Mind King

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Name: Mind King (Luthor Hansraj II)

PL: 13

Hero Points: 7


Str 20, Dex 18, Con 20, Int 18, Wis 16, Cha 20

Dmg Save: +7 (5 from Con, +2 from Toughness)

Fort Save: +5

Reflex Save: +4

Will Save: +3

Defense: 20 (Base 6, 4 from Dex, +10),

Initiative: 4

Attack: 5 (10 Melee, 9 Ranged)

Feats: Attractive, Connected (Rich and Famous), Infamy (Father's Name, Powers, Similar Likeness), Psychic Awareness, Toughness


-Mental Protection 10-

-Flight 10-

-Super-Strength 1-

-Telepathy 11-

Extras - Group Link, Illusion (Creatures Only), Mind Control

Skills: Rank (Total) - Acrobatics 2 (+6), Diplomacy 8 (+13), Bluff 4 (+9), Computers 1 (+5), Drive 2 (+6), Gather Information 4 (+9), Innuendo 4 (+9), Intimidate 2 (+7), Knowledge (Metacriminals) 2 (+6), Knowledge (Cultures) 2 (+6), Language (French, Spanish, German) 3, Listen 1 (+4), Sense Motive 2 (+5), Spot 1 (+4)


Raised in the lap of luxury, an academic and athletic prodigy, Luthor always knew that his father was a criminal.

Bright from a young age he spotted all the signs, heard the fights between his mother and the powerful figure that was Luthor Hansraj I, saw the various "uncles" and "aunts" that would attend the large parties or the shadowy ones that would show up in the middle of the night. The man was too wealthy, to secretive, and too dark in his moods to be anything but some sort of enigmatic outlaw.

Not that Luthor really minded, as it wasn't like his father was a killer or a monster; the old man was nearly 50 when Luthor was but 10. Probably retired, if still connected and dangerous. Besides, what 10 year-old doesn't want to have a father that can give him anything and introduce him to celebrities from the world over?

When he turned 14, it all became even more clear; he realized he could hear their thoughts. Everyone except his father and some of the more terrifying of father's friends. Supervillains were not to be crossed, not by a 14 year-old boy. Some research and snooping quickly revealed the storied exploits of the criminal Mind King, gone to ground nearly thirty years before after being soundly defeated by several heroes and his network of underlings apparently shattered.

Luthor's younger brothers Hiram and Faisal thought it was the most amazing and wonderful secret.

That was before their father, King of the Mind, began to lose his sanity. Senility is not something that a powerful mentalist should ever be allowed to experience, and Luthor was lucky that he was away in Europe sampling the finest universities and parties it had to offer when his father began to slip.

He was called back when his mother commited suicide.

His father had fled with his brothers, disappeared and apparently dying, while the eldest son was left to deal with the funeral and the investigators. Luthor watched them bury his mother, then he watched them sell the house and empty the bank accounts. It all came out. It all went away. Of course several million dollars were missing (Luthor himself had siphoned off a good deal before the IRS could touch it and he was sure his father had done the same) but it was still humiliating and eye-opening.

That was five years ago, and Luthor has finally decided that it's time to give back some of what his father took... from the world, and from his family. Funding charities and public works may have made a bigger difference, but the source of his father's money and the root of the life that had destroyed Luthor's family lay in something far more immediate. There was a desire to take what the old man built and turn it back on itself, to fix the greater harms that had been done with his own hand and the abilities he'd inherited from the villain.

It was time for Mind King to return.


Standing at about 6'1", Luthor is of dusky complexion and black hair due to his father's Indian roots (his mother was of mostly Italian descent, which didn't change much). Considered by some to be the spitting image of his father he is in incredible shape, with mildly supernatural ability that only raises more questions about the source of his family's power. He keeps his hair closely cut, a goatee and finely shaped line of hair along his jawline the only facial hair.

His costume is a mirror of his father's, switching the placement of the primary colors while doing away with the actual crown his father wore: A white cape that falls over the shoulders and down to the backs of his thighs, no mask, a dark blue simple bodysuit with a large white crown on the chest. In emergencies he simply makes himself appear to be in costum, wearing whatever it was he had on to begin with.

His accent is a faint American Northeast which changes slightly based on those he's conversing with rather easily.