Mutineers Summer of Sedition

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White Sun[edit]

  • Bernadette - Has seen an increase in colonial activity to the Border, in particular, ethnic groups heading to their regional centers (New Kalmar, Bharat, Nova Rodina, and the Califate), although smaller groups as well. Brazilian, French, Malay, and others have aimed for planets deemed friendly to their ethnicity or religion.
  • Londinium - Has seen regular protests at the House of Parliament against their military adventures outside the Core. These have been peaceful, but growing. Two messages are prominent: 1. no one wants to be in a quagmire far from home, and 2. domestic issues should be first and foremost.
  • Also, security has been stepped up, in particular in the areas surrounding the "blackout zones." Some have decried this as creating ghettos, but the demand for security from the well off has been loud.
  • Sihnon -Lama Shin Fang has called on Buddhists to leave military service, and passively resist efforts to militarize the 'Verse. The Alliance Government has denounced this action, but is "working with Temple leaders to address their concerns."
  • Liann Jun - Farmer protests continue as the Core worlds are demanding greater food exports and lower prices. Some of this is a result of reduced food exports from the Border worlds.
  • Gonghe - Alliance agents raided the Oolong Abbey claiming it was harboring a cell of Independent agitators. The church condemned the action.
  • Osiris - The Blue Sun Corporate Board has reshuffled, again, this time a group of investors from outside the company has taken the reins. It is unknown exactly how this will affect the 'Verse's largest corporation.
  • Santo - The Old Shipyards have been re-opened, ostensibly due to a low bid by Weyland-Yutani to enter the shipping industry. Some speculate that the Alliance wanted a back-up to the Boros-based Iskellian Corporation out on the Rim.
  • Valentine - Massive layoffs followed the furlough of the AAS plant (manufacturer of atmospherics systems) due to a shortage of specialize bacteria grown for the process primarily on Muir.
  • Bellerophon - Alliance Patrol ships seen supplementing the planetary defense boats for maintaining the restricted fly zones. Access to the moon Parth, now by invitation only.
  • Ariel - Platinum markets skyrocketed due to unexplained increases in demand. Some analysts predict the increased cost may result in platinum coins being in the Border and Rim being purchased above value, and transported for meltdown. Alliance Securities and Exchange personnel are investigating.
  • Albion - The All 'Verse Olympics committee struggling over who to allow into the event this coming year. The Alliance has refused entrance to athletes representing the Blue Sun worlds, and possibly others as well.
  • Persephone -Navy personnel discovered and thwarted a plot to bomb the Alliance Skyplex. Access to the port is now heavily monitored and controlled. This has further clogged the already busy space lanes in the area.
  • Pelorum - Planetary authorities are fighting the creation of a massive Alliance Army base in the South Continent. Pelorum has enjoyed relative anonymity since it's conversion from mining to recreation, and worries the army base may deter some vacationers.

Red Sun[edit]

Tensions rise as New Kalmar tests the will, since the might is no question, of the Alliance to deal with this small challenger.

