Muerte's ThunderAxe

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Keep On The Borderlands

An executioners axe of large size and extra weight (1d12). Can only be used by 18 Str and 6'+ (or unbalanced).

 +3 and gains double damage dice on any hit.
 With a girdle of giant str (or potion):
       +5 Axe, swung or hurled. Double damage.
       Girdle(potion) bonuses apply. (doubled again)
       Strikes dead any giant^ upon which it scores a hit.
       When hurled and successfully hitting,a clap of thunder stuns all in 3”r (1 round)
       Throwing range is 6”

Only 1 throw every other round can be mode, and after 5 throws within the space of any 2 turns , the wielder must rest for 1 turn.

^giants may exclude storm giants and include ogres, ogre magi, trolls, ettins, and clay, flesh, and stone golems.