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Arborgrove Academy. An elite private college preparatory school in Newton, Massachusetts, the richest city in New England. Senior year has just begun, and a flurry of activity kicks off the new school year. Between scholarship applications, rigorous academics, and a sleuth of club activities and social events, this will certainly be a year to remember. For some of you, this will be your time to shine and burn bright, while others may want to keep their heads low. Regardless, the amount of pressure you each face to succeed and perform well is immense, given your school's reputation. On top of everything else, it doesn't help that you also have to juggle being a monster...

Main Cast[edit]

Cassandra Fitton, Vampire

Vampire princess julia by sakimichan-d3es6di.jpg

Look: Smoldering

Eyes: Pained

Origin: Many Ages Old

Stats: Hot +2 Cold +1 Volatile -1 Dark -1


The Feeding

A String on everyone cause I am just that smoking hot. Someone who saved my unlife will get 2 strings on me.

Cassandra was married in 1406 when she as 14 years old to a man more than three times her age. A year later she had miscarried her first child and a year after that shortly after she turned 16 her husband had her committed to the newly opened Bethlehem Hospital for the insane. She never saw 17 as her Father in Darkness made a vampire of her. She is eternally a young woman, somewhere between child and woman. And the one thing she has become certain of is that she is terrible at being an adult. One would think in centuries she would have learned, but she seemed forever stuck in that mind set of an almost 17 year old girl. Fortunately this current century seems to idolize the teenager, especially if they are beautiful, and Cassandra is very beautiful. - Picture that works for Cassandra, though Cassandra's ears are normal.

Who are you? Cassandra Fitton. I am a vampire. I have walked down through the ages. I saw Joan of Arc burned and still feel a little guilty for being in that crowd. I saw a lot of amazing things, but never really was part of them. For the most part of attempts to become part of society were short and ill fated. I get into the swing of the new times, and suddenly everyone is expecting me to 'grow up', which I can't do.

Were you raised in Newton or did you just come to the city to attend Arborgrove Academy? I was raised in London at the turn of the 15th Century. I think I may have visited Newton perhaps a century ago... so many places like it. However I am here now to attend its school and see if I can learn how to fit into this new time.

List and briefly describe your guardians/family members: I could list several generations of family members who are dead. But living? I don't know, not anymore. My Father in Darkness may still exist, I don't know. It has been three centuries at least since we last met. There is Minuete, my French Maid (honest to goodness maid, from France) who I allow people to believe is my guardian and employee of parents who do not exist. She is a pretty woman, speaks English with an accent and wears a sharp three piece suit most of the time.

How do your parent(s)/guardian(s) make their living? I say they are bankers, off in Europe, but the truth is the income is mine, vast amount of stolen money and treasure from over the centuries, some invested wisely and some not.

What do you desire? To no longer be left behind.

What is Cassandra's biggest regret throughout her many centuries? That she has not really done anything of any import. She's seen history, but she's never had a part in making it. As long as he life has been, if she had died in Bedlam instead of being turned, the world would be no different,

Is Minuete aware of your status as a vampire? Yes. Minuete hopes to either become a vampire or Cassandra might be giving Minuete a little bit of her blood which could slow down the aging process? Either way, Minuete know what Cassandra is and expect some kind of benefit.

Who is Cassandra's Father in Darkness, and how does he view her? Shorty before William Wallace of Scotland was executed 1305 he was made a vampire, and thus managed to survive being hanged and drawn and quartered. A century later he would turn Cassandra, in hopes that the young woman would help in his plan for Scottish independence. He was rather disappointed in that his daughter in darkness was somewhat of a milksop, seemingly unwilling to take a stand against anything. Ultimately he is disappointed in her.

Is she also a recent transfer to Arborgrove, or have you attended here since your freshman year?

She transferred to Arborgrove a year and a half ago. She's no longer the 'new girl' but still is an outsider among those who have known each other from their freshman year.

Victor Masters, Queen


Look: Icy, calculating eyes

Origin: Most popular kid in school

Stats: Hot +1, Cold +2, Volatile -1, Dark -1


The Clique (Connected - Carl Grey, Eve Tulston, Lucy Vandermeer): Connected (with money and designer drugs).

And Your Enemies Closer: When someone betrays you, gain a String on them.

Lure: When someone makes a promise to you, they mark experience. When someone breaks a promise to you and you seek vengeance, mark experience.