  • Jiang Yin - Residents of Fort Jackson requested Alliance protection after raiding parties from the outskirts increased their attacks. The Alliance sent in a small cadre of Federal Marshals to protect the city.
  • New Melbourne - N/A
  • Greenleaf - Several high profiles assassinations have discouraged businesses from establishing offices on this resource rich world.
  • Dyton - The IAV Portsmouth, an Alliance Fast Corvette, orbited the moon for one week, sending ASREVs and fighters down below. It did not dock in port, or hail nearby ships (except with the ubiquitous automated proximity warning.)
  • Harvest - The 100,000 ton bulk freighter Amber Waves was accosted by pirates and hijacked. The ship's crew of twenty five sailors were dropped of in an shuttle and were able to land safely on Harvest. The ship left the scene, destination unknown. A large vessel such as that cannot hide for long. The Alliance scrambled several long range patrol vessels to seek out the freighter. So far no luck finding it.
  • Higgin's Moon - Several weeks worth of ceramics were recalled due to defects stemming from impurities in the "mud." Authorities have not ruled out sabotage.
  • St. Albans - Massive explosions rock St. Albans, yet again.
  • Anson's World - Locals on the moon Steele, reported a gathering of over forty small spaceships, of varying design at the site of the old Magistrates estate (now in ruins). Rumor spread of a meeting of the Independent Leadership on the site of the beginning of the U-War.
  • Jubilee - Blue Sun subsidiary - Agricorp, was spun off as its own company (Blue Sun still holds a minority stake). However, it immediately fell on hard times, when its local headquarters was stormed by disgruntled employees (to be let go after the spin off) and several of its executives were publicly killed.
  • Aesir - Forces of New Kalmar introduced a series of high energy military satellites similar to those used to protect Ares. They claim the beam weapons can immobilize or destroy a ship as far away as 10,000 km. These demonstrated on an remotely piloted surplus Alliance Gunboat some 5,000 km from the planet. Skeptics point to the difficulty of using the system in the orbit of a protostar like Himinbjorg (lots of cover).
  • Moab - Locales reported seeing midbulk ships flying deep in the heart of Moab without radio contact.
  • Brisingamen - Local authorities have conscripted a compulsory militia, arming the citizens of every town and village. It is believed that each village is also equipped with an anti-ship missile system, though that claim seems unlikely.
  • Anvil - Rumor has it Anvil is being used to shelter pirate (and pirated) ships. It is virtually impossible to use sensors to sweep the planet, and dangerous to attempt orbits.
  • Triumph - A string of reciprocal killings has swept through several towns on Triumph. The victims appear to be suspected Independent agents, or suspected Alliance operatives as both try to secure popular support (or fear) on the planet.
  • Paquin - Paquin has become more dangerous in the last few months as armed insurgents have targeted Alliance outposts around the major city. In response, the Alliance has cracked down on movement, and attempted to enforce a curfew in the cities along with roadblocks and no-fly zones around the major cities. These are fairly porous, and served more to filter cash into the pockets of enterprising people who know how to sneak people into the cities. Despite the regular fire of weapons, and the boom of bombs, life goes on.
  • Lazarus - ANS has been given local authority over the moon Lazerus to use as a supply deport for Alliance Military operations in the system. The ANS uses a combination of brute force, and heavy bribery to maintain a stable climate for its operations.
  • Silverhold - An entire Division of Alliance Army has hunkered down and set up camp on the small moon, along with support vessels and transports. The Navy maintains orbital support.


Novaya Rodina asserts itself as a power to be reckoned with. The Alliance strengthens its foothold in the system

  • Ezra - A mid-bulk freighter was stopped in orbit attempting to land by an Alliance Patrol Boat. They confiscated several containers filled with automatic weapons. They claimed that the weapons were stolen, and arrested the crew of the ship.
  • Regina - The Federal base on Regina was abandoned after Regina left the union. That base has since been demolished by unknown forces using demolitions.
  • Boros - The Alliance has stepped up security in and around Boros, and its moon Ares. Armed marshals patrol the streets of most cities. There are "security visits" to the more remote towns and ranches. Bounties for insurgents are obscenely high resulting in some tensions with the locals.
  • Kerry - Attempts to form a planetary government have failed again over issues of the number of representatives from different areas. Smaller settlements worry about that the urban, coastal areas will have too much power. A result is a slightly balkanized planet with different regions looking for support from whoever will give it - a regional power, an independent group, or even the Alliance.
  • Ithaca - The bulk freighter Alabaster was stopped by an Alliance Patrol boat (IAV Rook) between Priam and Ithaca. Shortly after that a VFM armored cruiser Kladenets (Russian: меч-кладенец) The Kladenets launched a volley of small missiles which disabled the patrol ship. The Kladenets towed the Rook to Boros. Surprisingly hostilities ended there.
  • Prophet - The Terraforming station was shut down after the Colchester Wave. However, the facilities remained occupied and maintained. No one knows where their supplies come from.
  • Elphame - H2 industries has deployed several fighters and a defense boat to patrol the Hydrogen Stations in orbit around the gas giant. The corporation makes sure the hydrogen supply is maintained to all who will buy it.
  • Di Yu – A group of mayors and alderman from around the planet elected a council of representatives to discuss and decide planetary issues. It has agreed to an increase in port fees 1 credit per 100 tons, to pay for the expenses of the new council.
  • Athens – The planet has begun stockpiling food and medicine in anticipation of an Alliance blockade. The people of Athens, still remember the dark days of the War and seem better prepared than most to handle this.
  • Whitefall – Major landholder Patience was granted by the authorities on Athens, complete rights to developing the planet though requiring her to lease land to existing property holders. These rights end entirely when she dies and then will be ceded to Athens. Patience is without heirs, but this deal prevents her from selling her land in the meantime.
  • Daedalus – Daedalus’ hydrogen extraction services were managed by YouGo Gas services, but since YouGo went into receivership, they have gone to individual “wildcat” status selling to the highest bidder. Alliance fuel convoys are escorted by Navy vessels, but smaller fuel ships flagged from other planets have been allowed to receive fuel and move on. Thus far no attempt to monopolize the fuel has been made.
  • New Hope – An uptick in food demand, especially sea based protein and rice has caused a minor boom in the local economy. The local authorities have been struggling with an up-tip in gang related violence, and have asked for a tax increase to assist in security.
  • Three Hills – Locals report trouble with pirates and Reaver attacks in the area. Without any defensive systems the people of Three Hills have offered allegiance to whoever can best protect them. Both the Alliance and Meadow governments have offered protection, and are in negotiations to establish it.
  • Novaya Rodina – Three new classes of vessels launched from the Naval shipworks on Mir.
  1. Balosch [палаш] (Broadsword) class 15,000 ton armored cruiser. Built off the Rudner class freighter.
  2. Lacoise (лосось] (Salmon) class 3,000 ton patrol ship. A new design, built from scratch.
  3. Zhar-Ptecha (жар-птица) (Firebird) class 1,000 ton fast escort. Built off an Alliance prototype developed in the U-War but never put into production.
  • Hera – Alliance patrol ships have increased the number, size and breadth of patrols (covering a larger radius). Small groups travel together rather than individually and the vessels have moved to alert stations upon encountering any vessel.
  • Aphrodite – Construction of large barracks and sensor arrays has been met with mixed reactions. There is work for many people, but the Alliance has rerouted roads, trains and air traffic making normal commerce much more difficult. Also fuel shortages for non-military use has causes turmoil.
  • Shadow – Mass arrest in the town of Clear Skies. The resettlement was in its early stages, as re-engineering the atmosphere is still incomplete. But when over a hundred settlers met to discuss the future of Shadow they were nearly all arrested. Federal Marshals claim the meeting was part of a rebel insurrection, and said the rebels were being interrogated.


