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The Core List[edit]

This list covers all the Tricks that Gladiators from the core sets possess.

  • Agility +2 to TN of ranged attacks against you.
  • Aggression +1 damage if you are adjacent to 2 or more opponents.
  • Accurate Throw On a thrown attack roll of exactly "3" deal 3 damage instead of missing.
  • Assault Stance Stance. Your attacks push.
  • Charging Spear Replaces your whole turn. Move 6 in straight line and melee attack.
  • Circle Sweep Melee. D6 damage to each adjacent gladiator (indiscriminate).
  • Combat Control +1 move cost out of your adjacents.
  • Come here! Ranged (4+, 3 squares). No damage. Pulls in and turns to face you.
  • Confidence +1 damage if you are unwounded.
  • Coup De Grace +2 damage vs. targets who are prone AND entangled.
  • Courage Immune to fear effects.
  • Defence Stance Stance. 3 or less to hit against you auto-misses. Turn to Face even if front square locked.
  • Determination If reduced to exactly 0 Life Points, regain 1 Life Point on a 4+.
  • Duellist Stance Stance. Roll two dice to attack and use higher.
  • Eagle Eye Ranged attack ignores Armour DR.
  • Endurance At start of turn, if odd Life Points, regain 1 Life Point.
  • Escape Entanglement Free action, 3+ cancels entanglement for this turn.
  • Execute On a "6", +3 damage.
  • Everyone loves...! +1 Crowd's Favour at start of battle.
  • Fight From High -2 to TN for melee attacks made with height advantage.
  • Fling Dart Ranged (4+, 3 squares). 1 damage.
  • Humiliating Strike Melee (6+). No damage. +1 Crowd's Favour.
  • In Memoriam Replaces your whole turn. Use when ally killed this battle turn. 3+ gain 1 Crowd's Favor.
  • Juggernaught Your attacks push. You cannot be entangled.
  • Killer Instinct +1 damage vs. wounded targets
  • Last Stand +1 damage if you are the last gladiator from your school active.
  • Last Words +1 Crowd's Favour when you are taken out of action.
  • Light Mobility Move 1 square after attacking.
  • Military Training 4 MP. +1 damage for rest of turn.
  • Mockery On attack roll of "1" against you, +1 Crowd's Favour.
  • Mobility Stance Stance. +1 MP.
  • No Escape Entangles your front square.
  • No Mercy for the Weak +1 damage vs. Light gladiators
  • Opportunist On your non-frontal attacks, change "1" to "6".
  • Performance 4 MP. Roll 6+ to gain +1 Crowds Favour.
  • Point Blank Shot Use ranegd attack in melee.
  • Power Throw On thrown attack, +1 damage on a "5", +2 damage on a "6".
  • Range Increase +2 Range.
  • Relentless Ignore movement cost increases.
  • Relentless Pursuit You can move into a front square just vacated by enemy, and turn to face that enemy.
  • Retarius Enmity 2 dice take highest attacking retarii. 2 dice take lowest defending from retarii. Cancelled by Secutor enmity.
  • Sacrifice Replaces your whole turn. Use when this gladiator killed someone in previous turn. Gain 1 Crowd's Favor.
  • Sand Toss Melee (4+). No damage. Blinds.
  • Secutor Enmity 2 dice take highest attacking secutors. 2 dice take lowest defending from secutors. Cancelled by Retarius enmity.
  • Shield Slam Melee (4+). 1 damage. Knocks prone.
  • Slayer +1 damage vs. non-humans.
  • Snarling Beast +1 move cost into your adjacents. Fear effect.
  • Stand firm Ignore forced movement.
  • Superb Hearing Reduce blinded penalty from +2 TN to +1 TN.
  • Survivor's Wits Turn to Face even if front square locked.
  • Takedown On a roll of 6 on any melee attack, knock enemy prone.
  • Target weak spot Ignore Toughness DR.
  • Throat Tear On even attack roll, +1 damage.
  • Toe to Toe 3 MP. Make a melee attack.
  • Tribute 3 MP. Roll 6+ to gain +1 Crowds Favour.
  • Trip Melee (4+). No damage. Knocks prone.
  • Tumble When knocked prone, free immediate recover and move 1 square.
  • Versatile Stances Use two stances at once.
  • Very Tough Hide Increase Toughness DR by 1.
  • Warrior Discipline Stance. 2 or less to hit against you auto-misses.
  • Will to Live +1 on Survival Checks.


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