Monsters Encountered; properties of their sundry parts and divers potion ingredients

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Keep On The Borderlands

Great magical monsters encountered by the order.

A blue dragon of middling size and age. Took head and portions of hide, blood and scales.

  • Potion of lightning resistance. 1000gp. (blood and brain ichor mixed with throat glands).
  • Reputed properties. Brain (intact) for production of Dragon control potions.
  • Hide and scales can be used to make superior leather and scale armour (non-magical).
  • Teeth useful for scroll inks, some basic powders/potions (ingredient).

An ancient red dragon.

  • Ancient Red dragon heart major ingredient for con increase potion.
  • Reputed properties as above.

A Wyvern (adult).

  • Poison pouch from tail. An all-purpose anti-venom. 1000 gp in addition to the wyvern parts to produce, but will have 3 doses.


  • A pint of blood. Potions of regeneration. For the duration of the potion (an hour or so) the character regenerates like a troll. The potions cost 1500gp

Other magics

  • Dwarves can create magic weapons using dust of adamant. (Expensive, must be a superior quality weapon). This probably involves blessing from a cleric.

(This actually sounds like a ritual in which a heroes favorite heirloom weapon becomes magic - maybe that's part of it.)

  • Elven mages and cleric of name level may weave or make cloaks and boots of elvenkind.
  • Potions of Extra healing can be made from a flower that only grows in mountain valleys in early spring. They are rare and hard to find.

A commonly known potion ingredients list.

  • Animal control: Gland (heart or brain) from prime specimen of animal type.
  • Clairaudience: Human/simian/elf/halfing thalamus, ears (pair) of keen hearing creatures. Giant animals preferred. (Bat, fox).
  • Clairvoyance. Human/simian/elf/halfing thalamus, eyes(pair) of keen sighted creature. Giant animals preferred.
  • Climbing. Giant climbing insect legs, giant climbing lizard feet/blood.
  • Delusion. Doppleganger Ichor. Rakshasa blood.
  • Diminution. Powdered horn of a Kobold hero or shaman. Wererat blood.
  • Dragon control. Undamaged brain of dragon type.
  • ESP.
  • Extra Healing. Troll hearts-blood. Hair/relic of a saint (clerics).
  • Fire resistance. Fire elemental plasm. Salamander scales and blood.
  • Flying. Air elemental essence.Hippogriff/gryphon/giant speaking eagle feathers and wyvern or dragon blood.
  • Gaseous form. Vampire dust. Ogre-Magi blood and Ichor.
  • Giant control. Brain (intact) of giant type.
  • Giant strength. Blood, sweat and tears from appropriate giant type.
  • Growth. Ogre-Magi Brain and glands, giant heart and hearts-blood.
  • Healing. Ogre-Magi blood. Minor saints relic (cleric). Troll-blood and holy water.
  • Heroism. Hearts-blood of a lion/big cat in prime condition. Giant animals preferred.
  • Human control. Blood of a nixie, tears of a sylph, sap from the tree of a dryad.
  • Invisibility. Invisibile stalker essence. Brain and blood of a pixie.
  • Invulnerability. Skins and Hearts-blood of creatures immune to normal weapons, such as lycanthropes and certain demons and such.
  • Levitation. Beholder brain (intact). Will-o-the-wisp essence.
  • Longevity. Elf's hearts-blood, Sap of a living tree, Dragon blood (ancient) or blood/essence of an immortal being.
  • Oil of etherealness. Blood and ichor of a shedu. Demon brain (intact).
  • Oil of slipperiness. Purple worm glands and blood. Liver and brain(intact) of a giant pike or Cod.
  • Philther of love. Dryad tears. Sylph hair. Succubus essence.
  • Philther of persuasiveness. Harpies tongue and brain (intact). Devils tongue.
  • Plant control. Blood of a walking tree. Dryad blood and brain.
  • Polymorph self. Mimicking creatures skin and blood. Ichor from a shapechanger. Succubus hair and blood.
  • Poison. Various.
  • Speed. A pegasus, griffon or cheetah heart. Blood and brain (intact) of a giant weasel.
  • Super-heroism. Hearts-blood of a minotaur, Brain and heart of a wolverine/honeybadger (giant preferred). Hearts-blood of a hummingbird.
  • Sweet Water. Hearts-blood of a triton. Water elemental essence.
  • Treasure finding. Gold dragon blood and one of each six precious gems (diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, tourqouise and quartz).
  • Undead control. Plasm/essence or mortal remains of the greater undead. Holy symbol from a saint (relic)(cleric).
  • Water breathing. Nixie glands and hearts-blood. Blood of a Naga, gold dragon or other magical creature that breathes both air and water. Water elemental essence.

The Alchemist NPC class