City, while in uniform, or at any time in which the member is identifiable as a member of Meta Forces, personnel are also required to abide by the following standing orders:

Mandate 1) Aid heroes of Paragon City in defense of the city.

The Prime Directive of Meta Forces, and the reason for its existence.

Mandate 2) Only officers are allowed to lead Meta Forces teams.

Meta Forces personnel, just like regular military personnel are required to follow the orders of ranking members at all times. Personnel who disregard this directive may be subject to an Article 13 hearing, and the punishment may be anything up to and including a Dishonorable Discharge from Meta Forces, and possibly deportation to the former member's country of origin.

Mandate 3) Never refuse any request for aid unless otherwise instructed to do so.

Meta Forces personnel may not refuse a request for aid, especially from a police officer, or civilian who is obviously being victimized. You are expected to do what is asked of you, and to monitor the Virtue911 channel at all times. Meta Forces personnel are expected to give one hundred and ten percent at all times.

Mandate 4) Always represent well.

All civilians, police officers, military personnel, and Super-Humans are to be treated and addressed in a respectful manner at all times. This means answering with sir or ma'am, and being polite at all times. This applies even if the person you are addressing is in custody, and even if they are a known Villain. Remember, you represent Meta Forces and the impression they have of you is the impression they will have of all Meta Forces.

Benefits of membership[edit]

Being a member in good standing of one of the best Supergroups on Virtue has additional benefits:

1) Pride in being a member of one of the most challenging and fun Supergroups.

2) Being able to count on your Supergroup to run events, and help you out when you need it.

3) We ask that you always play in supergroup mode. This allows you to show off the Meta Forces emblem with pride, and allows us to get the prestige we need to continue to improve the base. In return whenever you need Influence to purchase Enhancements (starting at level 12), you need only contact a ranking member to be issued a large batch of Influence. (The one benefit many of you truly care about) A level/prestige earned schedule may be posted at some later date if we feel people are abusing this. Otherwise just let us know you need new Enhancements and you’ll get them.


Meta Forces: Atlas Park Kings Row
Skyway City Boomtown
Faultline Founders' Falls
Independence Port Terra Volta
Brickstown The Hollows
Eden Rikti War Zone
SuperNaturals: Peregrine Island Dark Astoria
Steel Canyon Talos Island
Croatoa Striga Isle
Galaxy City Perez Park
Joint Task Force Hero: Talos Island Striga Isle
Crey's Folly Peregrine Island
Perez Park Galaxy City
Steel Canyon The Hollows

Also remember that Pocket D has doors to Kings Row, Faultline, Talos Island, and Founders' Falls. And the Vanguard Base has portals to Atlas Park, Founders' Falls, and Peregrine Island.

Between all of those there shouldn't be a zone that you can't get to just as quickly as any hero.

Scheduled events[edit]

There are no special events beyond the Monday night teams currently scheduled.

Roster of active duty personnel[edit]

Name Join Date Meta Forces Rank Position
Brigadier General Jack Washington Aug-14-2004 ComMetFor Commanding Officer Meta Forces
Mssgt Riley Aug-14-2004 C.I.C. Commanding Officer, Operation Virtue
SgtMj Cherenkov Jun-16-2006 Commander Executive Officer, Operation Virtue
Lt Starion Shaw Dec-01-2005 Commander Base Security Department Head
Captain Fletcher Dec-03-2005 Commander Kheldian Forces Liason
GreenMarine Sep-18-2004 Squad Leader NCOIC Heavy Weapons Squad
SSgt Gremlin Apr-04-2005 Squad Leader Intelligence Department Head
Artemis 2020 Sep-05-2005 Squad Leader Temporal Special Weapons Consultant
Cmdr Prometheus Dec-06-2005 Squad Leader CO Amphibious Operations Squad
Lt. Smurd Apr-22-2006 Squad Leader CO, Air Support Group (C.A.G.)
Nite Sight Jun-03-2006 Squad Leader NCOIC Night Operations Squad
Shadow Marshal Luger Aug-28-2006 Squad Leader HMFIC Sniper Squad
Patriotic Soldier Aug-06-2006 Squad Leader Unarmed Combat Specialist
Spec Op's Soldier Aug-06-2006 Squad Leader Sniper Squad
Sgt Blutarski Sep-22-2005 Soldier Rifleman
Pvt Talez Dec-05-2005 Soldier Rifleman
Corporal BJ Kerkove Jun-17-2006 Soldier Rifleman
Cpl. McKlintock Jul-10-2006 Soldier Rifleman
Red35 Aug-06-2006 Soldier Rifleman
Sgt Pandora Aug-08-2006 Soldier Rifleman
Miss Yuki Lotus Dec-11-2006 Soldier Unarmed Combat Instructor
Combat- Medic Feb-15-2005 Squad Leader Droid Department Head
M-113 Nov-20-2004 Droid Medical Droid
Tenebrous Doom Apr-10-2005 Droid Special Weapons Droid
Heavy Assault Droid Nov-07-2005 Droid Heavy Weapons Droid
Bot TD-J51211 Dec-16-2005 Droid Medical Droid
X7134-AS Dec-16-2005 Droid Tactical Droid
Bad Robot Mar-16-2006 Droid Tactical Droid
MK-2 Guardian Jul-31-2006 Droid Force Field Droid
M1A2 Abraham Nov-28-2006 Droid Heavy Weapons Droid
Ultra Smashinator Feb-19-2006 Volunteer Armor Company
ryoku shimo Jun-17-2006 Volunteer Armor Company
Starrion Jun-17-2006 Volunteer Armor Company
Batholith Jul-19-2006 Volunteer Armor Company
Heartbreaka Aug-06-2006 Volunteer Armor Company
Masochism Tango Dec-11-2006 Volunteer Armor Company
Chief Crowbar Dec-30-2006 Volunteer Armor Company
Eagle Agent Connors Jun-22-2006 Volunteer Longbow Liaison
Captain Rad May-06-2006 Volunteer Medical Corps
Doc Mythos Aug-06-2006 Volunteer Medical Corps
Life Singer Jul-16-2006 Volunteer Medical Corps
Agent Altair Jun-17-2006 Volunteer Rifle Company
TempysT Jul-19-2006 Volunteer Rifle Company
Pain Clutch Jul-22-2006 Volunteer Shock Troop Company
2020 Vision Dec-06-2006 Volunteer Shock Troop Company
Seismicon Jul-04-2006 Volunteer Special Weapons Company
Chernobylskij Nov-12-2006 Volunteer Special Weapons Company
Sgt. Land Jul-24-07 Volunteer Special Weapons Company

Contact Information[edit]

To contact Meta Forces while in Paragon City simply send an email to @Gunmonster.

If you need immediate assistance or backup in an emergency situation transmit on the Virtue911 channel and the dispatcher will patch you in with the ranking member on duty.

If you wish to contact us while in your secret identity personna simply send an email to


Joint Task Force Hero - Another military division in Paragon City.

SuperNaturals - A group of Magical Super Heroes that have proven their loyalty to the U.S. government and are thus allowed base access to make occasional use of the Meta Forces base teleporters.

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Special note[edit]

To those who serve, and those who have served, in the Armed Forces of the United States and its allies, we in Meta Forces are honored to say; "Thank you."