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RPG Motivational Posters: the Wiki Project!

You know the thread. It's The Thread to End All Threads on RPOpen. It's bringing in attention and new users by the truckload. It is ... the "RPG Motivational Posters" thread.

Trouble is, it's waaay too big... especially if, say, you want to find a specific poster. ("Where's that one with the kitten?..."). Also, some of the posters are disappearing for various reasons, the main one being that people keep forgetting to save the posters they make with the Motivator.

Ergo, this project... a place to put all the posters people post, with notes on content, attributions, maybe even shoutouts!

Now, since putting them in any other order would complicate things even worse, we're going to put them in the order they appeared in the original thread. Templates are provided. Please check the template before adding images! It contains important information!


The primary thread was closed on November 13 by the mods after 37,400 posts (and an estimated 22,000 posters). The thread had grown too large (and too popular) for the forum software to handle. Every time the thread was accessed by a number of people, the entire forum came to a shuttering (if brief) halt.

There is a new "Motivational Posters reloaded" thread to continue the tradition.

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