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A character in the Project Narnia PBP TMNT game.

Base: Thorny Devil Moloch comes from an unimaginative division of the program; he's simply named after his species' scientific name.

-Moloch was trained in a highly secretive facility in the middle of the Australian Outback; a place called the Warren, it was divided into an underground and aboveground portion. The aboveground area was used for training in desert survival and simulating the effects of nuclear war on the environment, while the belowground section contained climate controlled portions that could be used to simulate woods, jungles, or even arctic environments. The Aesopeans trained there were meant to be the hardiest and best survivors out of all those trained; should all the others die, these would still survive.

-Sergeant Tom Black was cut of the "tough but fair" school; he would work Moloch to his limit, but was kind enough when necessary. He never quite got over the necessity of working with the animal-men, though he tried to work past it. The Warren wasn't exactly militaristic, the Aesopeans weren't normal soldiers, but it was much more businesslike than the Aerie, focused on its mission of surviving the apocalypse.

- Bact, an Australian camel, was Moloch's friend. They often explored the area surrounding the Warren in their free time (within the designated limits, of course), and had the occasional philosophical debate regarding the purpose of their existence. Moloch tended towards a "live in the moment" outlook, while Bact did much more soul-searching.

Stuff: Moloch has several photographs in his locker, mostly of the area around the Warren. He has several dogeared copies of Isaac Asimov robot stories.

IQ: 16 MA: 14 ME: 13 PE: 22 (+4 save vs Coma, Death, Toxins) PP: 15 PS: 27 (+12 HtH damage) PB: 5 SPD: 20

SDC: 70 Hit Points: 27

Size: 7

Combat Bonuses: Actions per round: 3 Dodge: +5 Parry: +3 Roll with punch/fall: +6 Base Strike: +0 Melee Damage: +12

Specialized weapons and attacks

Body Block: +1 to strike, 3D6 damage Blunt: +1 to strike/parry Knife: +1 to strike/parry Staff: +1 to strike/parry Sword: +2 to strike/parry Rifles & Shotguns: +1 to strike/damage Revolvers & Pistols: +1 to strike/damage Submachine Guns and Machine Pistols: +1 to strike/damage

Matrix: Stable Bio Energy: 95

Size: 7 (1): 30 Full Hands: 10 Full Biped: 10 Partial Speech: 5 Spine Defense: 20 (AR 14, SDC 35, 2D6 passive) Capillary Skin: 10 Digging: 10


CLOSE COMBAT You were trained to keep your cool while fighting up close and personal, and taught to use a variety of different weapons. You sparred regularly with human and Aesopian agents alike. -Boxing*(+1 Action per round, +2 to parry, +2 to dodge, +2 roll w/punch/fall, +1d4 PS, +1d6 SDC) -Fencing (+1 Strike/Parry w/sword) -Hand-to-Hand: Expert (+2 roll w/punch/fall) -Wrestling* (+2 roll w/punch/fall, +2 PS, -Weapon Proficiencies: Blunt, Knife, Staff, Sword

ENGINEER Engines, mechanical parts, and electronics… These things are now second nature to you. You can repair or build just about anything, given enough time and good blueprints. -Aircraft Mechanics (50 +3L%): 56% -Automotive Mechanics (55 +3L%): 61% -Basic Electronics (45+5L%): 53% -Basic Mechanics (45 +4L%): 52% -Computer Repair (40 +5L%): 53% -Electrical Engineer (50 +5L%): 58% -Locksmith (30 +5L%): 38% -Mechanical Engineer (50 +5L%): 58% -Nautical Mechanics (55 +3L%): 61%

WILDERNESS You are at home in any wilderness environment, and can move through the woods like a fish through water. -Alertness (45 +5L%): 53% -Camouflage (35 +5L%): 43% -Land Navigation (45 +4L%): 52% -Prowl (51 +8L%): 62% -Tracking (35 +5L%): 43% -Wilderness Survival (45 +5L%): 53%

Secondary Skills: Pilot (Automobile): (60 + 4L%): 67% Body Building (+2 PS, +10 SDC) Climbing: (50 + 8L%): 61% Computer Operation: (60 +5L%): 68% Scrounging: (40 + 5L%): 48% Running*(+1 to PE, +4d4 to SPD, +1d6 to SDC) Weapon Proficiency: Rifles & Shotguns Weapon Proficiency: Revolvers & Pistols Weapon Proficiency: Submachine Guns and Machine Pistols Athletics* (+1 to parry, +1 to dodge, +1 to strike with a body block or tackle that does 1D4 damage, +1 to roll with punch/fall, +1D4 to SPD, +1D8 to SDC)