Regional competition as the Bharat and Califate compete for political power without threatening the Alliance.

  • Sho-Je Downs – Security increased when threats were made to the Lithium processor demanding that they stop selling to companies contracted by the Alliance. Thus far, the plants remain in operation, and sales continue.
  • Verbena – Ongoing battles between the Southern and Northern continents have reached the stage of open combat. The exchange of ballistic missiles in a recent combat took the lives of over a hundred people. No sign of a clear victor in that exchange.
  • Constance – The regional government of Constance has begun drafting plans in the event of hostilities. They’ve declared complete Neutrality, and offer hospice to any injured soldiers or civilians, but insist that not military exercise take place on its surface or protected space.
  • Glacier – The terraforming station on Glacier continues to work despite the circumstances. The terraformers are pushing through this short term crisis, anticipating greater returns in the future.
  • Vishnu – A plant building a variant of the ASREV has begun producing a long range interplanetary version (at 50 tons). It is unlikely to be used offensively since it can make only a one way trip, but the small pulse engine should make it an effective defensive fighter.
  • Heaven – The Bharat has renewed is neutral status, however, they’ve extended their land claims to include Zephyr and Whittier, also claimed by the Califate. They’ve made landings there, and thusfar are peacefully competing with the Califate.
  • Angel – Angel has become on the leading black markets for military goods. It’s relative isolation and vast stretches of desert and rugged mountain make it a good place for hiding equipment. The arms dealers have retooled and refurbished many U-war era weapons and vehicles and are selling to the highest bidder.
  • Delphi – The earstwhile Capital of the Califate has seen an rapid increase in its military, primarily from the authorized sales from Iskellian and other Alliance based companies. The Califate has treaties with the Alliance granting it regional authority in Kalidasa.
  • New Kashmir – Attacks on the Alliance embassy in the capital city brought down reprisals in the forms of mass arrests and curfews. The alliance stepped up security itself, and with the Califate’s permission installed a lethal security net around the embassy.
  • Whittier – This humble planet as seen itself the staging ground for an economic war. Armed with plows, and drills, the two regional powers seek to exploit their land claims, by actually utilizing the areas. In general this has been good for the locals, but stress has increased.
  • Beylix – Widespread theft of salvageable materials has caused a stir on the planet. No longer able to call on the Alliance for support, the planet has sought out the support of United Reclamations anti-piracy division to protect its resources.
  • New Hall – Aquatech, the major employer of the planet has hired a Bharat based security firm to enhance its plant security. The water cargo is deemed to have such low profit margins, that the tanker ships will be unmolested.
  • Oberon – Oberon’s small mining communities have always relied on Corone sponsored security and continue to do so. Corone has sent in union busters to prevent any Mining Guild activity in the wake of new Independent spirit. Thus far conflicts have been as a minimum.
  • Ghost – The Miners Guild has begun petitioning the “wind farmers” of Ghost for membership to promote better working conditions and wages. While not technically miners, the workers there operate in similar conditions.
  • Aberdeen – The people of Aberdeen has long been Independent sympathizers. They’ve added small armed to their Kyloes, and communication jamming technology to their satellite network.
  • Sophie – H2 has contracted with ANS to provide security for the Zeus hydrogen plants, to ensure their productivity. ANS has founded a regional headquarters on Sophie to manage this effort.
  • Beaumonde – Life on Beaumonde has enjoyed a wealth of investment and influx of activity, many small to medium businesses previously located in more dangerous areas have relocated to the distant Beaumonde in hopes of avoiding conflict. Meanwhile on the moon Hastur, Beaumonde is quietly developing an arsenal of anti-ship weaponry. The last line of defense if an invasion force arrives.
  • Djinn's Bane – The Califate has enjoyed a peaceful relationship with the Alliance, and thus the fuel depots around the gas giant are able to be productive without a massive security investment on the part of the Califate (the Alliance is supplying the funding for the security). That is not to say there havenot been threats.
  • Salisbury – A supply ship arrived at the site of an Abbey to find it deserted. No sign of violence, but no sign of the large group of monks. The Abbey had a reputation for reforming many small time criminals, but it is unknown whether that has anything to do with it.

