Midnight RPG - Chapter 18.72

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OOC: Eranon approaches the horses one night before everyone sleeps, he makes sure to stay within sight of the others, but not so close they can easily overhear. Definitely within shouting range. The two horses we have left are Da'cii, the domesticated horse and Adelber, the Loyal horse

"Awaken, oh nobels fo the south land." *Eranon bows* "Please, speak with me if you will. Tell me, what are your names? Tell me, is there anything I may do for you? You have helped us greatly, you have my gratitude oh great horse lords."


I'm sorry, but before I can properly reply - I need the horse's names (all of them). Do you have that? I'll have to look to see if I do... If you do please list it here.

I like this, I will be replying though. Very cool.

the Nobels of the south land...[edit]


SEE BELOW for information on the Sarcosan horse breed and descriptions of your two horses.

The horses winny and bay, stepping side to side adjusting the weight on their tired feet. The grey horse shifts and bumps the chestnut horse as if unsteady of Eranon's approach. The horse noise continues and slowly lets loose to a tone for which Eranon can understand. As if the words are foreign to the Sarcosan Bred, a thick accents of the south permeates the tones of both horses. The Chestnut's "voice" seems higher pitched but at the same time less agressive than the grey - almost musical and relaxed, perhaps tired. The grey does not show anything but distrust and disgruntled attitude as the horse sounds give way....

The chestnut horse's words wind first...


"Where rattle-rider? Where horse-kin? Why you put my horse-lord sleep? Why he drain red?"

The grey breaks in rudely... stepping to bump the chestnut, bucking just slighly it's hooves only a few inches off the ground for a moment - moving back from Eranon...


"You the tent-bred fool Da'cii... Do not you know meaning of what fey-thing and dead-thing done??!"


"I do not know Adelber, I do not know, do not trample me - I wish see rattle-rider, he will gives me sweet cubes."


"Sweet cubes always been your undoing tent-bred. You are not strong, you are sumpter cow" the grey horse uses it's head and mane to turn the Chestnut's head away from the Elf, as if being pushed back by a bully...

"Fey-thing and Dead-thing had hate or hunger for our horse-lords. They now drain life-water-red because they are dead at our enemies hands and teeth! Fey-thing and Dead-thing bartered our horse-kin to slavery for trade of demon horse-feather-things other man-things now ride on land and sky."

Pushing back, showing he is not intimidated by the grey, the chestnut's large black eyes feel as thought they look into Eranon's soul.


"Is true Fey-thing? Why would you take that which good to me, why would you take my brothers away of me and Adelber??"

Horse Details[edit]

  • Da'cii: Da'cii has a domesticated demenor, he/she(?) is a chestnut color of brown skin and the hairs are actually red. Da'cii's shade is dark liver. The mane and tail are the same color as the body. Da'cii also has two distinct markings: a Star (A patch of white on the forehead) and a Snip (A white or pink patch on the nose or lip)
  • Adelber: Adelber is a true Sarcosan - a very loyal horse. he/she(?) has a gray coat which is actually a mixture of black and white hairs on black skin. This dappled gray looks mottled.

General Sarcosan Horse information[edit]

The Sarcosan Breed is one of the most elegant and refined breeds of horses, but it is also one of the strongest and toughest. "Sarcosans" are most famous for their roles as endurance horses. The Sarcosans out ranks every other breed when it comes to endurance riding. Sarcosans have one less rib than other horses, leaving them with 17 rather than the usual 18. They also only have 16 tail vertebra while other horses have 18. than Sarcosans were originally bred to be short strong and beautiful. They have elegant slender necks, large dark eyes, small "tea cup" muzzles, and elegant "dished" faces. When Sarcosans move, they looks as though they are floating on air. Their gaits are very graceful and springy and they tend to carry their tails high with pride, making them a beautiful site to behold.

Sarcosans also have very strong bones and feet well suiting them to their role as endurance horses. Sarcosans are highly intelligent, spirited, yet gentle. They are loyal and loving to their toward their riders. Sarcosans are one of the oldest breeds of horses, if not the oldest, and practically every modern breed traces back to them.

Generally stand 14.2 to 15hh but may be taller. Sarcosans are great all around horses, but they excel most as endurance and trail horses. Sarcosans are bred by their horse masters of the South (the Sarcosan plainsmen) to be strong, sturdy, loyal, obedient, brave, and while beauty is their main concern, the horses are beautiful. The Sarcosans must be tough and valiant to survive in the plains and desert-like areas and serve their role as war horses. Their strength and stamina is essential to their survival in the their success as war mounts. The Plainsmen breed their horses very selectively. Their Sarcosans are their pride and joy. The horses are bred to be highly intelligent, well mannered and obedient because they often live in the same tents as their riders. This shows how strong the bond between horse and rider has been.

Pure-bred Sarcosan horses are more popular in the south. Sarcosan horses tend to be two to six inches shorter at the shoulder than an Erenlander breed, and weigh roughly 100 pounds less on average. Sarcosan-bred horses tend to be smaller but faster than normal horses. Sarcosan-bred horses are well known as skilled jumpers.