Michael Cameron Carter

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Michael Cameron Carter

Born a cattle rancher's son on Salisbury, Kalidasa, Michael Cameron Carter has had a checkered career through the years: rancher, lay brother, Independent infantry, and after the Unification War, a shadowy figure in the Resistance. Some parties would even say Dust Devil.

The last charge seems substantiated. Carter was apprehended in Nouveau Lyon, Beaumonde, Kalidasa, in connection to the terrorist bombing of the Blue Sun Chempliance factory on 10 Jul 2518. He was transported on the Longbow class, IAV Yamato to the Serenity Valley Memorial Veteran's Hospital on Hera, Georgia. Injured during the terrorist action on Beaumonde, Carter was kept in medical custody (and some rumors claim interrogation under the influence of highly experimental drugs) until being extracted by fellow Resistence fighters on 07 Sep 2518.

Carter subsequently dropped out of sight and resurfaced two years later on Highgate, apprehended breaking into the PDF Records facility at the Naval base on 27 Sep 2520. He escaped custody by faking his death. He was seen soon afterward by security cameras on a You Go tanker, dressed in the uniform coveralls of a You Go employee. The date stamp on the camera feed shows 06 Oct 2520. Carter eluded the authorities for another five months before resurfacing again, this time by assassinating MZP President and owner of You Go Corp, You Ge, at his private residence on the moon Yan Wo, Fury, Blue Sun, on 15 March, 2521.

Carter was held in a secure undisclosed location on Highgate pending trial. The trial of Michael Cameron Carter commenced on 28 Jun 2521. After the opening presentations, an attempt to extract Carter during armed transport failed and suspects were taken into custody. Carter was recovered and returned to his cell. The remainder of the trial continued without further incident and in response to a stunning last minute testimony by a former wartime superior of Carter's, the sentence was reduced to exile on Miranda. Carter willingly agreed to the terms of the sentence and left of his own accord on a pre-programmed flight to the planet. The individuals apprehended at the scene of the failed jailbreak were released at trial's end upon Gen. Nguyen's orders, the charges dropped. Their current location is unverified.