Victor's Clique
Eve Tulston - From a similar family background as Victor, Eve is even more insecure and emotionally damaged than him. She has latched onto him and his group as a way to belong somewhere.

Carl Grey - The handsome heir of a west coast tech company fortune, Carl lacks the respectability of old New England blood but money is money. Fairly easy-going and much less status conscious than the rest of the group he shouldn't fit in, but his parents are eager to climb the social ladder and making friends with the right people is all part of that.

Lucy Vandermeer (for more info, see below)

Who are you? Victor is a rich, smug, entitled jerk who hides his insecurity behind bluster and cutting putdowns. He's got a bit of a temper, he doesn't believe he owes anyone anything, and when things don't go his way he gets petulant. His parents have tried (though perhaps not too hard) to instill some kind of moral values in him, but so far he's mostly learned that as long as he doesn't challenge them too hard they'll get him out of any real trouble he may get himself into.

He's not a very nice person.

However, he's starting to realize that having fawning sycophants isn't the same thing as having friends, getting laid isn't the same as getting love, and the fact that your parents buy you anything you want doesn't mean they actually care about you. This knowledge isn't conscious with him yet, but it's starting to scratch its way in and he does not like how it makes him feel.

Were you raised in Newton or did you just come to the city to attend Arborgrove Academy? Having him at some physical distance from his parents to match the emotional distance seems right, so I'd say he was sent here to attend.

List and briefly describe your guardians/family members: Father: Archibald Masters, a domineering patriarch who comes from very old, very respectable money. He never laughs and rarely smiles. Most of his energy goes into managing the family fortune or maintaining the family's respectability and influence.

Mother: Miranda Masters, née Langston. She also comes from old, respectable New England aristocracy, and while she's less dour than her husband she's equally distant and disengaged, spending most of her time at soirées, dinner parties, plays, the opera, or supporting one of a dozen charities.

Victor's birth was difficult, and his parents have been unable to concieve again.

The family is Catholic, which is one reason they picked Arborgrove for Victor. (He had no say in the matter, naturally.) At least they're publicly Catholic. There may be family secrets to which Victor is not yet privy. (I'm not sure if it would be more fun if they're secretly some kind of cultists or if they're really just stodgy, conservative Catholics.)

How do your parent(s)/guardian(s) make their living? They live off of old, safe investments. They would most likely make more if Archibald would allow his money-men to move into more stocks and high-tech companies but he prefers property, gold, and other "respectable" investments.

What do you desire? Victor's deepest, subconscious desire is freedom, mainly indepence from his parents. Consciously, he wants their love and respect, as well as true friendship from his peers as opposed to the bought flattery he gets from his clique.

Who is the third member of Victor's clique? Lucy Vandermeer, another scion of the New England aristocracy. Her position compared to Victor is a bit unclear - her family is older and more prestigious, but they're not as wealthy. Victor isn't as sure about her loyalty as the others'.

Why is Archibald disappointed by his son, thus far? Because he doesn't take his responsibility towards the family seriously. He shows no interest in the family holdings, he avoids any discussion of a strategic marriage, and he gets into a little too many a little too public and a little too embarrassing situations. He needs to settle down and get to work.

During freshman year, Victor and his clique harassed someone to the point of suicide. Who was that individual, and what does Victor think of his actions now? Mindy Johnson, one of the rare scholarship kids. She didn't fit in and they very much let her know that.

Victor doesn't see his own responsibility for what happened. She was weak and tried to rise above her station and, well, things rarely end well for such people.

Eve implies to everyone else that her and Victor are going to marry one day. What does Victor think of this? Does he play along?

He doesn't directly contradict her, but if he'd ever marry someone from one of the finer families it certainly wouldn't be her. She's a weak-willed sycophant and her family doesn't have the standing.

Lilith Gardner, Hollow


Look: Haunted, soulless eyes. Skinny, pale, awkward. Tends to wear boots and hoodies, gloves and scarves, and generally cover as much of her skin as she can get away with.

Origin: Homunculus or golem. Lee knows what she is, but not why. She knows that she was made, not born, from earth and blood and alchemy. She knows that her name, her identity, her history beyond the past few months, are fabrications. She knows that the woman posing as her adopted mother is one of those responsible for creating her. She knows that she doesn't have a soul, whatever that is. She doesn't know the purpose of her creation. Sometimes she thinks her creators don’t either. She also suspects there are more like her out there.

