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This page runs through the basics of creating a school.

1. Determine Budget[edit]

First, determine how much gold you have available to build your school.

By default, in a pick-up match a School will have Five Thousand Denarii.

In a campaign game, a School instead starts with Ten Thousand Denarii.

A single denarius is thought to be equivalent in buying power to US$20 in modern day terms, and an ordinary slave would cost as little as 250 denarii, with trained or proven gladiators often holding much higher values.

In a pick-up match, players might agree to vary the starting value of their schools, to allow for grand spectacles and small skirmishes, or to allow a more experienced lanista to deliberately handicap himself.

2. Purchase Gladiators[edit]

In a pick-up game, Gladiators have the following pricings:

  • Servus - 250 Denarii
  • Novicius - 500 Denarii
  • Palus - 1000 Denarii
  • Primus Palus - 2000 Denarii

Gladiators for pick-up games are generated by the Lanistae purchasing them using these rules.

In a full campaign game the prices of Novicius, Palus and Primus Palus gladiators are not fixed, but instead Gladiators are sold at Auction. These gladiators will be generated by the Imperator player and then sold to the highest bidder! The auctioneer will normally start the bidding at a value equal to that listed above, but may increase or decrease the asking price according to the movement of the auction.

In Campaign games Servus gladiators can be bought at the discount price of 100 Denarii each, and there is considered to be a limitless supply of Servus gladiators to buy from. This reduced price is to compensate for the face that Lanistae who field too many Servus gladiators are liable to lose a lot of their battles, and likely won't earn much in the way of prize money!

3. Purchase School Resources[edit]

School Resources are only used in full Campaign Games, as they have little effect on single Pick Up Games.

The lanista can buy as many School Resources as he wants and can afford. Any left over money is then recorded as "remaining funds", which the lanista can spend later in the campaign.


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