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This is the wiki for a game of Mutants and Masterminds 3e Victorian superheroes.

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Heroes of the League[edit]

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Black Knight (Max)

Moondragon (t@nya)

Woman Wonder (Stormraven)

Raven (DragonJAW)

Other Characters[edit]

Baron Heinrich "Kaiser" Zemo - picture
Iron Guard soldiers - picture
Ultron Model III robots - picture
Black Manta - picture
Manta Submen - picture
Deathstroke - picture
Lady Shiva - picture
Sky Pirate of the Alps - picture
Jetpack Sky Pirates
Ultron Model II robots

Avenger Hall of Justice[edit]


The Hall of Justice[edit]

Size: 4 (Gargantuan, Skyscraper), Toughness: 12, Features: Combat Simulator, Communications, Dock, Garage, Grounds, Gym, Hanger, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Personal, Workshop, Cost: 20

The Great Avenger Hall of Justice is located at XXX and is 12 stories tall.

The whole building has four sets of 'elevators' that run from the top floor to the two basement levels. Each is operated by a former Commonwealth soldier, although not dressed in military attire where armed. To help protect the building of course.

The first two floors (ground and 1st) are made up of public reception and meeting rooms along with a number of small libraries and art galleries.

The first basement floor includes garages for a number of auto-mobiles and even a number of two-wheel motorized bicycles. Most were the creation of the League's lead scientist, one Nikola Tesla. There is an additional subbasement where the building's power generator is (that provides electricity to the whole building!) and also a small dock that leads to the River Thames where the team submersible and a few boats are docked.

The 2nd and 3rd floors are both residential quarters for the staff of the building and the Extraordinaries if they want to stay within. All are spacious with their own private bathrooms, tubes, running water, central heating system and small library (that can be filled with what reading material the individual would want). There is also a large sized dinning hall where the Extraordinaries can enjoy a private meal cooked by the staff and seating for at least twenty.

The 4th and 5th floors are where most of the labs and workspaces for experimental gear is created or maintained. This is of course Nikola Tesla's domain and he can be found moving from lab to lab, along with the help of dozen other assistants. He is overall friendly but always seems distracted by whatever lead project he is working on at any given time.

The 6th floor is made up of private offices and meeting rooms for the League and Crown officers. It also has a state of the art radio/communications room that allows communication with almost anywhere in the world, if they have the right transmitter/receiver of course.

The 7th and 8th floors are dominated by another Tesla invention, the "Danger" (or Training) Room. This marvel of technological innovation uses clockwork robots and pictogram projections to create various scenes and scenarios that allow the Extraordinaries to train safely but more realistically than ever before. There are also a number of gyms and gymnasium here for the Extraordianaries to work out with (including those to handle Woman Wonder's and Moondragon's extraordinary strength).

The 9th floor is made up of private museums and libraries for the team to enjoy and rearrange as they wish. There is also a large reception hall where private parties or dances can be held.

The 10th floor is a mechanics workshop for the League's airships, including huge tanks of "stable" helium/hydrogen mix (an early invention that allows airships to operate safely and is NOT flammable or explosive).

The top floor is the hangar for the teams airships, including the Tesla Air-One (this small craft is also one of the fastest airships in the Commonwealth). The area can accommodate much larger airships if needed also.


The Crown has sent a trusted agent, Alfred Pennyworth, to act as a liaison between the League and the Crown and the Government. He is a veteran of the Commonwealth-Belgian War. (This alt world's version of the First Anglo-Boer War, an imperialistic push by Leopold II of Belgium who was attempting to carve out an empire of his own in South Africa. The Commonwealth sided with the Zulu and drove him out. They would later ally with other surrounding groups to form the South African Free States.)

The Tesla Air-One[edit]

Size: G, Strength: 13, Speed: 4, Defense: 4, Toughness: 12, Features: Communications, light machine gun turret (Ranged, Multiattack, Damage 6), Cost: 32

Large zeppelin airship that functions as both a long distance transport and mobile base of operations.


Brief History and Changes of This World[edit]

Democratic Kingdom of Britain that never was (also called the Commonwealth), with an eternally young Queen Victoria (looks to be in her late teens or earlier twenties at most in this the year of our Lord 1891) who has called for the formation of a "league" or "team" of Extraordinaries (superheroes) to form to help protect the Commonwealth and the democracies of the world. The world is in danger as two dark nations have risen to challenge the Commonwealth for dominance over the world: Latveria (under the Emperor Doom) and Kahndaq (under the God-King Black Adam, influenced heavily by the time-traveler Rama-Tut) with both sides being supplied secretly by American Industrialist Lexi Luther of Luther Industrial.

Latveria (under the Emperor Doom) is an isolated land-locked Eastern European country. It was fairly poor and backwards until Emperor Doom came to power and started investing heavily in technology. This has filtered out to the population and he is fairly popular with them. Of course the nations that surround Latveria are nervous about the young Emperor's ambition.

Emperor Doom has created also an army of clockwork soldiers and various other military wonders.

Kahndaq (under the God-King Black Adam, influenced heavily by the time-traveler Rama-Tut) is a nation situated in what will one day become the Sudan. It is also called the 'Nation of the Nile River Heart'. The God-King Black Adam has ruled here for only a few years. Legends promoted by the nation say that he awoke from a tomb in the Valley of Kings and heroically overthrew the old government, renamed the nation and became a beloved hero of the nation that begged him to become their king. Of course rumors are that most of the common folk live in fear of the God-King and his enforcers.

The Commonwealth[edit]

The Democratic Kingdom of Britain (or simply the Commonwealth) is a Parliamentary Government that allows representatives to be elected to both the Upper House of Lords and Lower House of Commons (one does not have to be noble to be elected to the Upper House). Representatives come from every nation that is part of the Commonwealth including the American colonies (as they never successfully rebelled against England, their revolution instead brought many of these reforms).

Other 'states' of the Commonwealth include Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, the Ivory Coast, Egypt, Iran, India, Southern China and Hong Kong, New Zealand, North America (the 13 colonies on the east coast of North America), Canada, Hispaniola, Cuba, River Plate, Brazil and Argentina.


London is extremely cosmopolitan and welcoming to people from all around the world, and even a few from off-world. There are still those folk who are prejudiced against non-natives and non-whites, but they tend to be the minority in British society. The Eternally Young Queen has promoted this openness and acceptance with society following her lead.

London still has a poor section were the down trodden have a lot of built-up hatred of the rich. This has lead more radical groups of the poor towards various criminal enterprises.

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Strange Locations[edit]

Important Businesses and Organizations[edit]

Luther Industrial[edit]

Owned and run by the American industrialist Mrs. Lexi Luther.