Stats: Hot -1, Cold 0, Volatile +1, Dark +1


Better Than Nothing: When you gain a condition, mark experience

Blank Canvas: When you take an action that embodies a condition you have and allow it to influence your sense of self, cross it off and add 1 to your roll

Intimacy move: When you share an intimate moment with someone, replace your intimacy move with theirs, adding this sentence to the end.

Backstory: You’ve been taking your social cues from someone, and doing so has taught you a lot about them. Gain 2 Strings on them. Someone’s seen through your invented past, and realised it’s all lies. Give them 2 Strings on you.

Who are you? This is an excellent question, and not one Lilith has an answer for. She knows what she is, but not what she's for, and is trying to learn. When she's not shrinking away from human contact, she tends to mimic people around her, trying to fit in.

Were you raised in Newton or did you just come to the city to attend Arborgrove Academy? Lilith was actually made in Newton, albeit only a few months ago. The public story is that she and her mother moved here from England for the start of the school year.

List and briefly describe your guardians/family members: Professor Sarah Gardner, Lilith's adoptive mother. Serious, studious, secretive. English. Part of a cabal of alchemists who meet up occasionally and tend to get referred to as Lilith's aunts and uncles.

Lilith is pretty sure she has 'siblings' but hasn't encountered them yet.

How do your parent(s)/guardian(s) make their living? Professor Gardner is a theology and ancient history teacher, but seems suspiciously well off for a supposed teacher and researcher.

What do you desire? To find her purpose. To belong. To be something real, even if she has no soul and will never be a person.

How is Lilith adjusting to her first year in Arborgrove? She's pretty intelligent, but has some surprising gaps in her knowledge, especially pop culture and recent events. She gets on better with sciences than humanities; numbers and rules make sense to her, people don't. She's been trying to find a hobby or after-school activity she can join in on, but struggling due to a complete lack of experience at any sort of music, sport or other leisure activity.

What do the other students think of her given that she's the 'new kid', and most everyone else has known each other since freshman year? She's definitely the outsider. She doesn't know anyone or share any history people here. Of course, she doesn't actually have much of a history at all. People who are friendly towards her will find that she latches onto them somewhat, but anyone getting too close will get the deer-in-the-headlights panic. She's pretty convinced people can tell there's something wrong with her, but in most cases it's just her weird withdrawn behaviour.

Why is Professor Gardner single? Yeah, there's been some speculation about that, mostly from the more religious and conservative elements of the town. Leading theories are that she's a closeted lesbian or that Lilith was the child of an affair, never mind that she looks nothing like her. Lilith herself thinks that she's just been too focused on her career, both academic and mystical, to settle down with a real family. She knows one of the cabal occasionally spends the night at the house, but has no idea about the details of the relationship and frankly doesn't want to know.

How is Lilith's social etiquette given her short existence so far?

Shy and awkward. Lilith is bad at picking up social cues and gets easily stressed by people and emotional displays. She tries to fit in but she's a poor judge of what's appropriate in different situations.

Tatianna Ortiz, Fae


Look: girlish, with piercing eyes

Origin: fae blooded

Stats: Hot +1 Cold 0 Volatile -1 Dark +1


Faery Contract If someone breaks a promise or contract made to you, take a String on them. When spending a String to even out the score and get justice on a broken promise, add these options: }} they fuck up something simple at a crucial moment; }} add 2 to your roll on an act of vengeance; }} they suffer 1 harm, whether the cause is obvious or not.

The Wild Hunt When you draw upon your most feral manner, echoing the lithe movements of a cat or the voracity of a wolf, add 1 to your roll to turn someone on.

Who are you? What she knows: Tatianna's a theatre kid--the cool kind, if such a thing exists. She's a dancer, singer, actress, artiste. She's a small-town starlet, the camera's favorite, a lightning rod poised to absorb the gentle shock of your attention. She's the rightful star of the show, onstage and off. She deserves more than she gets--and she gets plenty.

What she doesn't: Tatiannas a fae, and so is her mother--her mother who is (contrary to all accounts) very much alive albeit in a different realm altogether, called back to take up the mantle of the faery queen.

Were you raised in Newton or did you just come to the city to attend Arborgrove Academy? Tatianna was raised in the wealthy suburbs of New York City, this year being her third at Arborgrove. She'd left her old school after freshman year, kicking and screaming, but there was nothing that could be done against his overwhelming desire to see his daughter graduate from his alma mater. And--though she would never admit it--the transition wasn't so bad; here's something that draws her to Newton. Arborgrove's theatre department isn't half bad, either.

