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aka "Demondeath of the Abandoned"


Rapier - Covenent Item of the 1st Age.

Damage: 1d6 | 18-20 x2 | 2 lbs. | Piercing


Long ago an elf slipped out of the silvan memories. By want or need all forgot the sister of Aradril. Growing up the elder yet still in the shadow the prodigy child that would become the Witch Queen, Lolth became jealous. In unknown tales lost to all but the highest in the elven court or perhaps the ancient dragon council, Lolth strove to become beloved as her younger sister. But nothing was as easy as Aradril could make it. Seeing their was no love left for her she fled. She took with her a great Elven Blade once called Messiah - the most holy avenger. Finding her ways into the Jungles of the Danisil. There she would became legend. Amoung the Danisil she grew in strength and belief yet it would never be enough - for every victory among the dark places her sister the Witch Queen would find victory above the Erenthor. Over millenia Lolth retreated into the dark places searching for a way to become more than her sister. This time fell into myth and legend. Danisil would speak her name as a great Demon Slayer but that would not be enough. In the time since most elves have forgotten the lost sister Lolth gathered strength, power and even favor from monster, spirits, demons and anything that would here her. It is told she was given chance to serve the dark god Izrador, but lashed out in fury and repulse... THIS was not her destiny. She did not wish to join the evil - she wished to better it and thus becoming truly greater than her sister. Later this would become a different journey, one of becoming more evil to defeat evil... These are the days when her path changed. It is not known at what point she began twisting the Elven artifact to become "Backbiter", or at what point Lolth stopped using her sword of vengence. It is only known that in some manner the sword found it's way into the hoard of the dragon that betrayed Aradril in the last Battle of the Third Age.



the rapier grants +2 attack/damage bonus to the wielder. The rapier grants an additional power of doubling the damage (must confirm as a Critical) to Demonic opponents.


attack/damage bonuses increase to +3. When grasp the hilt, the wileder manifests Low-Light vision and +4 to Spot )+8 in Jungle Environments).

METAMORPHISIS: the wielder's eyes become that of Danisil, face structure begins changing.


Shadow's Defense - allows the wielder to transfer all of the rapier's entire current enchantment bonuses to the wielder's AC as a bonus that stacks with all others. As a Free Action the wielder may add the bonus at the start of his turn before using the rapier and the effect stays until the beginning (1st initiative) of the next round.

METAMORPHISIS: the wielder's entire body hair become that of Danisil.


Shadow's Form - once per day the rapier grants the wielder the ability to become a unique living Shadow. (see stats/abilities below). The wielder MAY NOT make attack actions in this form. The wielder takes on ALL stats/abilities including Hit Points and Mental attributes - but retains his own personality/alignment.

METAMORPHISIS: the wielder's weight begins become that of Danisil, bone stucture begins changing, ears begin to show point.


Shadow Summoner - once per day the rapier grants the wielder the ability to summon 1d4 unique living Shadows serving as Summon Monster V as if cast by a 20th Level caster. (see stats/abilities below)

METAMORPHISIS: the wielder's ears and facial shape become that of Danisil, the general body build begins to change.



METAMORPHISIS: the wielder would pass with Disquise check DC 15 as Danisil.



METAMORPHISIS: the wielder believes himself Danisil.


Sadly with great power must come a price. The curse called "Backbiter" has been weaved into the rapier making it a deadly weapon in inexperienced hands. When used in melee against a foe and the wielder folls a 1 for the attack roll, the rapier becomes impossible to control and instead deals it's maximum damage (as if from the wielder's hand) to the wielder.

METAMORPHISIS: While not a curse the rapier also features a unique transformation effect. Time takes effect with the experience of the wielder and he begins taking on the physical traits/abilities and hinderances of the Danisil (Jungle Elves). While this effect occurs over the course of months/years it is unknonw if the Transformation is permanent. Transformation beyond those listed above are subject to the DM's discretion.


Trapped Spirit / Asterix

Medium Undead (Incorporeal)

Hit Dice 3d8+6

Initiative +2

Speed Fly 40 ft. (perfect) (8 squares)

Armor Class 13 (+2 Dex, +1 deflection), touch 13, flat-footed 11

Base Attack/Grapple +1/—

Attack Incorporeal touch +3 melee (1d6 Str)

Full Attack Incorporeal touch +3 melee (1d6 Str)

Space/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.

Special Attacks strength damage

Special Qualities Darkvision 60 ft., incorporeal traits, +2 turn resistance, undead traits, Drain Spell Energy, Sense Magic, Silver Vulnerability.

Saves Fort +1, Ref +3, Will +4

Abilities Str —, Dex 14, Con 15,Int 6, Wis 12, Cha 13

Skills Hide +8*, Listen +7, Search +4, Spot +7

Feats Alertness, Dodge

Alignment Always chaotic evil

Advancement 4–9 HD (Medium)

Level Adjustment

A shadow can be difficult to see in dark or gloomy areas but stands out starkly in brightly illuminated places. A shadow is 5 to 6 feet tall and is weightless. Shadows cannot speak intelligibly.

COMBAT Shadows lurk in dark places, waiting for living prey to happen by. Strength Damage (Su): The touch of a shadow deals 1d6 points of Strength damage to a living foe. A creature reduced to Strength 0 by a shadow dies. This is a negative energy effect.

Skills: Shadows have a +2 racial bonus on Listen and Spot checks and a +4 racial bonus on Search checks.

A shadow gains a +4 racial bonus on Hide checks in areas of shadowy illumination. In brightly lit areas, it takes a –4 penalty on Hide checks.

Midnight: the SCROLL BEARERS