Miranda Vulpes

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Miranda Vulpes (age 23)

CG Female Fox Shifter

Spirit Shaman 8/Stormlord 2

Appearance: Miranda is almost Thelia's spitting image; lithe, beautiful, and fuzzy.

Personality: Miranda is a very...interesting woman. When the need arises, she's deadly serious, but usually she has a very tongue-in-cheek way about her. She's very caring at heart, but tends to show it by lighthearted teasings.

Background: An up and coming member of the Vulpes Clan, Miranda hails from Cyre. A rare recipient of a gift handed down through the tribe every three of four generations, she can commune with Spirits and Souls the same way she speaks with her fellow fleshies. It can lead to some misunderstandings at times, since she doesn't always give warning as to which level of existence she is speaking to.

Miranda is an accomplished spellcaster and summoner, though the latter ability tends to get her in hot water with followers of Good deities in general and Flamites in particular, as it apparently looks too much like Demon summoning, so she tries to avoid calling upon it unless necessary. When casting is not beneficial, her preferred melee weapon, as implied by her Stormlord class, is her +1 Returning Javelin.

She may or may not be on this journey at the behest of House Phiarlan. The war between the scions of King Jarot, now dragging into its sixth bloody year, has produced a pressing need for the services of the Dragonmarked houses, overtly or not.

As for her Spirit Guide, it is indeed Nogitsune. The main difference is, with somewhere around 500 Fox Shifters in existence, its consciousness is still scattered. It has awakened in her, but is has nowhere near the power it has over (or can give to) Thelia. In practice, the biggest difference between her and the rest of her clan this provides is that Nogitsune gives Miranda the appearance of being a Weretouched Master and her summoning abilities.

Khorvaire - YK 900