Microscope--The Inheritors' Galaxy

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Microscope RPG--The Inheritors' Galaxy[edit]

Players: (In turn order) Ravious -> Sachiel -> AsgarZigel -> Muskrat


The Palette[edit]

YES to:

  • Interesting/Unusual/Weird/Unique alien species.
  • Unnaturally fast evolution
  • psychic powers on a small scale / within reason
  • Multiple identities (political, economic, religious, philosophical, etc.) mattering and possibly being primary, not just species.

No to:

  • Convenient Precursor Tech
  • Terrestrial Earth / Humans
  • Anthropomorphic aliens (no catgirls, ect)
  • "easy" FTL tech, particularly communication (It can exist, but until the end bookend there must be strings attached, it's dangerous, unreliable, error-prone, takes very high maintenance or fuel, ect)



Periods, Events and Scenes[edit]