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This page lists School Resources that may be purchased. School Resources can only be bought once each by each school, and have fixed prices.

For ease of reference, the Resources below are divided into Categories.


People are non-Gladiator servants or retainers of the school. For book-keeping simplicity its assumed that these workers are bought slaves rather than employed tradesmen, though at the Imperators discretion these resources might be hired month by month instead of bought outright, at a cost equal to 20% of their buy-cost.


"Aye, Chironius certainly saved Quintus' life that day... but the day after that he cut off Quintus' leg to keep gangrene away. Now I've had to retire Quintus... what use is a one legged Gladiator?"

  • Cost: 2000 Denarii.
  • Effect: You may choose to reroll the Survival check for your Gladiators. If you do so, you must accept the new result, even if it is worse than before. You cannot re-roll a result more than once.


"Found one for you, lanista. Orphan of a soldier... he's scrawny, but I reckon he's got some fight in him."

  • Cost: 1500 Denarii.
  • Effect: At the end of each campaign month, roll a D6. If that D6 rolls an even number, then gain that many Servus Gladiators for your school. If you roll a 1, then you lose the Kidnapper resource permanently.


"Skilled hands are not always best employed with a sword in them."

  • Cost: 500 Denarii.
  • Effect: You receive a -20% discount on any Auctoritatii you hire. Bid as normal in the auction, but when it comes to paying the cost of the contract, you may apply this discount.

Retired Legend[edit]

"You've got talent, boy, and if you do as I say, you might live to become as great as I was. Now, fetch your sword and we'll see if this old dog can't teach you a few new tricks..."

  • Cost: 2000 Denarii.
  • Effect: At the end of the month, all Palus (but not Servus, Novicius or Primus Palus) gladiators in your school gain 1 new Trick.

Improved Facilities[edit]

These resources represent changes to your school's owned buildings or materials. Note that wise Lanistae should consider acquiring these permanent improvements as quickly as possible, as they give significant edges in battle and in the long term.

Fine Armoury[edit]

"Set aside that rusty Gallic blade, Murmillo. We have jeweled steel, freshly forged by the craftsmen of Rome."

  • Cost: 1000 Denarii.
  • Effect: At the start of any battle, add +1 Crowd's Favour to your School.

Hygenic Stables[edit]

"Clean rushes, clear running water and fresh bandages reduce risk of wounds turning septic."

  • Cost: 1000 Denarii.
  • Effect: Add +1 to Survival checks for all your Gladiators.

Quality Kitchens[edit]

"Barley, boiled beans, oatmeal, dried fruit and a spoonful of wood ash."

  • Cost: 2500 Denarii.
  • Effect: All your Gladiators have +2 Life Points.


"High walls, guard dogs and traps. I'd like to see the Peregrines get past that."

  • Cost: 100+ Denarii.
  • Effect: Your wealth, school resources and your gladiators are immune to all attacks triggered by enemy school resources (e.g. Peregrine Collegia Contracts, Slander Campaign or Games of Intrigue). The effect of Security can be bypassed by any lanista paying a denarii surcharge equal to the cost of your Security. This surcharge may be paid for each attack. During resource purchasing you may buy additional security if you choose, with any bought security adding to the value of previously bought security.

Training Facilities[edit]

"We got wooden weapons, practice posts, slaves to test your blade and a mock arena. We'll have you up to scratch in no time."

  • Cost: 1000 Denarii.
  • Effect: At the end of the month, all Novicius (but not Servus, Palus or Primus Palus) gladiators in your school gain 1 new Trick.

External Factors[edit]

External factors reprsent the Lanista spending money to establish contacts and allies outside of the school, so as to give him advantage with it.

Unlike other Resources, External Factors may only be bought on a month by month basis, with their effects only lasting for the month they are bought.

Contract with the Peregrine Collegia[edit]

"Perhaps we could arrange for a little 'training accident' for the young man..."

  • Cost: 400 Denarii per month.
  • Effect: This month, after resources have been bought (before the battles), name one Gladiator belonging to an opposing School. That Gladiator must make an immediate Survival check, as if he had been taken Out-of-Action.
  • If you wish you may target a "People" resource belonging to that school instead. If you do so, roll a D6: On a roll of 1-4, there is no effect. On a roll of 5+ that resource is destroyed.
  • You may buy this resource multiple times to affect multiple separate targets.

Games of Intrigue[edit]

"Prelate Geminius is imposing a city entrance fee on schools without Samnites, in honour of the festival of Volturnus... A shame that your school has none, eh?"

  • Cost: X Denarii.
  • Effect: This month, after resources have been bought (before the battles), select one other Lanista. That Lanista loses X Denarii. This cannot reduce him below 0 Denarii.

Ludi Contacts[edit]

"Word on the street is that they've been bringing in creatures of all sorts from all over Africa and Asia. If I were you, I'd get hold of a good Bestiarius for the month's games."

  • Cost: 200 Denarii per month.
  • Effect: At the start of one battle this month, you may force the opposition to choose and reveal their gladiators for the battle before you select yours. If the opposition also uses Ludi Contacts, the effect is cancelled.
  • You can buy this resource multiple times in a month, each time affecting a separate match.

Slander Campaign[edit]

"The Thracian named Falx? Yes, his tastes for Nubian boys is well known. Pederasty is one thing, but there is such a concept as bad taste, you know?"

  • Cost: 50 Denarii.
  • Effect: This month, after resources have been bought (before the battles), name one Gladiator belonging to an opposing School. Any battles which include that Gladiator this month inflict a -1 Crowd's Favour penalty on that school for that battle.
  • You may buy this resource multiple times to affect multiple separate targets, or the same target multiple times.

Stirring the Mob[edit]

"Do you hear that? The crowd cries your name, Gladiator! Now get out there and fight!"

  • Cost: 200 Denarii.
  • Effect: At the start of all battles this month, add +1 to your school's Crowd's Favour score for each Primus Palus Gladiator from your School participating in the battle.

Stud and Mare Arrangements[edit]

"The games are over for the month, but your works not done yet, Primus Palus. There's a certain lady who has been keeping her eye on you..."

  • Cost: 0 Denarii.
  • Effect: If you select this Resource, at the end of the current Campaign month, gain D6x20 Denarii bonus for each Primus Palus Gladiator you have. However, on a roll of "6" you are then forced to sell that gladiator, gaining 2000 Denarii but permanently losing the gladiator (though you still gain the 120 Denarii bonus before the sale takes place).


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