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Moon aka Daraesiar Lyegaeris {?}




Children: ALL Scaled Elves AND Scaled Half-Elves ARE the children of Moon, OR are his children's descendants; All Scaled Elves in Subterra trace there linage to Moon.

Description: Elf with gray scaled skin; looks somewhat like fish scales. Purple eyes that look like moons. Always dresses in 'foppish' attire, except when in disguise.

Hobbies: Causing Mischief and Mayhem. Also a Hedonist; with focuses on Sex, Alcohol (wine), Drugs (Cannabis) and being served or pampered.


  • Arch Grand Master of the Thieves Guild (Secret)
  • Arch Grand Master of the Assassins Guild (Secret)

Points {260}[edit]

Total: = +35 Stats +80 Powers +59 Skills +30 Creatures +55 Items +12/-12 (0) Allies/Enemies +1 Good Stuff +0 Storage

  • 35 in Stats
  • 80 in Powers
  • 59 in Skills
  • 30 in Creatures
  • 55 in Items
  • 0 in Allies (0/0)
  • +1 Good Stuff

RECENT Advancement[edit]

  • 5 Pulling off a major coup in the recent past (pre-game)
    • All applied to buying off the last of his Bad Stuff
  • 1 Minor Mischief on an Honored Traveler with Powers :-o
    • Immediately applied to Good Stuff ;-)

Statistics {35}[edit]

  • Psyche: Amber Level
  • Strength: 5
  • Endurance: 10
  • Warfare: 20

Powers {80}[edit]

  • 25 (10) Shape Shifting (10 Granted - Fey Racial)
    • Specializing in Growing/Altering Limbs in pairs: Wings, Arms, Legs.
  • 7 Low Order Magics
    • 4 Wizardry (D&D)
    • 3 Magery (Warlock)
  • 8 Healing Power: Stupendous Regeneration
    • Near instantaneous Healing/Regeneration of open and closed wounds and broken bones; little to no blood loss. Shattered bones and burns take moments to heal. Severed limbs can be reattached in moments, if it is present OR regrown in about a minute.
    • Greatly extended lifespan due to his aging process being slowed almost to a halt due to the constant Regeneration of all the cells in his body.
  • 0 (-3/+3) Curse/Ability: Moon Eyes; Enhanced Vision
    • Eyes permanently altered! Can never be changed! Pupils ALWAYS look like Purple Moons!
    • Light Sensitive Eyes: eyes must always be shaded/protected from direct sunlight. Even bright light sources, both normal and magical will cause pain, if the eyes are not shaded or protected.
    • Shape of the Moon-Pupil changes like a moon cycle, but only on a 42 day cycle.
    • Able to see the Veils between Shadows and the Tears/Breaks/Paths
    • Can visually detect Magical Visual Alterations, e.g.; invisibility, camouflage, illusions, Etc., as well as things that are Out of Phase or Intangible and Shadow (Undead) Beings even while hiding in shadows/darkness.
    • Can see perfectly in total darkness as though it were day light and see through Magical and Elemental Darkness.

Fey Powers[edit]

  • (0) Common Powers
    • Immunity to Sleep magic, Resistance to charm magic, Find Water, Climb with ease, Leap and land: fall distance depending on Strength, Shapeshift costs 25 pips for full Shape Shifting Power.
  • 40 Master Powers
    • Pass without trace, Minor Illusion (This manifest as making a image that would normally be in the nature setting of the Fey), Identify plant/fungi, Sense Weather, Recall Terrain, Faerie Fire, Cantrips, Swim as fast as running on land, Blend with surroundings (Camouflage), Shapeshift to Alternate Form (Black Cat/Panther)
    • Rest with Nature (recover endurance twice as fast), Call Animal, Breath Water, Spider Climb, Insect Plague, Speak to Animals, Speak with Plants.
    • Create Magic Circle (Creates a Magic Circle, sometimes of mushrooms, that protect the caster from certain types of creatures. Someone inside can not be charmed or possessed. Rings last an hour to indefinitely, based on the caster's Psyche), Fly, Cause Plant Growth (based on Psyche), Commune with Nature, Control Weather (based on Psyche), Animal Bond.

