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Blind Aulus[edit]

  • Role: Andabatus
  • Rank: Palus
  • Auction: Start at 1000 Denarii. Reserve price 500 Denarii.
  • Features: Blind; Full Andabatus Armour;
  • Tricks: Melee Focus; Superb Hearing; Toe to Toe;
  • Bio: Being blind from birth anyway, Aulus loses little by donning the Andabatus mask. A man of dry humour, his favourite "joke" is to remove his helm at the end of a match with a sigh of relief and a jovial declaration of "that's much better!" His loyal fans have taken this to be his catchphrase.

Marcus Decimus, the Good Son[edit]

  • Role: Bustuarius
  • Rank: Palus
  • Auction: Start at 1250 Denarii. Reserve price 600 Denarii.
  • Features: Scutum;
  • Tricks: Everyone loves Bustuarii!; Sacrifice; Tribute; Toe to Toe; Will to Live;
  • Bio: Worried his father would be condemned to the pit of Dis for his sins, Marcus gladly took the gladiator oath in order to appease hell with the blood of the fallen. He has come to be one of the most famous Bustuarii in Rome.

Calidius, the Unproven[edit]

  • Role: Hoplomachus
  • Rank: Novicius
  • Auction: Start at 500 Denarii. Reserve price 250 Denarii.
  • Features: Hoplite Shield;
  • Tricks: Determination;
  • Bio: Calidius knows he is lucky indeed to be selected as a Hoplomachus, for they are far more likely to survive their battles than most. He looks forward to the distant day when he will be presented the wooden sword and freed from bondage - till that day he faces his life as a gladiator with determination and fortitude.

Mother Bear[edit]

  • Role: Large Beast
  • Rank: Palus
  • Auction: Start at 1000 Denarii. Reserve price 500 Denarii.
  • Features: Animal Intellect; Non-Human; Tough Hide;
  • Tricks: Killer Instinct; Snarling Beast; Will to Live;
  • Bio: Separated from her cubs, but allowed to see them through the bars of her cages, this bear both has a reason to live and a reason to rage. Pity the gladiator who stands in her way!

Corvus, the Devotee of Mithras[edit]

  • Role: Samnite
  • Rank: Novicius
  • Auction: Start at 1000 Denarii. Reserve price 500 Denarii.
  • Features: Parma;
  • Tricks: Charging Spear; Juggernaught; Relentless;
  • Bio: Corvus was sold into slavehood by secret masters in the Cult of Mithras, but told that this was for the greater good of the brotherhood. He is torn between his faith and a sense of resentment.


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