List and briefly describe your family members? How do your parents make their living? Tatianna's father is a partner at a law firm in Connecticut. They disagree about what Tatianna should do with her life (Tatianna sees Juilliard in her future, while her father sees Harvard...and then hopefully Harvard Law), but when it comes to ambition, they are more alike than they would ever admit. Tatianna doesn't remember her mother very well; she died young--or so Tatianna's been told.

What do you desire? I want everyone to know I'm special. I want them to applaud my every move, unable to peel their eyes away. I want them to worship the red carpet I walk on. One day, they will.

Does Tatianna go by her full name, Tati, Anna, or some other derivative? Just Tatianna. She likes her name. It's sexy, exotic... it has star power. The only person she knows who could get away with calling her anything else is her father, who's called her "Tat" (pronounced "tot") ever since she was... well, a tot.

There are 2 competing, prominent faerie courts. Let's call them the Court of Thorns and the Court of Midnight. Describe both of them, and which one does Tatianna's mother rule? Tatianna’s mother is the Queen of the Court of Thorns. Perhaps serving as inspiration for human concepts of elves and satyrs, those of the Court of Thorns are known for their love of music, dance, and the arts, fond fountains, sculpture, and opulence. They are also known to be aloof, cruel, and unfailingly superior in their attitudes. They are, however, still more likely to interact with humans than those of the Court of Midnight.

The Court of Midnight is a bit harder to pin down. They operate in the shadows, in the dark of night. Where the Thorn is direct, Midnight is covert. What the Thorn speaks plainly, Midnight says in riddles. The Court of Midnight possesses deep reserves of magic and prophecy, which they take very seriously—a courtesy they afford to little else. They are particularly enamored of “practical jokes” (the victims of these jokes, however, are often less amused). Neither court could be said to be good or evil. They are mercurial and fickle, their motivations often inscrutable.

What is the most cruel or petty act that Tatianna has committed, and why did she enjoy it? Enjoyed, past tense? No, honey, enjoying, present. Keep it low-key, but I’ve been sleeping with Melissa Harper’s boyfriend. Not even because I like him. Just because I can. And because she deserves it.

Who is Tatianna's closest confidante? Tatianna is closest with David Locke, another one of the theatre kids. He was the first person she got to really know when she began attending Arborgrove sophomore year, and she’s finds his cattiness and gossipy tendencies hilarious. People think he’s gay – he isn’t, but their relationship is completely platonic, anyway. He’s the only person she’s outright told about her “extracurriculars” with Melissa’s boyfriend, and the only one she opens up to about the weird circumstances surrounding her mother’s ‘death,’ and the strange feelings she gets sometimes walking through the woods…

Last year, Tatianna lost the lead role of Becky Sharp from Vanity Fair to Melissa Harper, one of the more popular girls. How does Tatianna view this setback? It was a robbery, clearly. Melissa Harper? I mean, really? Someone must have felt bad for her, because she can’t act her way out of a paper bag, and she’s obviously not smart or interesting enough to keep her boyfriend’s attention for more than a minute.

I’m sorry, that’s mean.

But is it really mean if it’s true?

After losing the part to Melissa last year, Tatianna turned down the understudy and committed to simply sit stone-faced in the audience on opening night, silently castigating Melissa’s every gesture and line reading. Losing that part has lit a fire under Tatianna for this year’s musical. It’s senior year. Time to shine.

Cole Macguire, Ghoul


Look: gaunt, hungry eyes

Origin: resurrected

Stats: Hot -1, Cold +2, Volatile +1, Dark -1


The Hunger (flesh)
Disaffected (Turn someone on with Cold)
Satiety (cure condition/mark xp/heal harm/carry 1 forward when indulging hunger)

Cole was raised in Newton. His father, Fletcher, works as a lawyer for a firm based in Boston, and separates his time between there and the Newton practice in a bid to become partner. A result of Arbourgrove's long-reaching alumni system, Cole's father sent him there to benefit from the same start he did. His parents separated six years ago - his mom and older sister now live in Boston. Cole's father isn't a bad father - when they share time, it's good - but he is career-driven, is often away from their home on Crystal Lake, and lately this has made their relationship distant at best. If anything Cole thinks this is for the best following his... Change.