Skills {59}[edit]

  • 4 Information Gathering
  • 4 Observation
  • 4 Stealth - Hiding & Silent Movement
  • 4 Sleight of Hand - Pick Pocket, Slip Poison, Card Tricks, etc.
  • 4 Poisons/Antidotes
  • 3 Locksmith - Includes Lock Picking
  • 3 Trapsmith - Finding, Disarming/Arming, Placing/Removing and Creating Traps
  • 3 Intimidation
  • 3 Acrobatics
  • 3 Jeweler/Gemcutter
  • 3 Precious Metal Smith
  • 3 Weaponsmith
  • 3 Fencing Techniques
  • 3 Tracking/Trailing
  • 3 Sommelier - Wine and Cannabis primarily, but also applies any Alcohol or Smokable
  • 3 Escapology
  • 2 Rope Use
  • 2 Ettiquette
  • 2 Sailing

Allies & Enemies {+12/-12 = 0}[edit]

Allies 12[edit]

  • 12 The Twelve
    • 12 Allies, 1 Point per Ally

Enemies 12[edit]

  • 6 The Dude
  • 6 {Unknown - Vek}


NONE. Nobody is willing to stay will him long enough to be considered a 'companion'.

Creatures {30}[edit]

  • 30 Shadow Cat - Familiar
    • 2 Double Vitality
    • 2 Double Speed
    • 2 Amber Stamina
    • 4 Combat Reflexes
    • 2 Double Damage
    • 4 Invulnerable/Intangible (At Will)
    • Non-corporeal, NOT armored
    • 4 Tongues
    • 4 Extraordinary Psychic Sense
      • Psychic Link to 'Moon' at all times
    • 2 Psychic Neutral
    • 4 Regeneration

Items {55}[edit]

  • Signature Pieces (2) [24 pips - Granted by The Twelve; 2 pips each]
      • Fencing Blades with Matching Caged Hilts; Salamanca & Main Guache
    • 4 Deadly Damage
    • 2 Danger Sense
    • 2 Psychic Neutral
    • 4 Regeneration
      • X2 N/# Quantity (2)
    • 0 Rack & Use Spells / Spell Abilities (Special)
      • Each acts as a Rod of Absorption; capable of Absorbing, Storing & Redirecting/Reusing up to 50 spell levels in spell energy.
      • Absorption will only function in Shadows based upon each Item's individual Low Order Magic System
      • Each is only capable of Absorbing Spells that match its individual Low Order Magic System
      • Salamanca: Wizardry (D&D), Main Guache: Magery (Warlock)
  • 14 Thrown Weapons - Set of 12
    • 4 Deadly Damage
    • 2 N/#'d Forms (12)
    • 1 Rack Spell: Return to Thrower
      • X2 N/# Quantity (12)
  • 24 Magnificent Boots
    • 9 Invulnerable (4) + Xfer Quality (5)
    • 9 Engine Speed (4) + Xfer Quality (5)
    • 2 N/#'d Forms [12 total]
    • 4 Mold Shadow Reality
      • Total Stealth: Invisibility, Totally Silent(incl. movement), Masks Odors, Leave No Tracks Behind, Does not Disturb the Air while Moving or Breathing, Undetectable by Low Order Magics
      • Adhesion/Personal Gravity; can climb or walk upon any surface at any angle
  • 8 Special Portable Hole
    • 4 Invulnerable
    • 4 Mold Shadow Reality
      • Extra Dimensional Space
      • Self Organizes Contents
      • Delivers requested Item(s) contained within to the top within easy grasp.
  • 9 Grappling Hook & Rope
    • 4 Invulnerable
    • 4 Mold Shadow Reality
      • Lengthen/Shorten Rope - Extreme Lengths possible
      • Ultra lightweight, Aerodynamic, No Drag from Rope
      • Able to be Thrown/Fired beyond normal ranges with great accuracy
      • If hooks cannot penetrate something it will 'mold' it like mud to sink in
    • 1 Spell Ability - Grappling Hook 'grips' upon impact or command and releases on command


  • 1 Good Stuff


Moon is strongly based upon an AD&D 2nd Edition character; High Elf, split classed fighter/thief with Swashbuckler Kit (from both Fighter HB and Thieves HB). I enjoyed playing him greatly and spent many years building him up. He started in the Thieves World Supplement, in Sanctuary, under the above listed rules; that is where he got his Moon Vision. I was able to play and advance him though many games, in many settings and under many DM's and he became quite powerful and over time became evil; that is how he became a Scaled Elf and the Father of all Scaled Elves that particular campaign world... and turned into a real prick and user of women along the way. That lost character (sheet destroyed by water damage and mold) IS the inspiration for THIS character, so that Daraesiar Lyegaris, aka Moon (named by Hans from Sanctuary) will live on.