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Modesty Flit is a character in the My Little Mahou Shoujo game, formerly played by Shawn Hagen and taken over by Pingcode


Modesty is a girl who does not stand out, she is quiet, and is certain she is an average girl with nothing that makes her stand out. She easily fades into the background and is better around animals, feeling she understands them better. However there is a side to the young girl that few people know.

Modesty's parents are both famous doctors, and they expect Modesty to follow in the family tradition. Modesty however wants to be a Vet and work with animals. To this end she volunteers at the local animal shelter, but also at the hospital cause her parents want her to. Which keeps her busy, often too busy to stand up for herself, simply doing what makes other people happy.

She is the sort of girl who would quietly sew a button back on someone’s blouse without saying anything, who does not speak up in home-economics when people are asking who made the delicious cake, and comes in to school with her hand bandaged, not correcting people’s opinion she is clumsy or telling them that the truth she was hurt saving a cat from a tree.

Ultimately Modesty wants to to help people, and often feels her own happiness is not as important. Letting someone else take credit for something she has done, or not correcting people’s opinions about her in such away that might make them feel bad is the kind of thing she might do. If Modesty won’t stand up for herself, she needs friends who will remind her that being kind does not mean letting people take advantage of her.


  • Agile 2
  • Strong 1
  • Art of Invisibility 2
  • Combat Expert 2
  • Quick 2
  • Iron Willed 2
  • Knowledge (Medicine) 2 (1 cost)
  • Perceptive 1
  • Smart 1
  • Passion (Animals) 1

Transformation 5

  • Flight 1
  • Healer 2, effective (5 END)
  • Unique Ability 1 (Speak with Animals)
  • Agile 1
  • Quick 1
  • Attack 3
  • Armored 1


  • Ageism -1
  • Kind-Hearted -2
  • Pacifist -1
  • Shy -1
  • Soft Spot (Animals) -2
  • Focus(Necklace) -3

Combat Stats[edit]

Health: 40
Endurance: 40
Untransformed Defence: 4 Transformed Defence: 5, 1 Armor

Crane Catches The Fish Jab (Untransformed)[edit]

Dice 6 DX 2

  • (Standard Attack)

Tiger Descending From The Mountain Claw (Untransformed)[edit]

Dice 8 DX 2

  • Accurate +2, Defence -2 (Standard Reckless Attack)

Horse Leaps Over The Fence Kick (Untransformed)[edit]

Dice 4 DX 2

  • Inaccurate -2, Defence +2 (Standard Defensive Stance)

Butterfly Twists In The Storm Roundhouse (Untransformed)[edit]

Dice 11 DX 2

  • Accurate +5, Open to Attack (Standard Kamikaze Attack)

Flutter Buster (Transformed)[edit]

Dice 7 DX 4

  • Ranged, Fatiguing

Freezing Starlight Gaze (Transformed)[edit]

Dice 4 DX 4 END 10

  • Ranged, Paralysing, Fatiguing, Will Attack

Butterfly Royal Barrage (Transformed)[edit]

Dice 7 DX 5 END 5

  • Ranged, Overwhelming, Effective, Fatiguing, Elaborate, Recoil

Final Blade Flashing Kindness (Transformed)[edit]

Dice 7 DX 6 END 3 (-1 die for break mode already factored in)

  • Break, Effective, Accurate, Vampiric (Fatiguing Vampiric), Unique: Split Damage (-2)

MHR Sheet (Obsolete)[edit]


  • Enemies d6
  • Self d8
  • Friends d10


  • An Act of Kindness is Never Wasted
  • Animals are Such Agreeable Friends
  • If You're shy, be shy; it's cute


Element of Kindness[edit]

  • Super Heroic Stamina D10
  • Flight D6
  • Telepathy D6
  • The Stare (Mind Control) D8
  • Sorcery D8
  • SFX: Healing - Physical
  • Limit: Conscious Activation
  • Limit: Talk to the Animals - Telepathy and Mind Control can only be used with animals

Malicious Scythe[edit]

When not transformed the scythe appears as a embarrassing tattoo on the small of Modesty’s back, referring to it as a ‘tramp stamp’ would probably inflict emotional stress on the poor girl

  • Enhanced Durability D10
  • Weapon D10
  • SFX: Power with a Price - Step up or double any Malicious Scythe power for one action. If the action fails add a die to the doom pool or create a malicious based complication on *yourself or an ally equal to the normal rating of that power die
  • Limit: gear - Shut down Malicious Scythe to get 1PP. Take an action against the doom pool to recover
  • Limit: I’m not that mean! - Step up any emotional stress inflicted to Modesty relating to the Malicious Scythe


  • Covert D8
  • Medical D8
  • Science D8
  • Vehicle D8


Element of Kindness[edit]

  • 1 XP The first time in a scene when a kind word or action helps someone
  • 3 XP When you Chose a kind action instead of violence and succeed or are harmed by it
  • 10 XP When you have to chose to be mean in order to get ‘respect’ or realize that you can be kind without being a ‘doormat’

The Whispers of the Scythe[edit]

  • 1 XP when you first cause physical stress with the scythe, or maliciously inflict stress on someone you don’t like, in a scene
  • 3 XP When you are rebuked by a friend for using violence or threaten a friend with violence.
  • 10 XP If you chose to destroy the scythe or you embrace the violence it represents, abandoning the Element of Kindness