For Changed he has. Like a lot of scene kids, he sought to cultivate that 'dark' image. He was striking across the cemetery of Mary Immaculate when he saw people in there... Exhuming bodies? He crept closer, hearing words like "better condition", "elixer", "alchemy", and "Promethian". So focused on those in front, he didn't hear the one behind. Shovel. Pain. Darkness.

Then a light. Rushing. Flying towards it...

His eyes burst open. He was in... a street, somewhere? With fresh stitches on his arms, abdomen and head. And the ache, in the pit of his stomach... Like no hunger he'd ever felt...

They (whoever 'they' were) killed him. Cole's pieced that together. The cold. The sluggish pulse. And 'they' did something to him. Brought him back somehow, to cover their tracks. But who were they? What were they up to? And where are they now? The Change had it's perks. That scene look? It's not forced any more. It's effortless. And sleep? Ha! For chumps! But it's downers - well, coming back from the dead? Shakes your faith one hell of a lot. And it's hard to stop looking at those around him like a piece of meat. The anger...and the hunger.

Desire - Before the change? Fame. Cole is a slammin' guitarist. It's what he wants to do. Now? He still wants that.. Kinda? But what he really wants is the hunger to stop. And he knows how to do it.

Locale - The Chester Blake Skate park. Dedicated to a student who disappeared, the park is between the overpass that swings out from the Academy and a short way from the bay of Crystal lake, behind a small copse. Cole has a lot of memories of there, although it's lost some of the appeal since the Change. He likes it when it's quiet - he was no great skater but the acoustics on a cold night are amazing.

Why don't the police like him? Err... Well, he's been collared wandering around in the middle of the night more than a few times. Lurking in odd places. They suspect he knows some petty drug dealers (he does, but it's stricyly pot and no-ones actually tied them together yet). And they think he has something to do with Chester's disappearence, on account of being quote-unquote "damn creepy".

Cole's sister Jessica visits regularly in the summer, taking advantage of the home's ideal summer location with her friends. Perks - three hot twenty-somethings in your home. Cons - your sister pretty much assuming control of everything in your home. Jess was a preppy cheerleader and is currently seeing some investment banker back in Boston. It won't last - Jess is too fickle. She'll be back at Thanksgiving - the kids alternate the holidays between parents. Audrey, Cole's mom, left when Fletcher kept putting his career above their family. She didn't like the idea of prep school - Cole trys to make it up by visiting in each break. Chester Blake was in Cole's year. They were friends. One day...poof. Gone. Unfortunately, Cole was the last to see Chester, at the skate park that now bares his name. About a year later, Cole got hit and Changed. Now he wonders if it's not a coincidence.

Oh, someone showed me love I believed impossible since the change, they get 2 strings on me. If someone saw me rise from the dead, we get 2 strings on each other.

'm thinking the change was recent, no more than 3-6 months. To my mind, ghouls, like ghosts, don't age, so much longer doesn't seem right to me.

NPC Actors[edit]

  • Ms. Violet Teller: Photography teacher and also in charge of homeroom for the PCs
  • Ms. Angelo: New Latin teacher, mega-Catholic, rumored to have slept with one of her students
  • Headmaster Abbott: A strict and severe man in charge of Arborgrove Academy
  • Professor Sarah Gardner: Teaches theology and ancient history, Lilith's 'mother', belongs to a secretive cabal of alchemists
  • Fletcher Macguire: Cole's father, works as a lawyer for a firm based in Boston, and separates his time between there and the Newton practice in a bid to become partner
  • Audrey Macguire: Cole's mom, left when Fletcher kept putting his career above their family
  • Jessica Macguire: Cole's sister, visits regularly in the summer, taking advantage of the home's ideal summer location with her friends, controlling and bossy
  • Chester Blake: Arborgrove student who went missing a year ago, has a park named after him
  • Minuete: French maid who works for Cassandra, aspires to become a vampire or extend her age through drinking Cassandra's blood
  • William Wallace: Cassandra's Father in Darkness, her sire
  • Mr. Ortiz: Tatianna's father, partner at a law firm in Connecticut, wants his daughter to go to Harvard and follow in his footsteps
  • Melissa Harper: Stuck up theater student who dislikes Tatianna, currently dating Carl Grey, played Becky Thatcher in last year's Vanity Fair
  • David Locke: Another theater student who is very good friends with Tatianna, catty and likes to gossip, most people assume he's gay
  • Yuuma Takenaka: Exchange student from Kyoto who is afraid of Cassandra
  • Nora Larsson: Hardworking and brilliant students, takes herself very seriously, captain of the debate team, president of the student council
  • Maximilian Weber: Captain of the lacrosse team, very athletic, claims he's banged Lilith, has slept with a third of the girls in his grade
  • Isabelle De Luca: Kindhearted and outgoing student, does a lot of volunteer work, doesn't have many real friends, ostracized by a lot of the other seniors
  • Eve Tulston: Part of Victor's clique, comes from old money, insecure and emotionally damaged, her parents own the Black Lodge, latches onto Victor
  • Carl Grey: Part of Victor's clique, a fantastic swimmer and track & field athlete, handsome, heir to a tech company, nouveau riche, fairly easy-going and not status-conscious
  • Lucy Vandermeer: Part of Victor's clique, Victor is unsure of her loyalty, scion of New England aristocracy
  • Nathan Wright: Biggest bully around school, not physically intimidating but very venomous, his dad's the chief of the Boston Police Department, feels a need to prove himself, thinks Tatianna is a slut
  • Aidan O'Neill: Normal kid, a bit shy, rumored to have slept with Ms. Angelo

