Midnight covenant item: Cur's Ichorous Blade

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aka the Fang of Shadow


Intelligent Dagger - Covenent Item of the late 2nd Age.

Damage: 1d4 | 20 x3 | 10' | 15 lbs.

Alignment: LE | Int: 16, Wis: 12, Cha 16. | Ego 16

The blade (itself) has Speech 60', Hearing, Darkvision.


The stories of the Ichorous Blade are usually bloody ones of assassinations, betrayals, lust and cowardice. She has been weilded by a multitude of Orc conquerors and Goblin tyrants, each dying from her various means or from their will to protect her. The blade is most interested in advancing her own legend as a powerful weapon and wonderous magical item.

The Ichorous Blade was created when a dying Orc Shaman (legate?) Tribe Mother bled her remaining life into the sickly green gem on the pommel to escape her soul wandering the meaningless drift in the nether regions. It was that Orc - "Cur the Bane Breather" that took this twisted knife into a legend of it's own making.

Owners of the Blade are compelled (Will save DC 20) to tell stories of her (the blade's) greatness. From then on, they feel naked without her on their person, and must make a Will save DC 15 every time they wish to move more than 10 ft away from her (this includes throwing). If the check fails, the current owner will do anything in his power to retrive her using whatever means necessary.

The weight of the blade is only in the bearing. It does not effect the ability to weild the blade.



The wielder of the blade gains a +10 to Perform (epic) and Bluff checks. This is to aid in the telling of the tales they build together. She is an Unholy blade granting +3d6 vs. Good aligned opponents.


In a twist of self-sustinance, the Blade has been known to cause paranoia and cowardice in her weilder minds, but if braved she also helps them face the most fearsome of foes. The weilder of the Blade must make Will Save DC 18 or have the desire to flee in times of great peril. If the weilder successfully braves the scene he gains a bonus of +8 vs. Psionics and Mental Effects. If the weilder fails he will feel compelled to flee. If he chooses not to flee he suffers a cumulative -1 to ALL die rolls per round remaining in peril. A new Will Save may be made every 5 rounds, DC 18.


The weilder of the Blade gains a +2 attack and damage bonus for every four of their character levels.


By saying the words "Isil'zoe-ha Voren" (meaing: in HER name) the wielder of the weapon can invoke a variety of Poisons on the blade... The blade can conjure any poison of the Contact or Injury types. However, to be used as normal with the blade - the bearer must first pass the Blade's immunity test. Before using the poison the bearer must "test" the poison on himself, with all damage and saves as normal. Whether the bearer succeeds or fails he now has "access" to use THAT poison type at will in addition to the blade's normal attack - AND is now immune to that type of poison!


The blade's last ability is the ability that will eventually compel the weilder to let her "move on" to be held by another... Continuing her legacy. This ability comes strait from the will of her dark god. The Shadow has fueled her ability but now it is time to call on true power. By asking of the words "Isil'zha Voren" (meaning in His name) the weilder may use the spell Miracle, at the behest of Izrador Himself!

Following the use of the Miracle the weilder of the blade must pass her on as a gift to another, the new weilder cannot be known to the old wielder - the goal is to spread the legend afterall. And don't forget the secret SPECIAL last gift of Cur...


The Ichorous Blade calls to the mind of its wielder, she wills him guard her fiercely and close himself at all time trusting no one with her. She has no mind controlling ability (yet shown) and will work with whomever will hold her, sure that the weilder will come to love her...

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