Blue Sun[edit]

The PDF has exerted full control over the entire system claiming that the hodge podge of government was endangering the lives of its people. There was considerable resistance to this, with some claiming they had shed one oppressive government for another.

  • Meridian – The PDF is fully in charge, and by in large appreciated. The space overhead has been free of piracy and Reaver attacks for months, and the world has begun to enjoy a period of growth.
  • New Canaan* – The last wave of terraforming is complete, and the world has new stretches of unclaimed fertile land. This has caused something of a land rush as the PDF tries to control who settles and where, but individual homesteaders head out on their own to stake claims. The PDF was accused of overzealously enforcing the claims process including destroying newly constructed homes.
  • Muir – An anonymous buyer has gone from site to the site buying up the full production of certain agrichemical bacteria at double the normal cost. This has caused a bit of a crisis in the Core, where their supplies of the essential bacteria are limited.
  • Fury – Has become a sort of intellectual center for Blue Sun. Yanwo’s residential facilities (the You Ge Mansion) has been converted to the You-Ge Foundation. It’s hydrogen processing center is now run by Qing Ling (QL) Gas (a small independent fuel company serving the Blue Sun System). The Foundation has been generally supportive of the attempts to bring Blue Sun under a single, open government.
  • High Gate – Has begun a clean up operation of the great battle site in its la grange points. Some believe the PDF is attempted to create a big enough fleet of useful and “decoy” ships to deter any invasion.
  • Dragon's Egg – The moons of Dragon’s Egg are mostly uncivilized and the PDF has for the moment set aside plans for organized colonization of the moons (originally all private planets). This has led to a undocumented colonization by a variety of mostly ex-pats from the Core. Their allegiance, if any is uncertain.
  • Deadwood – Remains a sparsely inhabited area. It did experience the so-called tumbleweed insurrection when a PDF outpost was set ablaze, and police shuttles were fired upon by land based forces. The PDF returned with greater fire power, and there was no sign of the resistance.
  • Haven – The mines of Haven have been re-opened. The Rimward Mining Collective, is a mining guild owned and operated series of mines, where each miner owns a stake in the profits. So far, they’ve bare been able to scrape enough capital together to reopen, but they hope to get production back to full levels soon.
  • Miranda – Miranda remains a one way ticket for most, but there have been over a dozen ventures attempting to capitalize on the mostly deserted planet. Some communications from major centers suggest that most colonists do not spend long in the cities, as power use there tends to attract Reavers. There have been Reaver battles, and the colonists appear to have survived so far.

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