Key Locations[edit]

  • Arborgrove Academy: A private school that preps students for attending Ivy League universities. They have a 9% acceptance rate, exorbitant tuition (offering few scholarships), and well-connected alumni, many of whom have graduated from said Ivy League universities. They offer a wide selection of classes and clubs not often found in public schools, and class size ranges between 10-20 students.
  • Mary Immaculate of Lourdes: Almost 50% of Newton is Catholic, and many Arborgrove students attend this illustrious church.
  • Crystal Lake: Crystal Lake is a 33-acre natural lake located in Newton Centre. Its shores, although mostly lined by private homes, host two small parks, a designated swimming area, and a bathhouse. People come here to swim, fish, boat, and ice skate in the winter. Shoreline paths and sidewalks allow for peaceful walks around three sides of the lake.
  • Echo Bridge: Echo Bridge is a notable 19th century masonry arch bride spanning the Charles River between Needham to Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts. From the bridge you can view some of the old mill buildings, but most of the gorge remains naturally overgrown. It has two viewing locations, the pedestrian walk on the top of the bridge and the platform underneath where visitors can hear echoes. You can see white water, a waterfall, and the hemlock-lined gorge.
  • Hammond Pond Reservation: Hammond Pond Reservation is a wooded reservation with a large, scenic pond located in the Chestnut Hill section of Newton. It is a natural forest with wooded trails and large geographical formations which are popular for rock climbing.
  • The Trinity: A closed-down and derelict chapel on the edge of town. Lilith was made here - she suspects the cabal needed holy ground for the ritual, although she doesn't know the details - and sometimes comes here to hang out in the quiet. Lately teens have occasionally been using it for parties, or homeless folks squat for a few days before the police move them out again.
  • Fitton Library: Cassandra believes the library may have been founded in her name, though the name could be a coincidence. Stone building with tall east tower, spiral staircases, stained glass windows, and old wooden shelves filled with books. Quiet and peaceful, filled with many forgotten corners within the building.
  • Chester Blake Skate Park: Dedicated to a student who disappeared, the park is between the overpass that swings out from the Academy and a short way from the bay of Crystal lake, behind a small copse. Cole has a lot of memories of there, although it's lost some of the appeal since the Change. He likes it when it's quiet - he was no great skater but the acoustics on a cold night are amazing.
  • The Rose Theater: The old theater was a cornerstone of the town's old arts district in its heyday. Thanks to a mysteriously abandoned restoration project in the mid-nineties, the theater's elegant, sculptured facade looks nearly as good as it did all those years ago when it was new. Inside though, it's dark, damp in places, and in disrepair. They say it's haunted; they say that on certain nights at a certain hour, you can hear applause from inside coming in effusive bursts. They may not be wrong.
  • The Black Lodge: A combination of coffee shop and occult book store, one of many restaurants and cafes, owned by Eve's parents. It's a good place for Victor and his clique to study, pick up easily impressed goths, and just while away some time.

House Rules[edit]

  • Changed sex moves to intimacy moves: basically, they can be triggered from any acts of intimacy whether it be physical (does not necessarily have to be sex), mental, or emotional.


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